Top 5 Ray-Ban Styles This Summer!

Ray-Ban is one of the most recognizable eyewear brands in the world. Ray-Ban has successfully created eyewear staples that have transcended generations! Its most successful campaign, NEVER HIDE, encourages wearers to customize their eyewear, their style, and their lives based on their rebellious and independent spirit. Here are the Top 5 Ray-Ban Sunglasses Styles for this summer.

Designer Spotlight: Paul Smith By Oliver Peoples


Recently, added the Paul Smith Collection by Oliver Peoples to the long list of amazing designer brands we offer.


Sir Paul Smith is an English designer who is known for creating timeless, English designs.



Oliver Peoples is known for its superior craftsmanship, high quality materials,and amazing designers.


Paul Smith Eyeglasses are modern, sophisticated, and are available in many different colors to fit your personal style.


Paul Smith Sunglasses feature classic shapes such as Clubmasters and Key-Hole Bridges. These festival friendly frames create a fun and retro look that flatters most face types and would match any style.


The Heritage of Burberry

Burberry Building

For more than 150 years, Burberry has been outfitting the world in luxury. Founded in 1912 by dressmaker Thomas Burberry, the brand has evolved and grown into an international symbol for prestige and polish.

In this blog, we celebrate the history and fashion of the iconic British brand by highlighting its Heritage Collection, which includes Burberry sunglasses for men and women.

The Heritage Sunglasses Collection
These elegant Burberry shades for men and women defy the laws of changing trends. Always stunning, these sunglasses capture the essence of the brand. Here are a couple of frames in the collection:

Burberry BE4153Q Sunglasses for Women

Burberry BE4153Q Sunglasses for Women

Burberry BE4167Q Sunglasses

Burberry BE4167Q Sunglasses


The Staple Trench
Let’s continue with the Burberry basic: the trench coat. The Sandringham trench pictured below is designed to provide an elegant, flattering fit.

This Sandringham Burberry trench coat is offered for men and women.

This classic slim-fitting Burberry trench coat is offered for men and women.


The Quintessential Scarf
What Burberry look would be complete without the checked cashmere scarf?

Burberry Heritage Scarf

Burberry Heritage Scarf

Outfit yourself in these three pieces for a head-to-toe Burberry look or just grab a pair of frames off and nod to the collection.

A Work of Persol – Art and Eyewear

Persol Glasses: The Art of Eyewear

As Persol etches its name deeper and deeper into artistic realms, the high-end eyewear company shatters the ceilings of corporate structure one campaign at a time. Persol sunglasses and eyeglasses, a blend of beautiful style and impeccable quality, appeal for emotional connection with wearers in the ongoing Atelier Persol art project.

Now in its second edition, Atelier Persol carves out physical space in stunning flash locations, inviting world-renowned artists to explore themes that are artistic cornerstones to Persol’s design philosophies.

The Campaigns

The first campaign was pioneered by eight artists in a 15th century manor in the Tuscan hills of Florence. Designated suites were transformed into creative playgrounds for thematic exploration, like “Polished Precision” and “Shapes & Design.”

The second campaign was set in a 16th century palace on the Giudecca Island in Venice. This time, seven artists used their unique talents to express the idea of the Phoenix, including elements of fire, rebirth and life.

The Phoenix Arrow

Since the 1930s, Persol eyewear has featured an iconic Arrow. Taking on various designs and names throughout the years, Persol glasses showcased the Phoenix Arrow in the 1950s.

To pay homage to this particular iteration and show its appreciation for the artistry involved, Persol dedicated the recent Atelier Persol project to the Phoenix.

See the Work

We were more than impressed with the fine art that came out of this campaign, which featured seven pieces. Check out the overview video:

Explore the products of such inspiration by taking a look at these Persol sunglasses and eyeglasses. Now you can shop eyewear and be a patron of the arts at the same time!

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100 Years of Luxury: A Spotlight on Prada Eyewear


Founded by Mario Prada in the beginning of the 20th century, the Prada name has come to mean more than a last name, but instead, Prada has become synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship.  Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, made the company infamous by marketing her new line of handbags to high end department stores and boutiques, which also made the brand more high fashion and edgy.

Prada pushes boundaries and has created a name for itself with its edgy looks, contrasting colors, and its independent, rebellious style. Its collections are always striving to break fashion precedents, while still playing on classic staples. More famous than Prada lenses, are the traditional Prada handbags with the signature Prada logo. Some lenses are inspired by these handbags. This line is perfect for the shopper who loves a creative twist on anything classic.



Shop all Prada sunglasses and eyeglasses here. It’s only the tip of the luxury brand iceberg.

NEW Michael Kors Collection


Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors

You can’t mention American luxury without thinking of Michael Kors. The award-winning designer has been creating beautiful collections for the runway since 1981. Recently, Michael Kors relaunched his eyewear collection, and we’re thrilled to be carrying this sleek and sophisticated collection on

With Michael Kors, the beauty is in the detailing. Look for refined embellishments like subtle MK logos off the hinges. Color blocking goes one step further with the introduction of mixed materials. Otherwise flat temple arms are given added dimension and angle. Also, many MK sunglasses come with gradient lenses, optimal for viewing the dashboard of the road ahead. These small details bring into view a big picture of smart fashion.

The best part? This latest collection allows you to coordinate your Michael Kors handbag to your new chic sunglasses. They’re perfect for the person who’s ready to feel like the ultimate jetsetter.

Oakley Sunglasses High Velocity Video

The Innovation Of Oakley Eyewear

In 1975, a man named Jim Jannard started Oakley with $300. His quest was driven by pushing the limits of industry standards and creating products that work better. He first developed a motorcycle handgrip in his garage lab and quickly pros noticed the new design and its material that increased grip with sweat. Today, Oakley creates products for action and traditional sports, as well as lifestyle with a unique point of view. What began in a garage lab has grown to three decades of innovation for consumers, including 1000+ athletes who depend on their products in competitions. The fresh technologies continue to grow and change, constantly enhancing athletic performance.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.17.01 PM

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The technology innovation is not only the ethos behind the brand, but it’s their continual passion that leads their mission to disrupt and drive the desire to innovate and solve problems in ways that have people have never seen before. How do they do this? With technology injected into products. For instance, Oakley lenses are designed for men and women to perform better than any other lens on the market. The patented technologies like High Definition Optics (HDO) give buyers a sharp and more accurate vision. It eliminates distortion that tends to appear in high wrapped sunglasses. Oakley True Digital (OTD) offer prescription sun lenses clear, crisp vision. Designed to give users a wide peripheral view. Oakley also offers progressive prescription sun lenses that optimize for a variety of sports like: fishing, golf, and cycling. And HDPolarization is the best polarized lens because the technology elimiantes the need for glues and films to distort your vision. It’s the clearest Polarized lens you can find.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.19.03 PM

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But Oakley also goes beyond clear vision. They go to great lengths to ensure that they customer’s eyes will be protected behind their sunglasses. Lenses are tested under extreme circumstances with a lens material and frame geometry that provides protection against high velocity or mass impact. If a mountain biker was riding down a single track and branch hit his face–the lenses would help protect his eyes. Oakley’s secret to such high impact protection is Plutonite, a optically pure lens that is incredibly durableScreen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.09.22 PM

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And of course, Oakley cares about comfort. Their Three-Point Fit ensure each frame is comfortable with our without activity. A pair of frames that slide off your nose can be distracting, so Three-Point Fit was designed to ensure that each frame makes contact only at the bridge of the nose and behind the temples to eliminate the discomfort.

Oakley’s innovation is boundless. With so many lenses and materials there is something from everyone. Take a closer look into the lenses here and shop all Oakley styles here.

Holiday Catalog: Tag Heuer Eyewear


tag tag tag tag Tag

It’s time to put your style into drive with Tag Heuer. Not only do they offer modern designs, each pair of glasses embodies a powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, and ergonomic engineering. Tag Heuer is a brand that consistently delivers eyewear that remains unrivaled in performance and patented innovation.

Tag Heuer sunglasses feature stylish, contemporary design that blend performance and protection. Meanwhile, Tag Heuer eyeglasses are tested for many resistances, like hair products, oil, sweat, impact and more. In fact, each frame undergoes 20 tests before passing inspection. The brand known for advanced design, materials and ergonomics, has received many design awards and is considered by many to be the ultimate sports luxury brand in the world. Shop moreTag Heuer eyewear here!

Holiday Catalog: O’Neill Eyewear



Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil

You don’t have to live near the beach to enjoy O’Neill eyewear. What once was a surfing brand has expanded into a leading lifestyle brand that captures the spirit of the surfer. O’Neill carries everything a snow or water enthusiast could want.

Frames like the Cali eyeglasses (above) capture the hues of the beachside wilderness with tropical violets, seafoam blues and driftwood browns. The metal construction as seen on the Webber (above) is a handcrafted acetate frame with high gloss or smooth matte finishes. Check out more O’Neill eyeglasses/sunglasses or peruse the rest of the Holiday Catalog here!

Holiday Catalog: Oakley Eyewear



Oakley Oakley

If you’re looking for frames with streamlined and innovative design, Oakley’s CrossLink Pitch and Junket frame will deliver. The CrossLink Pitch is a popular frame among men with their lightweight, durable O Matter material and interchangeable temples. They are both sleek and versatile. The Junket is a favorite among women with a light acetate frame in a variety of colors. If you’d like to read the entire catalog click here or shop Oakley eyewear here!