#FDAnswers “What does polarized mean?”

Polarized sunglasses are desirable (and slightly more expensive,) because most people know they can greatly improve your vision in bright sunlight. Polarization, when referring to optics, is more than a buzzword or a marketing term. There is science behind why your eyes feel more comfortable, and you see more clearly, when wearing polarized sunglasses. But what does polarized mean?

Top 4 Cutest Sunglasses to Workout In (for women)

Many of the more glamorous shades we’re fond of for fashion’s sake, don’t quite cut it when you’re sweating it out in the elements. Now that lot of us have committed to New Year’s resolutions that involve getting more exercise and fresh air; its the right moment to assess 1) which sunglasses won’t slip down your nose when you sweat 2) which sunglasses are lightweight enough to stay comfy and 3) of those sunglasses, which are still gonna make you look cute…

Here are our Top 4 sporty-yet-cute shades that can be your fit-spiration

New Brand Spotlight: Miu Miu Fall/Winter Eyewear Collection

Miu Miu was created in 1993 by Miuccia Prada who saw an opportunity to create a more fun, feminine, and playful side of Prada. Three years later, Miu Miu showed its first collection at New York Fashion Week. Soon the line would include scarves, bags, and, our favorite, eyewear. The Miu Miu 2015 Fall/Winter Eyewear Collection is now at FramesDirect.com!


The Miu Miu 2015 Fall/Winter Eyewear Collection features strong textures, pastel colors, and lots of glitter. The most interesting feature is the semi rimless frames with squared-off bottoms and round or cat eye tops.


Miu Miu Sunglasses are spunky, colorful, and not for the faint of heart. Miu Miu Eyeglasses feature traditional and nontraditional textures alongside beautiful, silver and gold detailing in the bridge and temples.

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Check out the Miu Miu Fall/Winter Eyewear Collection at Framesdirect.com!

Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Every Sport!

FramesDirect.com loves our athletes! We carry a large variety of Sports Sunglasses in designer brands like Costa, Oakley, and Wiley X so you can protect your eyes on and off the field.

We also know that the selection can be overwhelming, so we decided to create this handy infographic to help you decide which Sunglasses are right for your sport!

sports sunglasses infographic

Ray-Ban Aviators / Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviators | Aviator Sunglasses

Dark, sleek, and mysterious, aviator sunglasses have been a prominent figure in fashion since their invention in the 1930s. Because of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, and Megan Fox, aviators represent a cool and elusive style that only this model of sunglasses can deliver.

The first aviator sunglasses were made by Ray-Ban for World War II pilots. They needed glasses similar to fighter pilot goggles that would eliminate sunlight and glare, so Ray-Ban designed the iconic tear-drop frames. General Douglas MacArthur put aviators on the map in 1944 when made his triumphant return to the Philippines wearing a pair of the tear-drop shades on the beach.

Today, Ray-Ban Aviators come in several sizes. The standard size is the RB 3025 Large Metal Aviator , with an eye size measurement of 58. The RB 3026 Large Metal Aviator II is the largest frame that Ray-Ban offers, with an eye size measurement of 62. The smallest Ray-Ban Aviator frame is the RB 3044 , with an eye size measurement of 52.

Ray-Ban also offers other aviator styles including the Outdoorsman , which features a brow bar and cable temples, and the Shooter, which features a brow bar with a metal circle beneath it. The Outdoorsman comes in the same sizes as the regular aviator, and the Shooter comes in standard and large sizes.

These classic and eternally cool sunglasses are available in different frame materials, including titanium and carbon fibre. The lenses come in various tints with optional gradients and polarization. FramesDirect.com is one of the only companies to offer Ray-Ban Aviators with prescription lenses.

Though the aviator sunglass design was invented by Ray-Ban, many other high-end sunglass companies have produced their own versions of aviator sunglasses, including Serengeti and Prada Sport. Name brand companies utilize the most highly advanced lens technology to ensure that the lenses provide the clearest vision and are free from lens distortion. Prescription aviator eyeglasses frames are also available as well.

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