The latest updates from Essilor See Change,’s parent company’s initiative to bring good vision to everyone, everywhere.

  • Close to 500 million people over the age of 5 have an uncorrected visual defect in China, among whom 450 million have myopia. By 2020, nearly 700 million Chinese people will be myopic if we don’t act now. Essilor Vision Foundation is helping to tackle this national health crisis through its flagship programs run in partnership with several strong, local NGO partners.
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  • India’s continual and unpredictable traffic causes 10% of the annual global road accidents and approximately 400 deaths each day. It is also one of the countries in the world which lacks the appropriate visual acuity tests that should be required to obtain a driving license. The Vision Impact Institute and Essilor Vision Foundation are working hard to change this and to make India’s roads safer. Learn more.
  • Essilor launched its open innovation See Change Challenge in 2016 to help improve access to vision care in underserved populations drawing on the collective intelligence of solution providers from diverse backgrounds. From a range of  impressive proposals, we’ve selected three finalists who have been invited to produce a prototype of their innovative refractive solution. Learn more.
  • In its February blog, the Vision Impact Institute took a close look at global standards and proposed actions that will elevate the priority placed on visual health behind the wheel. Learn more.