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Eyewear Updates through Twitter

Keep up with eyewear news with Twitter updatesWe’ve added Twitter to our list of information options. For those not familiar, Twitter is a unique form of messaging, sort of a cross between text messaging and instant messaging. It’s all text and you get a total of 140 characters for your message which is distributed to all of your followers instantly.

What’s a follower? That is anyone who subscribes to your Twitter channel for updates. So, wanna get updated by Twitter each time we make a post to The Eye Zone? Just follow us at On our Twitter channel page you’ll also find the option of subscribing to our Twitter RSS feed.

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Buy Sunglasses, Get a Free T-shirt

Buy Sunglasses, Get a Free T-shirt

Oversized sunglasses frames are available from Fatheadz - free T-shirt, too!Just a reminder that we have several offers for free T-shirts with the purchase of sunglasses online at In addition to the free T-shirt offers from RayBan Sunglasses and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Fatheadz Sunglasses, specializing in eyewear for large heads, is also offering a free shirt. And, the free T-shirt offer also applies to Fatheadz Eyeglasses!

Get them while you can. These offers won’t last forever! Who doesn’t like free?


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Hurricane Ike Can’t Keep Us Down!

Due to problems at the Marathon Tower data center cause by Hurricane Ike, the web site was down for nearly a day. We appear to be back up and apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused to our loyal visitors. Considering the amount of damage and lack of power that many businesses and residents in the Houston area suffered, we were lucky. Our offices are intact with electricity, air conditioning and phone service, so we will be open as usual Monday morning.

Thanks for coming back!