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Style & Function: Choosing the Best Glasses

Combine Function and Style for the Best Pair of Glasses

Did you know that, according to The Vision Council, more than 153 million Americans wear glasses, and they spend up to $19.2 billion on frames and lenses each year?

There are a lot of things to consider when picking up a new pair. Style, function, and overall quality all come into play. Ask yourself these questions to determine what pair of eyeglasses will work best for you.

What Frames Will Complement Your Face?

Did you know that the amount of online purchases increased by as much as 26.7% in just a year, from 2011 to 2012? Whether you choose to buy your glasses online, or in person, you need to think about shapes first. What is your face shape ? The beauty industry defines seven basic face shapes, including oval, square, round, oblong, triangle, heart, and diamond.

Once you have determined your face shape, choose frames that will contrast the natural angles of your face. If you have a round face, choose square, or boxy, frames. If you have a square face, avoid sharp angles. Opt instead for a round or oval pair.

What Will You Be Doing?

There are all kinds of glasses out there. The largest market share owned by one particular eyewear brand is less than 6%, meaning that there are a number of different brands to choose from. Function can help narrow down your choices quite a bit.

What is your profession? What kind of impression are you trying to create? If you work in business, or a professional office environment, stick to traditional colors. Black is always a safe bet, but you can also choose from browns, silver, and clear frames, too. If you are an artist or designer, on the other hand, you may want to show off your creativity with retro or vintage glasses.

If you are an active athlete, vintage glasses are not going to help. You may want to consider more expensive, specialized frames instead. In fact, a number of eyewear manufacturers make sport-specific eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Special lens features can further enhance your athletic performance: Polarized lenses can help reduce glares from water and pavement, while polycarbonate lenses are completely shatter-resistant.

Wear glasses just about every day? Choose the right pair. Whether you settle on rectangular glasses, vintage glasses, or sports glasses, keep in mind the styles and shapes that complement you most as well as the functional features you may need to perform your day-to-day activities.

Try the Style Me option on the website today to see which style fits your face the best.

Eyeglasses as Fashion Accessories

Focus on Fall: Great Deals on Eyewear Top-Sellers

Focus on Fall: Great Deals on Eyewear Top-Sellers

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Top Sellers

First Virtual Optical Store Serves Military Personnel

Military Wives Use Internet to Provide Premium Eyewear to Troops Celebrates Fives Years of Service to Military and First Responder Families

A passionate team of military wives leads the day-to-day operations at, the world’s largest online eyewear provider to the U.S. military and government employees. Working from different locations across the United States, this unique group of employees brings a deeper understanding of the military customers’ needs that allows them to drive enhancements to the customer experience.

Discounted Sunglasses for Law Enforcement OfficersNow celebrating five years of supplying premium quality eyewear at discounted prices for U.S. military active-duty personnel, veterans, retirees, and their dependents, has extended their exclusive pricing to law enforcement and first responder personnel and their families as well.

Unique Employee Perspective

So what makes unique? Before AFE, military families had few options available for purchasing eyewear on military bases and while deployed.

AFEyewear Employee with Air Force

Marketing Manager Lauren Purcell with the Boom Operator on the KC10 Spouse Flight

“As a military spouse, I understand the importance of having access to affordable eyewear,” said Lauren Purcell, marketing manager of “While some bases do have an optical store on site, the prices and selection offered on cannot be beaten. Plus, AFEyewear can ship glasses directly to any APO or FPO address in the world.” is the exclusive military discount brand of, the world’s leading prescription eyewear experts. Five military spouses oversee operations at, and 15 percent of parent company’s employees have served or have relatives who have served in the military or as first responders. According to Purcell, the reason the company has so many employees with ties to the military is that “ allows us to work for a cause that is close to home, serving those who serve.”


Founded in 2008 at the request of the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (The Exchange), launched to provide exclusive prices and selection to U.S. military members and their families. Headquartered in Austin, Texas and led by a group of military wives stationed throughout the United States, offers a special discount on quality eyewear to those who serve, including U.S. military active-duty personnel, veterans, retirees, law enforcement officers, as well as fire and emergency medical services personnel and their families.

Since its initial launch, has helped more than 30,000 families receive up to a 30% discount on more than 100,000 products and 200 brands, including Oakley, Wiley X, Costa Del Mar, and Maui Jim.

Learn more about’s Military and First Responders Discount


Weekly Eyewear Updates for 2011-04-02

Customer Eyewear Faves: Check Out the Top Picks and Save Up to $70

Better than Ever Customer Eyewear Faves | Top Eyeglasses Favorites | Save Up to $70 in our Fall Sale

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New Eyeglasses & Frames Now Online

Eyeglasses for Every Day of the Week plus Sale!

24/7 Eyeglasses + Huge Sale!

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Prescription Sunglasses Section Launched

Shop Athletic Eyewear for Summer Fun!

Shop Athletic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses for Summer Fun!

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Weekly Eyewear Updates for 2011-04-30

Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Mother’s Day! + Save up to $70!

Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Mother’s Day! + Save up to $70!

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Buying Goggles – Tips and Resources

Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Goggle Lenses for Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a very challenging sport that hundreds and thousands of people enjoy every year. It is a demanding sport and in order to be the best in the sport, it is important to have the proper gear. Next, to proper clothing, protective eye wear is of utmost important. Likewise, getting the proper fit, look, and color can make a huge difference. There is a large selection to choose from, however goggle lenses are one of the best choices. With that being said, it is important to choose the best type of goggle lenses for snowboarding. Weather conditions can play a huge role in which ones are best therefore it is important to anticipate weather conditions. Some of the main features to consider include:

  • Fit
  • Frames
  • Lens
  • Color
Armed Forces Eyewear Launches a New Look to Honor the American Military Family

Armed Forces Eyewear Launches a New Look to Honor the American Military Family

Armed Forces Eyewear introduces a new look.

Armed Forces Eyewear introduces a new look.

Austin, TX – January 23, 2013 –, originally launched in 2008, has updated and improved its website, which is designed to honor all current and retired military personnel and their families. has always been committed to providing affordable and premium quality eyewear for every military family, and its newly streamlined website,, is now even easier to use and navigate. marketing manager, Lauren Purcell, said “having access to affordable eyewear is a need for every military family, and is here to meet those needs and exceed users’ expectations. was designed for one purpose and that is to guarantee the best prices for military families on all eyewear including designer brands.” She continues by saying “we offer the best customer service, and every prescription order is handled by our certified options.” makes it easy for military families to purchase quality eyewear by

1) Providing an exciting and innovative PD (Pupil Distance) Measuring tool for customers, called PDCapture℠, which can measure a customer’s pupil distance with 100% accuracy. Information about this new tool is available upon placing an order

2) Offering free shipping on orders over $99*

3) Helping military families save money with additional promotions on top of its everyday low prices

4) Price matching plus 10% for anyone who finds a lower price on’s top quality frames carries tactical eyewear as well as prescriptions lenses for issued eyewear and everyday eyeglass frames, this includes designer and premium quality labels. knows that while some units are issued protective eyewear, others are not. This is why offers both ANSI and ballistic-rated eyewear that helps military personnel meet their deployment eyewear needs at an everyday low price. provides a 100% guarantee return policy in order to provide peace of mind for all military personnel and their families and offers a full refund within 30 days of purchase. wants to make buying eyewear an easy and enjoyable experience so that military families can forego paying more at a local optical store and start saving money with

About Armed Forced Eyewear:

Doctors of Optometry Guy Hodgson and Dhavid Cooper sold their five eye care practices and founded online eyewear company,, in 1996. In April 2008, at the request of AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service), Congress and the Surgeon General’s Office, began building an entire website specifically for active duty, veterans, retirees, and dependants of the United States Military. The military website,, was launched to the military public in August of 2008.

* FREE Shipping on orders $99 and up excluding contact lenses and certain exchange orders

# # #

Opticians Eyewear Tips & Tricks

Night Vision Terminology

Magnification: is simply the degree to which the object is enlarged. With a 7×35 binocular, for example, the object appears to be seven times closer than without the aid of a binocular. The number immediately following the “x” is the diameter in millimeters of the objective (front) lens. A 10×50 binocular, therefore, has a 10 times magnification with a 50mm objective lens.

Field of View: The field of view is the width, measured in degrees or feet, of the viewing area you would see at 1,000 yards.

Bright Source or Over-Light Protection: An electronic circuit that turns the power to the night vision device down or off when it is exposed to bright light (such as automobile headlights). This protects the image intensifier and extends its life. The device will recover and resume normal operation in 1-2 minutes.

EyePiece Focus: Used to match your night vision scope or binocular to your specific eyesight.

Image Intensifier Or Intensifier Tube: The active component in a night vision system that amplifies light and presents a usable image.

Infrared (IR) Illuminator: Provides a light source for the system to amplify, yielding enhanced images in very low light conditions such as caves where no ambient light is available for amplification.

Objective Lens: Collects all available light and focuses it on the image intensifier. It also provides image magnification.

Phosphor Screen: Positioned at the back of the intensifier tube, the green phosphor screen renders a visible night vision image. The human eye is most sensitive to green contrasts.

Photocathode: Converts light (photon energy) into electrons (electrical energy) which are then amplified in the intensifier. The objective lens focuses available light on the photoelectric surface of the photocathode, which is excited and passes electrons within the tube.

Resolution: A measure of the ability to render and display a detailed image. Image intensifier resolution remains constant and is expressed as the maximum number of line pairs per millimeter (LP/MM) that can be discerned when a black-and-white stripe pattern is focused on the photocathode.

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