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Polo Ralph Lauren Olympics Styles

Olympics Team USA outfitted with Polo Ralph Lauren SunglassesInspired by the rich past of the Olympic Games and in keeping with the time-honored tradition of this historic event, Polo Ralph Lauren brings an elegant and contemporary style to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. Reflecting Ralph Lauren’s trademark sporty sophistication, the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Closing Ceremony outfits feature timeless Polo knits tipped in bright red and royal blue piping and chino Bermudas in crisp white, all adorned with the iconic Polo pony and the 2008 U.S. Team logo. The ensembles are accented by Americana-infused accessories with red, white and blue ribbon belts and classic canvas sneakers in white with red and blue lateral stripes.

The Village Wear designs offer a more casual sportswear look with zip-up hooded sweatshirts, sleek track jackets and brightly colored cotton polo shirts all displaying the official U.S. Olympic Team logo and the classic Polo pony logo. Incorporating the theme of the Games’ location, Chinese characters reading “Beijing” also decorate the apparel. Completing the Village Wear range, athletes will receive limited-edition Ralph Lauren eyewear. The sunglasses feature a sleek navy blue acetate frame with red interior enhanced by a small Polo pony logo metal insert on the outer side of the temples. They are commemorated with “2008” and “Polo Ralph Lauren” written inside one of the temples. The wardrobe should make for a true American Olympic moment.

– Jackie Micucci
Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine

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New Ray Ban Eyewear Choices Page Live

Eyewear Media Alert: Ray Ban & Prada

Iconic Ray-Bans take over Vanity Fair
Ray Ban 3025 Large Metal Aviator sunglassesIn the August issue of Vanity Fair, actors were seen wearing the Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers along the coast.

We offer the following Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses styles:
Ray Ban RB 3025 Large Metal Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3026 Large Metal II Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3029 Outdoorsman II Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3030 Outdoorsman Aviator with Cable Temples
Ray Ban RB 3044 Small Metal Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3213 New Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3214 Aviator

We also offer the following Ray-Ban Wayfarer styles:
Ray Ban RB 2132 Wayfarer
Ray Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer
Ray Ban RB 2143 Wayfarer
Ray Ban RB 2151
Ray Ban RB 4105

Going Back to School in Prada!
Prada 10IV eyeglassesIn the August issue of Seventeen Magazine, the Prada 10IV eyeglasses are featured in the article on how to go back to school in style and make a great impression.

Jackie O Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB4101 Jackie OHH sunglassesRay Ban has released it’s own version of Jackie O style sunglasses, with the Ray Ban RB4101 Jackie OHH and the Ray Ban RB4098 Jackie OHH II.

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Walk on videos at FramesDirect.comThe Eye Zone blog and our parent site,, were featured in the June 16th cover story article Eyecare 2.0: Optical Evolves Online of VisionMonday, a leading news site for the optical industry.

The article addresses the impact the Internet has had on our lives in various ways, including shopping and dealing with medical and health information. In addition, how optical web sites are embracing “Web 2.0” concepts like information sharing, blogs and social networking is explored’s new walk on videos and the FrameFinder Virtual Eyeglass Try-On are mentioned as examples of increasingly popular virtual tools and The Eye Zone blog is singled out as a source of online information and social interaction. In addition, our Facebook Fan Page and the ability to follow the blog through Twitter are discussed.

Our own Dr. Dhavid Cooper, CEO of, is quoted as saying “We have invested, and continue to invest, millions of dollars into Web development and improvements annually. We continually re-invest in improving technology, hardware and software, and have a dedicated team of specialists who are customer focused and service oriented – and while we have and continue to enjoy the journey we embarked on over a decade ago, it’s not for the faint of heart.”

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Eyewear Media Alert

SunglassesA full page Ralph Lauren sunglasses ad was displayed in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times on May 18th.

SunglassesAn editorial in the Spring issue of Menswear illustrates how cool the Wayfarer-esk opthalmic (prescription) Ray Bans can be by featuring the Ray Ban RX 5121 eyeglasses frames.

Side note: Did you know that in the movie The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is sporting a pair of Gargoyle ANSI Classics Sunglasses?

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Yves Saint Laurent, 1936-2008

Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion icon that has revolutionized the eyewear industry since the 1960’s, sadly passed away on Sunday, June 1, 2008 after a long battle with a fatal brain tumor. Over four decades of the high fashion YSL empire has now been brought to an end. He is most notably known for being the first designer to put women in pants and tuxedos and for using African American models for his runway shows, as stated in the Paris AFP earlier today. He dressed many celebrities with his couture designs. His eyewear collection is no exception. He was a master of his artistry.

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The Oprah Effect: See Worthy Goggles

Play See Worthy Goggles segment on Canada AMWe recently reported on Sable Water Optics Goggles on Oprah’s O-List. The Toronto, Canada based company that produces these great goggles, See Worthy, was recently featured on a segment of Canada AM. Business has been booming for the three-person company since Oprah gave her thumbs up to the swimming goggles.

Click on the image to view the TV show segment. The video will play after a brief sponsor message.

For more information or to purchase these goggles, see Sable Water Optics Swimming Goggles and Sable Water Optics Prescription Goggles.

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Video: Dr. Cooper on Wiley X Sunglasses

Cool Ray Ban Video: Catch a Wave, er, Wayfarer with Your Face!

Catch Ray Bans with your face videoThese guys have an amazing, and fun, ability. They can throw a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and catch them with their faces – off of houses, bridges, skateboards, in moving cars… Wow!

Never Hide!

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Hot Sunglasses for 2008 - Oversized is In!

Hot Sunglasses for 2008 – Oversized is In!

Ray Ban RB 3025 Large Metal Aviator sunglassesThe TODAY Show episode that aired this morning, April 21, 2008, was all about the hot sunglass trends for 2008 and oversized is in! They debuted the Versace sunglasses, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses and Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are popular amongst young Hollywood right now. The stylish colors to look for are Black-Tortoise, Black and White. According to the TODAY Show, if you have a round face shape, then you would want to buy the square-shaped Versace frames and if you have an oblong face shape, you would want to buy the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Fashion tip: When you buy your Ray-Ban Aviators, be sure that your eyebrows cannot be seen above the top of the sunglasses.

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Lafont Soledad Panther in Teen Prom Magazine

The uniquely exotic Lafont Soledad Panther frames were featured in the Winter/Spring 2008 issue of Teen Prom Magazine.

The panther-spotted plastic women’s frames, also available in black, blue, brown, orange and grey/crystal/silver, are shown as part of an “Extras” page with accessories that are “Wild – Show off your inner animal.”

Known for a variety of optical styles and vivid color combinations, the Lafont eyeglasses collection takes pride in offering shapes and designs that are unique in the industry in fashions for women, men and children.

Also available online are Lafont sunglasses and Lafont Kids eyeglasses.

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Wiley X Eyewear To Sponsor Jim Yates' Pontiac

Jim Yates’ Sweet Wiley X Ride!

The paint job on Jim Yates’ racing car – AKA "The Sunglass Machine" – is complete! Adorned with the awesome new graphics and the Wiley X logo on the sides, the Pontiac GXP of the two-time POWERade Prostock Champion is ready for high-speed action.

Jim Yates' car sports new Wiley X graphics

Wiley X, maker of some of the most technologically advanced sport sunglasses and goggles available, is providing full sponsorship for Yates’ racing efforts in 2008.

See our catalogs of Wiley X sunglasses and Wiley X goggles online.