The latest updates from Essilor See Change,’s parent company’s initiative to bring good vision to everyone, everywhere.

  • Essilor Vision Foundation headed to Laos for its second medical camp this year in collaboration with the NGO Humanitarian with Love. Over 2,000 people attended the camp for basic health screening activities and over 1,000 tested their vision.  Learn more.
  • In Brazil 30-40 million people are estimated to live without the correction they need. Essilor’s Vision Ambassador program trains local women in Rio de Janeiro to become primary vision care providers who improve access to affordable vision care care in their communities.  Learn more.
  • Special Olympics and the Essilor Group have carried out their first joint vision care campaign in Senegal with the help of local partner Sivo Senegal.  Learn more.
  • In November, Essilor was included in the Fletcher University report on “Inclusive Innovators” as one of 20 case studies along with global players such as Unilever, Mastercard, or Barclays – all pioneers in the successful implementation of inclusive business models.   Learn more.