Get The Look: Inspired by Burberry Eyewear

You know you’re winning at fashion when your outfit looks chic but it only took you a few minutes to put together.

So, what’s the trick?

Top 4 Cutest Sunglasses to Workout In (for women)

Many of the more glamorous shades we’re fond of for fashion’s sake, don’t quite cut it when you’re sweating it out in the elements. Now that lot of us have committed to New Year’s resolutions that involve getting more exercise and fresh air; its the right moment to assess 1) which sunglasses won’t slip down your nose when you sweat 2) which sunglasses are lightweight enough to stay comfy and 3) of those sunglasses, which are still gonna make you look cute…

Here are our Top 4 sporty-yet-cute shades that can be your fit-spiration

Award Recap: Golden Globe Style

When Maura Tierney accepted her Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globes, we were thrilled. She was the standout female celebrity that left on our favorite accessory during her acceptance speech. Glasses, of course.

Meet Beauty Editor Breann Bowman

Name: Breann Bowman

Instagram: @breannsbowman

What do you love shopping at

I love shopping because the site is honestly so easy to use. I have picky taste and will only shop particular designer eyewear. makes it easy to search for the styles I love, which enables me to get my shopping done quickly and move on to the next busy task life throws at me!

2015 Best Nine Instagram Photos

It’s that time of year to briefly look behind us. And with so many folks sharing their best nine Instagram photos of the year, we thought we would do the same!

Five Styles We Love For Him

It’s getting down to the holiday wire. But if you’re still stuck on what to gift the special man in your life, we’ve selected five top-selling sunglasses for him.

Five Styles We Love For Her

Still need a gift for her? Well, we’ve selected five top-sellers to help narrow down a few must-have options. Each style is unique and speaks to a variety of personalities.

Meet Designer Ashley Cooper

Name: Ashley Cooper

Instagram: @AshleyCooperDesign

What do you love shopping at

I love the amazing selection of designer frames that are available. It makes it easy for me to to shop for a variety of frames, styles, and designers all in one place. I always find exactly what I am looking for on


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What fashion trends are you loving right now?

I love layering and oversized coats. Throw on a massive scarf and in my mind you’ve got a perfect outfit.

Why are sunglasses such an important accessory?

Sunglasses add so much to an outfit from the color of the frames, to the shape. It’s the perfect accessory, you can never have too many. In my opinion, in good pair of sunglasses have a way of giving you an added confidence too and complete an entire look.Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 4.16.04 PM

Check out some of Ashley’s work!

What outside the world of fashion inspires you?

Currently, I am so inspired by nature and exploring. I love how not only getting outside inspires you by the beauty of nature and what you are seeing, but also invigorates your soul and refuels your creativity.

When and where you the most happiest?

I am happiest when my husband and dear friends are with me around a table, gathered and sharing a meal, laughing until we cry and talking the night away, all while our kiddos run and play around us. That makes me happy!
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How To Find Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

If there’s one question we get asked a lot at is how do I find glasses that fit my face shape? We get it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of face shapes and frame styles. So, we’ve come up with a little guide using some famous and familiar faces.

Pantone Color Of The Year

2016 is about to get a little more serene thanks to Pantone. The company has picked its colors for 2016. (Yes, you read that right.) The color authority has revealed two soft colors called Serenity and Rose Quartz.