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The Fall/Winter Dolce & Gabbana Filigree Collection


Dolce&Gabbana Dolce&Gabbana Dolce&Gabbana Dolce&Gabbana

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The Fall/Winter 2014 Filigree Collection by Dolce & Gabbana is anything but ordinary. Inspired by the opulence of Sicilian craftsmanship and Italian gold-working techniques—these frames are not for the faint of heart. This collection is for the woman who appreciates attention to delicate details and unique craftsmanship. Each antique gold filigree frame is adorned with small flowers by skilled artisans. This statement piece is bold enough to wear year-round. Shop more Dolce & Gabbana frames today.

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Video: New Persol Eyeglasses

A nice video review from Tarrou (ProfRobBog), who produces videos on YouTube to help with math and algebra understanding, about his new Persol eyeglasses, which he ordered online at

You can browse our entire Persol Eyeglasses catalog where you can even try on many of the frames online with our FrameFinder(sm) Virtual Eyeglass Try-On.

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Spotlight on Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa: Clearest Polarized Lenses on the Planet

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Armani Exchange Eyeglasses

Introducing Armani Exchange Eyewear is excited to announce that it has added Armani Exchange eyewear collections to its roster. The designer collections include high-end eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women.

Armani Exchange, or A|X, is the fashion-forward label created by Armani. The brand cites “street-chic culture, fashionable dance music, freedom, and personal styles” as its inspiration.

You can see that trendy influence in this versatile eyewear line. These glasses and sunglasses are a great style choice for any hip destination.

A|X Features

Armani Exchange Eyewear

Armani Exchange Eyewear

The Armani Exchange eyewear collection offers luxury in the details. Every Armani Exchange frame – whether for eyeglasses or sunglasses – shows the A|X logo on the temple. And on sunglasses, the top of the right sunglass lens is inscribed with “Armani Exchange” in subtle white print. A long-time leader in the luxury fashion industry, Armani Exchange makes no compromises on style.

A|X Sunglasses: The Future’s Bright

The Armani Exchange sunglass collection is the perfect place to refresh your look this spring. The AX4002 “bright spearmint” transparent women’s frames are primed to match this season’s dresses and next season’s swimsuits. And this fresh minty color will catch the eye of any admirer.
Armani Exchange AX4002 Sunglasses

Armani Exchange AX4002 Sunglasses

The brother to the 4002 is the square-shaped AX4004, which features two-tone plastic rims in brown and champagne, marine and maritime blue, or black and mirage grey. This men’s style manages to be both trendy and classic, and is durable in a large frame made of sturdy plastic.
Armani Exchange AX4004 Sunglasses

Armani Exchange AX4004 Sunglasses

Everything old is new again. You can say that when you look at the disco detailing on the AX2005 sunglasses. These throwback sunglasses have a wrap-around shape with a large shield-style lens that covers your whole eye area, offering both eye protection and anonymity. The metallic tile accents are borrowed from the disco dance floor. Let these beauties be your window to the world.
Armani Exchange AX2005 Sunglasses

Armani Exchange AX2005 Sunglasses

The A|X branding is almost unnecessary with the AX4011 sunglasses. You can tap into the classic 1970-80s Armani look with these straight-out-of-Miami-Vice shades. This retro design has a double bridge over the nose and an aviator shape that hugs gradient-tint lenses.
Armani Exchange AX4011 Sunglasses

Armani Exchange AX4011 Sunglasses

Many of the A|X sunglasses offer gradient tint lenses as a feature. These are are tints that start off at a darker color at the top of a lens and then gradually lighten towards the bottom. Gradient tints are great for fashion, as well as for reading outside on sunny days.

A|X Eyeglasses: Options Abound

A|X eyeglasses offer classic styles with subtle pops of color and metallic temple detailing for a surprising, modern twist.

If you were around in the 80s, the rounded rim of the AX3002 eyeglasses may remind you of that nerdy-sexy librarian you once had a crush on. You can let your inner nerd loose with these updated classics, now available in the striking colors berry, black, Poseidon, and tortoise.
Armani Exchange AX3002 Eyeglasses

Armani Exchange AX3002 Eyeglasses

Are you in the market for something a little more contemporary? The AX1002 eyeglasses for men have a thin, rectangular frame that looks as if it were designed for a start-up mogul, or at least a mogul wannabe. The clean horizontal lines provide an almost architectural detailing to frame your face. These glasses are confident and sophisticated.
Armani Exchange AX1002 Eyeglasses

Armani Exchange AX1002 Eyeglasses

But don’t overlook the bold simplicity of the AX3010 frames. Like Clark Kent’s famous pair, these glasses are attention-grabbing newspaper-man standards. The A|X version still retains the heavy, full rim and timeless shape, but it’s been upgraded with metal temples and provocative colors. Beyond brown and black, you’ll find pumpkin spice and ultramarine. Superman hides no more.
Armani Exchange AX3010 Eyeglasses

Armani Exchange AX3010 Eyeglasses

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You choose because we offer the designers you know and love. Now you can add Armani Exchange to the list of high-end eyewear lines available at your fingertips.

Vera Bradley

Now Introducing: The Vera Bradley Eyewear Collection

Vera Bradley EyewearAre you someone who likes to stand out in a crowd? Look no further: The Vera Bradley Eyewear Collection is bright, colorful, and fun, just like the brand’s famous bags and scarves.

Vera Bradley, the design company known for its quilted, colorful bags, is now making eyewear. now carries an extensive collection of the brand’s eyeglasses and sunglasses.

History of Vera Bradley
Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller created the line in 1982 after noticing a need for feminine luggage while waiting in the Atlanta airport. The longtime friends named their line after Barbara’s mother, Vera, a former Elizabeth Arden model, whose classic style and grace inspired them.

Though it began as a cottage industry in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the line soon grew to a large company. Today Vera Bradley brand sells bags, scarves, jewelry, stationery and even baby clothes in over 3,000 independent retailers.

Vera Bradley Eyeglasses
Now you can find Vera Bradley eyeglasses at This stylish brand will complement any outfit or occasion, in a range of patterns that follows the same philosophy of colorful, playful, and classic.

Besides bringing a smile to your face, the best thing about these frames is that you’re not going to mistake them for someone else’s. When you put them down in the gym locker room, no one else will accidentally pick them up. They reflect your unique style.

And with a range of color options, you can find a pair of frames that are a perfect match for your other Vera Bradley accessories. Now, rest assured that your scarf, glasses, and bag can go hand-in-hand, or if you choose a different pattern, side-by-side.

The rectangular Makayla eyeglasses are one of the brand’s bestsellers. These glasses are offered in Midnight Blue (which just happens to match “dazzling blue,” the top color projected for women’s fashion in Spring 2014) and Plum Crazy hues. Each of these patterns will make you think of a rain forest that’s been sent down the rabbit hole and emerged on the other side—part realist style, part whimsical, and all Vera Bradley.

The lens rim on these frames is either mottled blue or plum, so you can match it to your blue or brown iris to bring out the depth of your eye color. The frame also features a spring hinge, which keeps its initial balance and fit, avoiding the need for subsequent adjustments.

Vera Bradley Sunglasses
In addition to eyeglasses, also carries Vera Bradley sunglasses. The colorful sunwear collection offers the classic Vera Bradley patterns in pastels, bright yellow, indigo blue, and preppy pink.

Many of the sunglasses are polarized, which means they have an in-lens filter that blocks glare. Polarized sunglasses enhance contrast and allow for greater depth of vision. They’re ideal for glare reduction when you’re driving or playing sports.

Vera Bradley Heidi Sunglasses

Vera Bradley Heidi Sunglasses

One of the most popular sunglass models is the Heidi, a warm-gold aviator frame with a double bridge and a black temple spotted with vibrant flowers and ribbons. The frames bring a feminine touch to the aviator’s military style. You can imagine tough-yet-sweet supermodel Heidi Klum sporting them to a polo match.

A Frame for Every Face
Vera Bradley eyewear comes in a range of models to flatter every face. You can even search by your face shape on to find the best match.

Vera Bradley VB-April Eyeglasses

Vera Bradley VB-April Eyeglasses

If you have a square-shaped face, the semi-rimless Vera Bradley April eyeglasses will suit you, while the intricate design carved into the metal temples will add a sense of polish to your style.

Vera Bradley VB-Charlotte Eyeglasses

Vera Bradley VB-Charlotte Eyeglasses

For those who prefer a full-rimmed, more modern frame, the Charlotte glasses are perfect for heart, oval, or round faces. The “Midnite Blues” color option features a unique trick: The pattern is hidden on the inside of the temples, so only you know it’s there. It’s like finding a happy fortune inside a fortune cookie every time you take your glasses off.

The floral pattern is also hidden on the Addison frame in the “Happy Snails” color (a hip option for a square-shaped face). This frame features the distinctive Vera Bradley quilted texture reimagined into monochromatic black on the outer temples—an unexpected twist sure to attract “Where did you get those glasses?” queries.

Just in Case
Each Vera Bradley eyeglass frame comes with a cleaning cloth and protective carrying case. The attractive case, which matches the pattern on the frame, serves as its own stylish accessory (and one more thing to put into your Vera Bradley bag). Yet another compelling reason to chose this innovative brand over any other.

Classic? Modern? Preppy? Vera Bradley Eyewear says “Yes” to all three.

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Made in the USA: Home Grown American Eyewear

Sunglass Manufacturers USA

The “Made in the USA” label has become a popular selling point as a growing and dedicated contingent of Americans insist on buying American-made products and supporting companies that contribute to the growth of the American economy. Many Americans foster a strong sense of pride in American-made goods, and recognize that companies that keep their product manufacturing in America help keep jobs, profits and tax revenue within America’s borders.

The “buy American” movement is not new, but it has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, especially in the automotive industry. There are many positive effects of the rise in the sales of domestically produced cars and trucks, and one of the most important is the increased amount of new employment opportunities for many Americans. While the automotive industry presents a clear example of the increased demand for American made products, many other industries can boast the high quality craftsmanship that is inherent in American-made goods. Several sunglass manuacturers, for example, have heard the public’s demand for American-made sunglasses and have proudly answered the call.

Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses feature signature Oakley sculptural, high-tech design.

Oakley is one of the world’s most popular and bestselling eyewear companies, and all of its sunglasses are crafted in the United States. Oakley was founded in 1975 in Southern California and is still headquartered there. Oakley sunglasses are world renowned for their durability and performance, which are direct results of the top-quality American craftsmanship built into every frame. Oakley has often gone the extra mile to pay homage to its American roots by designing frames that honor America’s favorite pastime, America’s Olympic team, and even American heroes.

Randolph Engineering Aviator - Bayonet Temples Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering sunglasses are made in America, and they are engineered with the same exacting standards that military specifications require.

Randolph Engineering is another eyewear company that truly takes pride in its American heritage and its commitment to the future of American manufacturing. Founded in Randolph, Massachusetts in 1972, the Randolph Engineering company began making dies and machinery used in the optical manufacturing industry. Randolph Engineering held tight to the American notion of hard work and determination in order to become not only a leading provider of machinery but also a proud producer of Military-spec aviator sunglasses for the United States Air Force. Randolph Engineering later won a government bid to be the prime contractor for this eyewear and eventually made the transition into the commercial sunglass industry. The history of Randolph Engineering is a quintessential story of achieving the American dream, and it is this, plus its history with the United States military, that strengthens its unwavering dedication to sustaining American jobs, creating opportunities for the future, and continuing the legacy of quality American craftsmanship.

Oakley and Randolph Engineering are two examples of premium quality sunglass companies that make their products in America, but they are not the only ones. Smith Optics are also committed to keeping their manufacturing in the United States. Wiley X, a popular tactical sunglass company, has begun to move a limited amount of its production to the United States as well. The Wiley X Talon, Wiley X PT-1, and the Wiley X XL-1 Advanced are all now made in the USA. American-made products are a true passion for many people, and lucky for them, some of the best sunglasses on the market are ones that are labeled “Made in the USA.”

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