Celebrity Eyewear Sightings for July 2009

Find Paradise with Maui Jim Sunglasses

Imagine waking up in a hammock with the warm sun in your face, listening to the gentle waves and smelling fresh fruit in the air. Stepping out onto the ground, you see the honeyed tones of the beach as your feet move through the sand. You see the bright blues and greens of the sky and ocean as you make your way to the shore. And completing this picture of paradise is your Maui Jim sunglasses.

Maui Jim Technology

To create the perfect pair of sunglasses for the full Hawaiian experience, Maui Jim combines multiple treatments into each lens:
Maui Jim Comparison

  • Waterproof and oleophobic coating – To shed water and snow and repel grease, making it easier to wipe fingerprints and smudges.
  • Anti-reflective treatments – To block reflected light and glare from behind, providing a clear view and preventing your eyes from fatiguing.
  • Two scratch-resistant coatings – To perform better longer and include more durability, added before and after the water-resistant coating.
  • Polarized film – To eliminate 99.9% of glare from flat, smooth or shiny surfaces for a clean, crisp view, making it possible to see below the water’s surface.
  • Gradient mirror or tint treatments – To eliminate overhead and reflected glare, allowing light to pass through the lens.
  • Red, green and blue lens treatments – To enhance the view with distortion-free lenses, making color brighter and more vibrant.

If you get your Maui Jim sunglasses with prescription lenses, there is one other very important lens treatment:

  • MauiPassport treatment – To digitally tailor your eye’s prescription to the lens and its shape, providing the clearest and widest view possible compared to untreated lenses. For some prescription sunglasses, the lenses are so curved that your field of vision is distorted when you look through them. The digitally surfacing of MauiPassport compensates for the wrapped lenses, allowing your prescription to enhance, not harm your view.

Now that you know all about the lenses, it’s time to choose some frames. Check out the following wide range of styles and materials with these 10 Maui Jim shades:

    1. 103-Stingray – Sleek, rectangular-shaped frames made of a strong, lightweight propionate with a high-gloss finish, perfect for relaxing near the water or driving. And if you need a prescription, see your best with the 103-Stingray Prescription Sunglasses.

Maui Jim Lahaina Sunglasses

Maui Jim Lahaina Sunglasses


  • 450-Lahaina – Rimless, stainless steel frames with sturdy, non-corrosive temples and no-slip silicone nose pads. Wear them when you are playing sports, out near the water or just during your average day outside. Named after the village in Maui where Maui Jim Sunglasses were born, these are also available in the Lahaina Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 407-Ho Okipa – Semi-rimless, durable grilamid frames with bending strength so they will retain their shape and rubber nose pads for comfort. Named after the Hawaiian word for hospitality, you can wear them during fast-action sports or out on the water. A rimless version is available in the 907-Ho Okipa Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 246-Wiki Wiki – Men’s square aviators made of pure titanium for lightweight comfort with no-slip silicone nose pads, perfect for formal or active events on land and on the water. You can also add a prescription with the 246-Wiki Wiki Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 111-Palms – Women’s square nylon frames for light durability that retains their shape. With nose pads included on the bridge, wear whether you are driving, lounging until a palm tree or walking along the beach. And if you normally wear eyeglasses, see even better with the 111-Palms Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 525-Mala – Rimless shades with thin, lightweight temples and nose pads to prevent slipping. For a new type of experience the lenses are made of MauiPure, a recent Maui Jim innovation that is ultra-lightweight, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.


Maui Jim Driftwood Sunglasses

Maui Jim Driftwood Sunglasses


  • 254-Driftwood – Monel frame front makes them strong and corrosion resistant, acetate temples make them durable and comfortable and silicone nose pads make them adjustable. Use in any situation, even out on the water.
  • 238-Pau Hana – Fashionable pair of rounded sunglasses that include a key-hole bridge and are made of acetate, a durable and flexible material. Wear driving, lounging by the pool or beach, or walking in the water.
  • 520-Honolulu – Rimless shields with temples made of zyl for easy adjustability and Rabalon nose pads for comfort. Named for the capital of Hawaii, you can wear these on the beach or out on the town.
  • 326-Freight Trains – Square aviators made of MauiFlex memory metal, a material that remembers the fit and shape of the frames longer than traditional metal. They are perfect for driving or lounging on the beach or in the water.


Oakley’s Top 7 Sunglasses for Mastering Golf

Oakley’s Top 7 Sunglasses for Mastering Golf

“Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”  – Bobby Jones, co-founder of the Augusta National Golf Club and the yearly Masters Tournament

grass golf lensesJones meant that to be a good golfer, you must be mentally focused. However, we’d like to think when Jones referred to the distance between your ears, he actually meant that you can’t play golf without a good pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Good focus requires clear sight and as few distractions as possible. When you are on the greens, weather conditions can play a big part in your ability to see clearly. As a result, Oakley has developed frames with added comfort and lenses specifically for golfing. And with spring in the air and the 2012 Masters Tournament this week, it is prime time find the perfect pair of golfing sunglasses.

Oakley constructs all golfing sunglasses with O Matter, their own plastic material, with the goals of lightness, durability, comfort and shock absorption. The nose pads and temple tip coverings, also from an Oakley-made material called Unobtainium, provide added comfort and an increased grip when you perspire.

Made specifically for golfing, the G30 lenses, also available in a polarized version, increase depth perception on the golf course by enhancing the visual contrast of greens and blues. From overcast skies and shadowed holes to sunny skies and unfortunate glare, all conditions on a golf course meet the G30 lenses with ideal results.

Although their lenses come in other versions, the frames in the following list make up Oakley’s top 7 sunglasses with golf-specific lenses:

  1. Fast Jacket — With rounded lenses, one of the most popular Oakley frames among golfers, worn by Rory McIlroy, Luke Donald, Ian Poulter and Ricky Barnes. Fast Jacket Prescription Sunglasses available.
  2. Fast Jacket XL — With rectangular lenses, a favorite of young female golfer Yani Tseng. Fast Jacket XL Prescription Sunglasses available.

The Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses come with two pairs of lenses. The versions with a pair of G30 lenses are perfect for golfing. And if you aren’t playing golf or the other lenses are more appropriate for light conditions, it’s easy to change them out.

  1. Flak Jacket — With smooth lenses, worn by golfer Parker McLachlin. Flak Jacket Prescription Sunglasses and Flak Jacket Replacement Lenses available.
  2. Flak Jacket XLJ — With deeper lenses, a popular frame among Adam Scott, Rich Beem, Ian Poulter and Ricky Barnes. Flak Jacket XLJ Prescription Sunglasses and Flak Jacket XLJ Replacement Lenses available.

The Flak Jacket and Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses are just as sporty but come with lenses that are more angular than the first two frames. The golf specific versions are Jet Black with G30 lenses.

  1. Radar Path — Straighter shields, also worn by Rory McIlroy. Radar Path Replacement Lenses available.
  2. Radar Pitch — Rounded shields.
  3. Radar Range — Edgier shields. Radar Range Replacement Lenses available.

For wrap-around options, the Radar Path, Radar Pitch and Radar Range all come in golf-specific frames with a G30 shield lens. To create a cool airflow, these frames feature an open space on the temples.

Oakley Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses
Oakley Flack Jacket Sunglasses
Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses

In addition to these seven, you can find other Oakley sunglasses that come with G30 lenses or the ability for you to replace the lenses. In addition to G30, the VR28 and VR28 Black Iridium lenses work well to enhance contrast and depth perception on the greens.

As an added bonus, golfers who wear eyeglasses will be intrigued by the Oakley Casing Eyeglasses, which feature golf-club inspired temples. Part of the Oakley Active Eyeglasses collection, these frames come with the option of photochromatic or tinted lenses, perfect for wearing on or off the links.

New: Emporio Armani Prescription RX Sunglasses

New: Emporio Armani Prescription RX Sunglasses

FramesDirect.com is pleased to announce the addition of the Emporio Armani Prescription RX Sunglasses collection to the site’s catalog.

Here is a little information on the Emporio Armani brand and the collection. Emporio Armani is a high fashion brand and the price point of these RX sunglasses reflects that standard. A five frame collection, it is one of the few that is mainly male oriented. Four out of the five frames are for men, and are nearly all variations of the classic aviator. With a multitude of color options between the aviators you would be hard pressed to not find the perfect aviator for any consumer that is specifically looking for that shape.

Below we see two styles the Women’s style 9547/S & the Mens 9624/S.

Highlighted Styles
Men Women
Emporio Armani 9624/S Prescription Sunglasses Emporio Armani 9547/S Prescription Sunglasses
Emporio Armani 9624/S Prescription Sunglasses Emporio Armani 9547/S Prescription Sunglasses
Comes in Light Gold Brown (shown), Palladium & Shiny Black Comes in Havana Brown (shown), Black & White Black

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for additional eyeglasses and sunglasses brands to be added to FramesDirect.com.

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Spy Optic Signs Mike Montgomery

Spy Optic Signs Mike Montgomery

Spy Optic

Spy Optic goggles and sunglasses will be endorsed by MTB freestyle/freeride standout Mike Montgomery.

CARLSBAD, Calif. — SPY Optic™ today announced it signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with MTB freestyle/freeride standout Mike Montgomery. Montgomery will be endorsing SPY® goggles and SPY® sunglasses through 2011 and for an undisclosed term thereon.

“Mike’s slope style runs leave spectators either fist-pumping or slack-jawed and speechless, and his jumps push the limits of the sport so far that it hurts,” says Victor Sheldon, SPY motocross and cycling marketing manager. “He’s a rider’s rider, a guy that other competitors cheer-on because he’s legit, he has absolutely no fear, and he’s a solid dude on and off the bike.”

Montgomery won the Pinkbike Best Trick Throwdown at Ranchstyle this past May, followed that up with a win in the MTB Slopestyle event at the 2011 Teva Mountain Games on June 1, and clinched another Best Trick title at the Jump Ship Dirt Jump Invitational in Canada, held June 10-12.

“Mike casually made his way into the top 20 in the FMB World Tour Rankings this year, and we’re looking forward to supporting him through more stops on the calendar so he can wage a proper assault on the top of that leaderboard,” says Sheldon.

Montgomery joins the family of SPY mountain bike riders, including reigning UCI Mountain Bike World Champion Sam Hill and UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup standout, 17-year-old Troy Brosnan.

“I’ve been a SPY guy from the start and I’ll be a SPY guy when I retire 100 years from now,” says Montgomery. “They make the best goggles around, their new Performance sunglasses are insane, and the people at the company are the real deal. I’m stoked to be officially on board with the team, and I’m looking forward to going big in my SPYs.”

Next-up for Montgomery is the Kokanee Crankworx Best Trick Showdown, July 21 (following the Jeep Air downhill and Hill and Brosnan appearances). Thereafter Montgomery will attempt two distance world records at Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Sept. 23 and Sept. 24.

For more information about SPY Optic, log-on at www.spyoptic.com.

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Sunglasses Roundup - Persol, Nike, Police, Costa Del Mar, Angel

Shopping for Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Permit Sunglasses

The Costa Del Mar Permit Sunglasses are available with the popular 580 lenses.

Among the most popular brands of sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts are Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. This brand of sunglasses is especially favored by men and women who enjoy the sport of fishing, made with such strategic engineering that you will definitely gain an advantage when fishing in all types of water. These sophisticated and comfortable sunglasses are available in different styles and models.

If you are looking for the ultimate lenses that are high tech and deliver performance, then the 580 lens is your perfect match. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses made with the 580 lenses will change the way in which you see the world. The purpose of this lens is to eliminate yellow light which is what usually distorts the clarity and contrast of vision. The way in which these high tech lenses were designed is by raising red, green and blue to high levels while eliminating yellow light. This perfect combination results in the purest of vision, seeing deeper colors as well as an ultimate sharper contrast. These lenses are available in a variety of colors.

If you wear prescription lenses there is no need to worry as Costa Del Mar Prescription RX Sunglasses are also available. Shopping for Costal Del Mar Sunglasses has never been so easy as it is today because you can shop for these amazing sunglasses online, right from the comfort of your own home.

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Wiley X Eyewear To Sponsor Jim Yates' Pontiac

Wiley X Eyewear Sponsored Angler Edwin Evers Wins Power Pole Citrus Slam Tournament

Edwin Evers Wins with his Wiley X Sunglasses

Edwin Evers Wins with his Wiley X Sunglasses

Wiley X Eyewear sponsored angler Edwin Evers proved why he is one of the most resourceful pros on the Bassmaster Elite Tournament trail, relying on his Wiley X sunglasses, a go-for-it attitude and some unusual “gardening” skills to take First Place in the recent Power Pole Citrus Slam tournament on the St. John’s River.

Evers won this second Bassmaster Elite Tournament of 2011 in Palatka, Florida, bringing in a four-day total of 77 pounds, 1 ounce – including an 8-lb, 3-oz. monster – or “mule” as Evers called it – to put him over the top on the final day. Winning this event earned Evers $100,000 in Top Prize money, an automatic berth in the 2012 Bassmaster Classic and moved him up to fourth in the early 2011 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings. Evers finished 2nd in the Angler of the Year race last year; he is already in strong position and looking forward to a productive season ahead with many more top finishes.

Those familiar with Evers shouldn’t be surprised that he sight-fished his way up the standings, going from 20th Place on Day 1, to 4th Place on Day 2, to 2nd Place on Day 3, before winning it all with his final weigh-in of 19 pounds even. It was also no surprise that his Wiley X sunglasses provided Evers with the superior vision and protection he needed to battle the fish and the elements. What did surprise people were the lengths to which Evers went to reach his winning limit and the ingenuity he showed in catching them.

Evers’ success came from hunting the extreme shallow waters of Salt Creek off the main river, racing across a 100-yard flat, then push-polling his Nitro bass boat though the “skinny” water like a flats skiff to get way back where the big bass were hiding. Evers even brought along a long-handled tree trimmer, which he used to trim the overhanging branches of a willow tree, allowing him to find a pair of bass that were hanging out underneath. He caught them both.

Success in this style of fishing requires the ability to read the subtle contours of the bottom, decipher vegetation and bottom composition, and spot fish before they spot you. Evers’ polarized Wiley X glasses let him fish the shallows effectively, while giving him the confidence to poke his boat, his rod and his face into thick brush to pursue bass others wouldn’t even try to catch.

With the same advanced Wiley X technology provided to elite military units around the globe, these glasses provide unparalleled protection against airborne debris, low-hanging limbs or even flying hooks and lures. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with ANSI-Z87.1-2003 High Velocity and Mass Impact Protection rating on every pair of glasses it manufactures. This makes Wiley X Eyewear an indispensable tool for serious anglers, whether they live to fish or make their living on the water.

(Photos courtesy of B.A.S.S./James Overstreet)

Revo Sunglasses - RE 4024 in Boating World

New Revo R1 Sunglasses

Revo R1 has arrived!

Revo has added three new styles:

Revo RE9014 Transmit Sunglasses

Revo RE9014 Transmit Sunglasses

Revo RE9015 Calibrate Sunglasses

Revo RE9015 Calibrate Sunglasses

Revo RE9016 Rotate Sunglasses

Revo RE9016 Rotate Sunglasses

Frame/lens color availability for the three Revo Sunglasses styles come in: Brown w/Bronze, Polished Black w/ Graphite, and Pewter w/Cobalt
All styles retail at $256
Gender: Unisex

Highlights of Revo R1:
These styles are the only Bio-Titanium frames in Revo’s current wire collection.

What’s so great about Bio-Titanium? Bio-Titanium is extremely comfortable to wear for three reasons:
1. Light – The lightest weight wire frame that’s offered by Revo.
2. Ultra Thin – Thin, strong frames keep the weight off your face.
3. Flexible – The frames flexibility adapts to each individual’s head, thus helping to reduce pressure and improve fit while retaining its original shape in the long term.

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Lafont Kids eyeglasses added

Arnette Sunglasses Roll Out Stylish New Selection

Arnette has rolled out a stylish new selection of sunglasses frames available in styles for Men and Women.

The new Arnette Sunglasses frames are available in an array of colors for either casual wear or for that radical sports enthusiast. Arnette designs its frames around the specific need of each sport. All sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses to block UV rays that are harmful. The frames are made of either nylon plastic or metal alloy for comfort and wearability that’s lightweight. It also has the Arnette name engraved on the top left lens.

The sunglasses feature polycarbonate, mirrored, and gradient lenses. Polarized lenses are offered on select colors for additional protection.

There are currently 26 Arnette styles available; three are highlighted from the collection below. To see the additional styles offered, please check out the Arnette Sunglasses collection.

Arnette AN4144 Wager SunglassesShown here is Arnette Wager (AN4144) in Striped Havana w/ Brown lens. This rectangular shaped frame has slick metal logo plaques on the temples. Available in 7 frame/lens colors.
Regular lenses: $89 Polarized Lenses: $115

Arnette AN4143 Fire Drill SunglassesShown here is Arnette Fire Drill (AN4143) – Inspired by the sunglasses generally found at the check-out counter at the local convenience station. This squared frame with slick metal logo plaques on the temples is shown below in Transparent Red w/ Grey lens. Available in 6 frame/lens colors. Retail: $71

Arnette AN3062 Stake Out SunglassesShown here is Arnette Stake Out (AN3062) – An aviator frame in Silver w/ Black Temples and Grey lens. Available in 5 frame/lens colors.
Regular lenses: $97 Polarized Lenses: $125

Special Note: The Arnette collection is shippable only to US domestic addresses.

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Video: Ray-Ban’s Photocopy Romance

Special Offers - Gifts with Sunglasses Purchase

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