Best Oakley Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding

Are you watching the Olympics as much as we are? It’s kind of a problem: we can’t stop! Some of our favorite moments so far:

  • Adam Rippon bringing the house down with each performance
  • 17-year-old Red Gerard sleeping in, winning gold in slopestyle, and swearing on national TV
  • Shaun White completing his third gold medal winning performance, and then hurling his helmet into the crowd, and then realizing that he needs that back
  • Finnish coach Antti Koskinen stress knitting while his athlete prepares for his snowboarding run (#2018mood?)
  • Snowboarder Chloe Kim landing back-to-back 1080s and winning gold (even while struggling with the hanger)
  • Mikaela Shiffrin earning her first gold medal in the giant slalom

Both Mikaela Shiffrin and Chloe Kim are sponsored by Oakley, a leading provider of sporty eyewear and manufacturer of some of the best skiing and snowboarding goggles on the market.

These goggles are strong, sturdy, and smartly designed to allow the proper amount of airflow while flying down the mountain and landing a gold medal-worthy jump. Oakley is known for providing skiing and snowboarding goggles that provide a good mix of comfort and quality, keeping your eyes protected from wind, snow, and ice and shielding you from harsh sunlight and glare.

Plus they just look cool.

Here are some of our most popular Oakley goggles for skiing and snowboarding:

Airbrake MX (Best Seller!):

Flight Deck:

Line Miner:

O Frame MX:


O2 XM:



Find more Oakley goggles for skiing and snowboarding here.

You can find more Oakley gear (including sunglasses, eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses) at!

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Should I Wear Sunglasses or Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding?

What do you wear on your eyes when you hit the slopes? Snow stings at high speeds, and the bright sun reflecting off the ice can strain your vision. You need some sort of protection, but which is best? Should you wear sunglasses or goggles when you go skiing or snowboarding?

In Most Cases, Go with Goggles.

Generally speaking, goggles are the smarter choice. Compared to sunglasses, they offer:

  • A wider field of vision. Where sunglasses shield just a section of your face, goggles wrap give you a full panoramic view.
  • More coverage. Goggles protect more of your face, blocking cold air, snow, and ice particles from pelting you near your eyes.
  • A snug fit. Most goggles have an adjustable strap to keep them tight against your face, and most can fit over a helmet. Sunglasses are easier to lose or break when you’re zooming down the mountain.
  • Less fog. You’re gonna deal with foggy lenses, whether you wear sunglasses or goggles. As you go down the hill, air hits your chest and instantly shoots upward, passing in front of your lenses, along with your breath, fogging up your lenses. However, you’ll deal with less fog if you go with goggles, since the airflow is restricted. Most goggles have vents that allow some air to pass between your eyes and the lenses.
  • More protection. Sturdier and stronger than sunglasses, goggles are more likely to survive falls and crashes (and your eyes will thank you!)


What Kind of Goggles Should I Get?

You’ve got a few things to consider before you buy yourself a new pair of skiing or snowboarding goggles.

Lens Color. You’ve probably seen goggles that have a variety of lens colors, but it’s about more than coordinating the perfect ski outfit. Darker lenses or mirrored lenses block lots of light, making them ideal for bright, sunny days. Alternatively, if you’re carving up the slopes on a cloudy or foggy day, yellow, green or pink lenses would work better, since they let in more light.

For night owls hitting the slopes after dark, go with clear lenses.

Lens Type. There are two main options here: cylindrical and spherical.

Cylindrical lenses are more common. They curve around your head, horizontally, and they’re flat vertically.

Spherical lenses are curved both vertically and horizontally, giving you a wider field of view and less distortion compared to cylindrical lenses (which usually cost less than spherical).

Fancy Extras. To reduce fog, you can find goggles with an anti-fog treatment and double-layer lenses. Plus, you can find glasses with a tiny fans to dispel fog as it builds up!

What a time to be alive.

Should I Get Polarized Lenses for Skiing and Snowboarding?

Polarized lenses might seem like a great idea at first. After all, they reduce the bright glare you get when the sun bounces off an extra shiny slick of ice.

Unfortunately, this could create a safety hazard. Since polarized lenses make harder to see those icy patches, it could lead an injury or accident.

And if you wear polarized lenses on darker days, they will further darken your vision and make it harder to see the slope.

Polarized sunglasses for snowboarding may be a good idea on an extra bright day… just keep in mind they may hide potential dangers from you.

When Should I Wear Sunglasses While Skiing or Snowboarding?

While goggles are generally a better, safer choice for skiing and snowboarding, sunglasses are probably fine on warmer, clearer days, or if you have other activities in mind after hitting the slopes.

Sunglasses are lighter, and less bulky, and they can be fitted with your prescription.

You can always get the best of both worlds with over the glasses goggles, or OTG goggles. These models let you wear your prescription glasses underneath goggles, so you can see every breath-taking detail of the mountain while keeping your eyes safe.

What do you think? Do you stick to sunglasses or goggles when you go skiing or snowboarding?

Newest Oakleys Now Available in Prescription

Oakley has recently added some new styles to their prescription offering. If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to Rx sunglasses, (or just waiting for the perfect pair to come along to get fitted with your prescription,) take a gander at these sporty styles and be the first in line for your own custom-made pair. Remember, is staffed by expert opticians so we’re poised and ready with advice on getting the perfect lenses for perfect vision.

Here are the cool Oakleys that are now available with prescription lenses…

Top 4 Cutest Sunglasses to Workout In (for women)

Many of the more glamorous shades we’re fond of for fashion’s sake, don’t quite cut it when you’re sweating it out in the elements. Now that lot of us have committed to New Year’s resolutions that involve getting more exercise and fresh air; its the right moment to assess 1) which sunglasses won’t slip down your nose when you sweat 2) which sunglasses are lightweight enough to stay comfy and 3) of those sunglasses, which are still gonna make you look cute…

Here are our Top 4 sporty-yet-cute shades that can be your fit-spiration

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Wiley X Eyewear: Committed to an Active Lifestyle

Wiley X has always been committed to providing the very best and most protective in tactical, outdoor, racing, and active lifestyle eyewear. Wiley X stays true to this commitment by creating a foundation of safety for each frame and ensuring that all of its lenses either meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high velocity impact and optical standards. Many Wiley X eyewear frames also exceed military specifications for ballistic impact protection. This is why Wiley X is trusted by active military personnel who need serious protection while in theater, extreme outdoorsmen, and weekend warriors alike.

Wiley X WX Saint Sunglasses

Wiley X WX Saint Sunglasses

Wiley X focuses on constant innovation, and every new frame introduces a new edge of style, protection, or performance. The WX Saint is one of Wiley X’s newest frames, and it truly embodies the Wiley X spirit of performance. Wiley X WX Saint Sunglasses have a streamlined design that is made to accommodate changeable lenses. This allows the frame to adjust to changing light conditions. WX Saint is rated as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) grade occupational protective eyewear, and its shatterproof lenses block 100% of UV rays. WX Saint is a true ballistic frame, which not only meets ANSI Z87.1 standards but also exceeds MIL-PRF ballistic standards as well, making it an ideal frame for anyone who needs serious protection.

WX Static is new Wiley X women’s frame, which sports a bold street style that perfectly marries fashion and functionality. Wiley X WX Static Sunglasses are made with a lightweight and virtually unbreakable nylon triloid frame, whose sleek shape looks as good on the shooting range as it does in a shopping mall. While WX Static easily fills the role of a fashion frame, it is created with a backbone of pure performance. Like the WX Saint, WX Static is rated as OSHA grade occupational protective eyewear, and it is made with shatterproof lenses that block 100% of UV rays. It is also ANSI Z87.1 certified for high impact and optical performance. WX Static’s seamless combination of function and fashion creates a frame that is perfect for ladies who find excitement in more extreme places.

Both WX Saint and WX Static are available with prescription lenses. This means that all of the comfort, performance, and unmatched protection provided by Wiley X can be customized with a wide parameter of prescriptions. Perfect eyesight is extremely important when in dangerous and extreme situations, and Wiley X prescription sunglasses are made with precision and accuracy to ensure the very best in vision quality and eye protection.

Wiley X also recently launched a new prescription rim system, which has expanded the prescription lens options of its one of a kind Climate Control WX Echo and WX Gravity frames. The Climate Control frames feature technology that is unique to Wiley X. The Climate Control top down ventilation system keeps the lenses free from fog formed by sweat and humidity, and the facial cavity seal is made with a patented removable facial cavity, which provides sealed protection from the elements, including wind, dirt, and debris. The new prescription lens system features a specially designed “rim”, which securely holds a prescription lens. This technology has made these battlefield-proven frames accessible to those who require both corrective lenses and unparalleled protection.

Wiley X is always thinking one step ahead of the competition, and its progressive designs and cutting edge technology continue to deliver eyewear that is nothing short of pure performance.

Check out the entire Wiley X Eyewear line of products.