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Angel Eyewear’s Pink Promise to Fight Breast Cancer

Proceeds from the same of Angel Imagination sunglasses will help fight breast cancer

Angel Eyewear sends a Pink Promise to you this season to aid in Breast Cancer awareness and prevention.

Because everyone needs an Angel watching over them, this season Angel Eyewear has adapted one of its most popular styles, Imagination sunglasses, to reflect the company’s dedication to the fight against breast cancer. A portion of all proceeds generated by the Pink Promise Imagination sunglasses sold will be donated to nonprofit Keep A Breast Foundation’s youth awareness and outreach efforts.

Pink Promise Imagination consists of two distinct color options that will evoke awareness while reflecting personal style. Nude (QAG3234) and Black Pearl (QAG1176) will both feature rose-colored heart designs at the hinges as well as a pink ribbon charm on the temple tip. Blending style and cause, Imagination also adorns a pink ribbon theme in the lining of the frame case and lens-cleaning cloth.

“Angel is an advocate of regular screenings and a promoter of early detection. With help from our customers, we believe there can be a day when we find a cure and those diagnosed can fight and survive,” said Scott Sorensen from Angel Eyewear.

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Lafont Kids eyeglasses added

A Conversation with Laurence Lafont

Laurence Lafont on eyeglasses and sunglasses for kids and babies

Parisian-born Laurence Lafont began designing eyewear in the ’70s out of necessity, she says. After marrying into the optical business – her husband, Philippe Lafont, is the grandson of the founder of the Lafont boutiques in Paris – she began noting the lack of interesting eyewear. “I said to my husband it’s a pity there isn’t any eyewear for our generation. There were a few designer collections, but the styling was old-fashioned and really boring. We and our friends bought antique frames at flea markets because they were a lot more interesting than what was available in optical shops,” Lafont says. To add interest to the eyewear, she and her husband hand painted some Ray-Ban frames sold in the Lafont shop. “At that point everyone was wearing the Wayfarer in black. We started offering it in a lot of different colors with tinted lenses. That was our first adventure with eyewear design.”

Then her husband suggested she design a few frames for the Lafont boutique, which at that time only retailed products by other manufacturers. The first collection sold so well opticians throughout France began to call the boutique to purchase frames. This led to the couple’s decision in 1979 to go into eyewear design in earnest.

Although the majority of the collection was designed for adults, almost from the beginning Lafont also designed frames for children, also out of necessity. “We had young children of our own and the eyewear available for them was ugly – a nightmare,” she explains.

So Lafont started a small collection of colorful frames, some with floral prints, for four to seven year olds, then expanded to include seven to 12 years olds. The first style Lafont designed for kids was the P-3. Not a perfect shape for very young children, she notes. “It’s more suitable for seven or eight year olds and older because their face shapes are developed enough to handle that shape. But we learned and our kids’ styles have always done very well.”

However, the children’s collection did not include styles for infants to four year olds. “Now we have two granddaughters – one is six months and one is under two,” Lafont notes. So once again she is designing out of necessity. “We felt it was time to reach out to one more generation.” The result: Lafont Pour les Bebes, an eight-piece collection, together with a presentation kit, which launched at MIDO in May.

Designing for babies presents its own set of challenges. “You need a totally different approach for babies,” Lafont says. The materials have to be soft and flexible so she uses two layers of acetate: the bottom layer is a rubbery substance that will adhere to the face; the top layer is a transparent acetate. The temples are molded – molding is necessary for this age group so that the frames stay put, Lafont explains. Two designs are available, a mini-round for those under two and a small oval for those two to four. She does not use cable temples, but the temple tips have small openings and a rubbery type of ribbon is available, which parents can use to secure the frame if they want. “We actually used our grandchildren as fitting models for the designs to see what worked and what didn’t,” Lafont says. “Now the little one wears the round and the older one the oval, as sunglasses.”

Whether designing for babies, children or adults, the foundation of the Lafont collection has always been color. “A rectangular frame is a rectangular frame. The personality of any collection is in its colors,” Lafont explains. “The number-one color for girls is pink. I always ask why do we have to do so much pink?” the designer says. “But that’s what girls want – pink, pink, pink. And they like purple, too. For boys we do two-tone blues, blue and green, blue and red, brown and kaki or brown and orange. The girls can wear the blues and reds if they like, but they usually want pink.” Of course, the new collection, Pour les Bebes, features a lot of pink and blue and green, many with floral and geometric accents on the temples.

The response to the new babies collection has been great – “better than we expected,” Lafont comments. “Our biggest children’s market is in Europe: France first and then Belgium, where we have had a strong children’s business almost since we started. We have a good kids’ business in certain locations in the U.S., but there is some resistance because we are considered expensive for kids,” she says. “But I always use the analogy that good shoes for kids can be almost as expensive as shoes for adults. Children’s shoes and glasses are smaller in size, but the same quality materials and same amount of design and technology – if not more – go into the children’s product. Actually our older kids’ styles are often sold to petite adults so that helps expand the market a bit, too. With the babies, though, my goal is to provide good quality and attractive styling for parents who want nice things for their infants,” Lafont emphasizes. “Those are the customers we want to reach.”

Her next step is to do “mini sunnies,” sunglasses for babies. This will be a challenge she realizes because of the cost. “We’ve tried in the past adding sunglasses to our collections for the older kids and found them impossible to sell. But that is our next step. It is really important for children of all ages to have quality sun protection.” As Madame Lafont so aptly puts it: “Voila – a new generation.”

Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine

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Contact Lens Safety Tips

ACUVUE Contact Lenses Keep Goals in Focus

Heather O'Reilly wears Acuvue contact lenses to improve her visionThe U.S. National Soccer Teams are getting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in focus thanks to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, which manufactures ACUVUE contact lenses. The company is an official sponsor of the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF), the national governing body for the sport of soccer in the United States and sponsors the U.S. Men’s National Team, the U.S. Women’s National Team and the U.S. Youth National Teams this year. In addition, it is providing national team members with ACUVUE contacts.

Through the USSF sponsorship, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care educates athletes and fans about the important role vision plays in sports performance. The outreach also extends beyond sports by showing the benefits of better vision in other aspects of daily life, such as driving, working on a computer or in the classroom.

U.S. Women’s National Team member Heather O’Reilly (shown in action) plays a leading role in the efforts to educate athletes and other performance-minded individuals by sharing her personal story about the valuable role of vision in life. “I didn’t realize how much my bad eyesight was affecting me on the field, until an eye exam revealed that my vision was less than it should be,” says O’Reilly. “With proper vision correction, I’ve noticed a change in my game. I can actually see the spin of the ball, which helps me anticipate where it’s heading and makes my shots and passes more precise.”

“Good vision is critical to achievement in athletics and life,” notes Gigi Garcia, head athletic trainer for the Women’s National Team. “While training and practice are important to hone and refine skills, it’s not possible to fully apply these skills at a high level without good vision.”

-Jackie Micucci
Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine

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Lafont Kids eyeglasses added

Polo Ralph Lauren Olympics Styles

Olympics Team USA outfitted with Polo Ralph Lauren SunglassesInspired by the rich past of the Olympic Games and in keeping with the time-honored tradition of this historic event, Polo Ralph Lauren brings an elegant and contemporary style to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. Reflecting Ralph Lauren’s trademark sporty sophistication, the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Closing Ceremony outfits feature timeless Polo knits tipped in bright red and royal blue piping and chino Bermudas in crisp white, all adorned with the iconic Polo pony and the 2008 U.S. Team logo. The ensembles are accented by Americana-infused accessories with red, white and blue ribbon belts and classic canvas sneakers in white with red and blue lateral stripes.

The Village Wear designs offer a more casual sportswear look with zip-up hooded sweatshirts, sleek track jackets and brightly colored cotton polo shirts all displaying the official U.S. Olympic Team logo and the classic Polo pony logo. Incorporating the theme of the Games’ location, Chinese characters reading “Beijing” also decorate the apparel. Completing the Village Wear range, athletes will receive limited-edition Ralph Lauren eyewear. The sunglasses feature a sleek navy blue acetate frame with red interior enhanced by a small Polo pony logo metal insert on the outer side of the temples. They are commemorated with “2008” and “Polo Ralph Lauren” written inside one of the temples. The wardrobe should make for a true American Olympic moment.

– Jackie Micucci
Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine

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New Ray Ban Eyewear Choices Page Live

Eyewear Media Alert: Ray Ban & Prada

Iconic Ray-Bans take over Vanity Fair
Ray Ban 3025 Large Metal Aviator sunglassesIn the August issue of Vanity Fair, actors were seen wearing the Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers along the coast.

We offer the following Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses styles:
Ray Ban RB 3025 Large Metal Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3026 Large Metal II Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3029 Outdoorsman II Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3030 Outdoorsman Aviator with Cable Temples
Ray Ban RB 3044 Small Metal Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3213 New Aviator
Ray Ban RB 3214 Aviator

We also offer the following Ray-Ban Wayfarer styles:
Ray Ban RB 2132 Wayfarer
Ray Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer
Ray Ban RB 2143 Wayfarer
Ray Ban RB 2151
Ray Ban RB 4105

Going Back to School in Prada!
Prada 10IV eyeglassesIn the August issue of Seventeen Magazine, the Prada 10IV eyeglasses are featured in the article on how to go back to school in style and make a great impression.

Jackie O Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB4101 Jackie OHH sunglassesRay Ban has released it’s own version of Jackie O style sunglasses, with the Ray Ban RB4101 Jackie OHH and the Ray Ban RB4098 Jackie OHH II.

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Great Summer Sunglasses

Great Summer Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fathom (RXable) sunglasses with blue mirror lensesIn the Outside Summer Gear Guide, a supplement to Outside Magazine, Costa Del Mar sunglasses blue mirror lenses are mentioned as being perfect for fly fishing in the Caribbean because reflective coatings repel their color wavelength (as opposed to tints that filter light).

The frameless, ultra light weight Oakley Nanowire 3.0 sunglasses are also mentioned as being “about as hi-def as polycarbonate gets” and as eyewear that is “so bold yet elegant.”

Revo 3065 sunglassesThe polarized, optically ground glass lenses of the Revo 3065 sunglasses are cited as being perfect for “convertible cruising, beach bumming, alfresco dining” with stylish wide temples.

Referred to as the “Ultimate Anglers” by the magazine, the Costa Del Mar Grand Catalina sunglasses feature shatter-resistant optically ground lenses with a polarized copper tint that eliminates surface glare, making shallow swimming fish clearly visible. And, these shades are available with prescription lenses.

Serengeti Maestrale sunglassesHonors for driving sunglasses go to the Serengeti Maestrale sunglasses with their polarized lenses available in a reddish tint, appropriately called Driver.

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Eyewear Media Alert for July 2008

Sunglasses The July issue of Vanity Fair features the sexy and sophisticated Angelina Jolie wearing none other than a pair of Ray-Ban 3025 aviator sunglasses (Large Metal Aviator to be exact).

SunglassesDenise Richards struts her stuff in a pair of Dolce Gabbana DG 6035 sunglasses in the June issue of US Magazine.

Sunglasses Gisele’s Selects Vogue Eyewear, which were featured on EXTRA, Tuesday, June 24, 2008, are the Vogue 2515SB sunglasses, Vogue 2519S sunglasses, Vogue 3636S sunglasses and Vogue 2504 eyeglasses.

SunglassesSable Water Optics swim goggles are featured on and got rave reviews. These water goggles are available with and without a prescription inserted.

SunglassesThe June issue of Conde Nast Traveler features Miu Miu MU04G sunglasses as a bright way to protect your “peepers” over the summer.

SunglassesThe June issue of Elle Magazine features a plethora of bright frames for summer, including a bold pair of Ralph Lauren RL8001 sunglasses.

SunglassesThe May issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine features an editorial dedicated to the trendsetting Ray Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer sunglasses and its “forever cool” history.

SunglassesThe May issue of Interview Magazine featured Persol 2869 sunglasses in a very cool editorial that depicts the classic, yet unique character of the brand.

Sunglasses20/20 Magazine reported in their May issue that the Ray Ban aviator style RB 3025 sunglasses have been doing a little globetrotting. Singer Alicia Keys was spotted wearing them at the BET launch party in London and Kate Hudson was sporting them at the Regal Lincoln Theater in Miami (see our post Alicia Keys & Kate Hudson in Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses).

SunglassesAccessories magazine featured the Ralph Lauren 7018 sunglasses in a recent issue.

SunglassesIn their May issue, Eye Care Business reported that actress Tina Fey sported a pair of Persol 2873 sunglasses at the Screen Actors Guild awards.

Be sure to see our entire online sunglasses catalog.

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You can download a copy of the 201-page Swimsuit Edition of the Swimming World Magazine for FREE (It’s a large file, so it will take a few minutes). We provided the sunglasses and Sable Water Optics 922 Swimming Goggles for the photo shoot of this Swimsuit Edition and they look quite stylish on the beautiful models. The sunglasses worn by the models are D G DD3009, D G DD8012, DKNY DY4028, DKNY DY5028, Polo PH4002, Prada PR12HS, Prada PS 07FS, Versace VE2021 and Versace VE4041B.

Dr. Dhavid Cooper, CEO of wrote an article on protective eyewear, Protect Your Eyes: Save Your Sight, on page 60. You may also notice that right next to the protective eyewear article, we are also featured on a full page ad on page 61, where you can click on the links on the page and it will take you straight to our website,

In case you missed The Morning Swim Show, you can catch it online and on today’s show, they are featuring the preparation , interviews and pictures from the swimsuit photo shoot along with information about the 2008 Olympic trials.

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Walk on videos at FramesDirect.comThe Eye Zone blog and our parent site,, were featured in the June 16th cover story article Eyecare 2.0: Optical Evolves Online of VisionMonday, a leading news site for the optical industry.

The article addresses the impact the Internet has had on our lives in various ways, including shopping and dealing with medical and health information. In addition, how optical web sites are embracing “Web 2.0” concepts like information sharing, blogs and social networking is explored’s new walk on videos and the FrameFinder Virtual Eyeglass Try-On are mentioned as examples of increasingly popular virtual tools and The Eye Zone blog is singled out as a source of online information and social interaction. In addition, our Facebook Fan Page and the ability to follow the blog through Twitter are discussed.

Our own Dr. Dhavid Cooper, CEO of, is quoted as saying “We have invested, and continue to invest, millions of dollars into Web development and improvements annually. We continually re-invest in improving technology, hardware and software, and have a dedicated team of specialists who are customer focused and service oriented – and while we have and continue to enjoy the journey we embarked on over a decade ago, it’s not for the faint of heart.”

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Eyewear Media Alert

SunglassesA full page Ralph Lauren sunglasses ad was displayed in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times on May 18th.

SunglassesAn editorial in the Spring issue of Menswear illustrates how cool the Wayfarer-esk opthalmic (prescription) Ray Bans can be by featuring the Ray Ban RX 5121 eyeglasses frames.

Side note: Did you know that in the movie The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is sporting a pair of Gargoyle ANSI Classics Sunglasses?

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