DriveWear – Lenses that Change for Driving

DriveWear® lenses transition to dark even while you drive You’ve seen the commercials about Transitions® lenses and how they will protect your eyes automatically from bright light and UV rays when you step into the sun.

They’re certainly convenient, but they don’t work too well when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, and these days most of us spend a lot of time driving – to work, school, hauling the kids around, etc. Today’s windshields block the UV rays that cause the photochromic Transitions® lenses to change to dark, leaving you with almost clear lenses while you look out at the ever-so-bright highway ahead.

You could try polarized prescription sunglasses, but they don’t vary under different light conditions. If they’re dark, they’re just dark.

DriveWear® lenses have come to the rescue with a new breed of lens powered by the breakthrough polarizing technology of Younger Optics and Transitions® Lenses that techno-magically adjusts to the brightness of the light outside even while you’re sitting behind the windshield of your car or truck while driving.

Technically, DriveWear® lenses combine the two technologies – polarized and photochromatic lenses – and can sense and change to the light conditions both inside and outside your vehicle. You get protection from glare and custom, automatically adjusting tint in a single lens.

The difference is that DriveWear® lenses are specifically designed for driving – polarized and designed to adjust to every lighting condition as you drive.

Check out the Drivewear demo.

Soccer moms rejoice!

DriveWear® lenses are specifically designed to adjustn for the varying light conditions when you drive
Graphics by DriveWear®

If you have any questions about DriveWear® lenses or about your sunglasses, please give us a call at 1-800-248-9427. Our opticians will be happy to help you decide if DriveWear® lenses are right for you. DriveWear® lenses can be selected as a lens option when ordering prescription lenses online at

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66 Responses to “DriveWear – Lenses that Change for Driving”
  1. Mick McKinnon says:

    I purchased a pair of drivewear lenses with bi-focal (+175) in the lower portion of the lense to be used as reading glasses. I was totally disappointed that the lenses do NOT darken sufficiently in full sun OR behind a windshield and
    the bi-focal portion was on the OUTSIDE of the lens. One of my lenses will not stay in the Ray-Ban frames and is constantly falling out. I paid almost $600 for these glasses and I will never purchase them again.

  2. Mark says:

    i think the Drivewear lens wiould be great for my son playing baseball in all weather condition. In your opinion do you think the lens would have the greenish yellow tint in a gym ( for basketball) and would it be ok (not too dark) playing in a gym setting with that greenish yellow tint. I am hoping it is because my son does have an issue with glase from the lights in the gym and classroom.


  3. No those are not available in Trivex. The Abbe value is 45 for Trivex.

    Abbe value poly is 1.59 and reg. plastic 1.53

  4. alan says:

    Are driveware lenses available with trivex? If not what is the abbe value of driveware lenses? thnks.

  5. Oakley lenses are the only lenses that we offer for those sunglasses. However, Drivewear lenses can be put in some of our other fashion styles like Gucci, Ray-Ban, etc. Your best bet is to call one of our opticians at 1-800-248-9427 to verify which frames will work.

  6. Tony says:

    Will drivewear progressive lens work on curved, wrap around frames like Oakley Flak Jackets?

  7. The Drivewear lens is designed for varying light conditions both outside and behind the windshield of a car. The Drivewear lens provides glare protection through polarization and enhances the vision. The lens changes color according to the light conditions from overcast (yellow), daylight driving(amber) and bright light (brown amber). This lens is not recommended for night driving or night time wear as it could impair ones vision.

    As for being suitable for fishing in all light conditions, it depends on ones lens color preference while fishing. If you are one that likes a yellow to amber color lens while fishing this may be exactly what you are looking. Please note, this lens does not get extra dark sometimes needed in harsh sunlight conditions.

    You should also checkout our Costa Del Mar products designed specifically for fishing. Check off “Fishing” in the left nav bar under “Used For” to get a list of recommendations for fishing.

  8. Brian Murrell says:

    Would drivewear lens be suitable for fishing in all light conditions?

  9. Patrick says:

    Just wanted to follow up on my original comment below from Sept ’07. I’ve had two pairs of glasses now with the Drivewear lenses and I couldn’t be happier with them. I’ll be ordering them again I’m sure.

  10. Yes, you can get progressive Drivewear lenses.

  11. Michael Neuman says:

    I have progressive lens will drivewear lens work for me

  12. The Drivewear lenses are made by Younger Optics in conjunction with Transitions. They are not available as a “Nikon” brand.

  13. pete schneider says:

    just ordered nikon lenses and was told i could not get them with transition drivre lnses. they will have regular transition lenses however?

  14. According to our Drivewear experts, the Drivewear lenses can be cleaned with a little dish washing liquid such as Joy or Dawn and rinsed in tepid water. They can be wiped dry with a soft cotton cloth or air dried. They should never be cleaned while the lenses are dry or wiped with any rough material such as paper towels, shirt tails etc… We advise that you do not use any harsh cleaning agents or chemicals or dry tissue wipes.

  15. I get one pair of DriveWear – Lenses 3 months ago, it was great but faded and gets some scratches. However it has been replaced yesterday from same optic shop.
    Question: – How to be cleaned, What type of cloth and Cleaning Spry to be used to maintain them free of scratches and fading.

  16. The Drivewear lenses do not turn clear. There will be a tint indoors.

  17. Danielle Etienne says:

    Will the lenses be clear in a indoor setting or stay the yellow shade?

  18. These would be ideal for those conditions depending on the actual light transmission you require. In its normal state (Cloudy/dusk/overcast) days you will get about 35-37% light transmission. Behind the windshield of a car you will get 25% light transmission and in bright light conditions you will get 10% light transmission.

  19. Al Covington says:

    2 Questions- What are the light limit ranges of Drivewear – I have bicycling glasses (Specialized Adaptalite) that go from 12-39 ??? Second would these be good for sailboat racing where sun and cloud (shade) conditions change???

  20. Yes, the Clubmaster can accommodate the Drivewear brand lenses. They are available in plastic or polycarbonate, single vision or progressive design.

    Please feel free to call with any questions that you may have at 800-248-9427.

  21. marrk says:

    Hi, great info, thanks for providing real information, it is in short supply these days!
    Can you provide me with Driverwear sunglass “lenses” for a set of Rayban Clubmaster?

  22. You might want to take a look at the Drivewear site at . You should be able to find all kinds of technical info there.

  23. K. says:

    I currently wear Transitions lenses, but I’m interested in finding glasses that dynamically reduce the amount of blue light my eyes take in. I understand that Drivewear glasses are designed specifically for their namesake. However, to what extent might Drivewear glasses help or hinder me toward my goal? I use them primarily in work/school-type environments, in institutions using fluorescent light (like hospitals), while walking outdoors, and at home?

  24. El Wieczor says:


    It’s me again. I forgot to leave a comment about my Drivewear glasses. THEY ARE JUST PERFECT!

    How they work:

    Inside (even bright indoor light) and when overcast they remain in “off” state. It means they are little yellow.

    Outdoor they got more brown.

    I was surprised the first time I put them on in direct sunlight conditions. They got red in 5 seconds. I was expecting more brown than red, but then I discovered it’s the best color. Then I got worried that they are not as dark as regular sunglasses. I could say they were “half darken”. I started to test them in many conditions but they were always quite brite. “What’s wrong? Are they broken or what?” I thought. …and then I realised they work perfectlly well! I just focused my view directly on the sun and it didn’t dazzle me at all! And this is the new technology. They seem to be too bright to prevent dazzling but they work perfect.

    I use them when driving the car and flying the plane. I can say they are best glasses for pilots (and for anyone as well). Now I can spot every traffic more quickly even white plane on brite cumulonimbus.

    And yeah, I wear them all the time, working with computer, when driving, flying during the day and night. It’s a little darken but It’s still far more better than nothing ;)

    I bought them with OGA frames I posted earlier.
    Btw, frames are second brilliant product.

  25. I am told that OGA is a line that we can get from Morel. You can view the catalog at and provide us with the model number. We can get pricing for you.

    Please feel free to call Candace with any questions that you may have at 800-248-9427 ext 221.

  26. Polycarbonate is a unique material that was originally used primarily for industrial safety glasses because of its very high impact resistance qualities. It is now used for children, sports wearers, certain rimless frames, or anyone requesting greater impact resistance in their lenses.

    All polycarbonate lenses automatically come with ultraviolet protection and we never charge an additional amount for this feature.

    Plastic lenses are our standard lenses.
    These lenses are the ideal choice for most single vision prescriptions because they are so much lighter and less breakable than glass lenses.

    Traditional plastic lenses are made from a hard resin that is cast or molded in the wet state into lens blanks. These plastic blanks can be ground into specific shapes to fit any lens frame. Plastic lenses are great for prescription sunglasses due to their ability to be tinted.

  27. farwinkle says:

    Hi –
    The Drivewear site states that the lenses are now available in polycarb and plastic – what’s the diff and why would I want one type over another?

  28. Vipul says:


    I want to buy OGA frames from you (morel-france), but I don’t see those frames on your website.

    Do you have them?

  29. According to our lab, Drivewear lenses made by Younger Optics only come in the one color scheme. At this time no other information regarding different colors are available.

  30. Jade says:

    Any idea if Younger will be releasing Drivewear in a different color scheme? I want them want them want them WANT THEM soooooo bad, but my current Rx polarized lenses are G15. The copper color usually gives me a headache.

  31. The only prescription ski goggles we do have the RX insert. It probably would not make sense to put Drivewear lenses in an RX adapter behind a ski goggle. It could be done but the performance of the lenses would be greatly diminished due to being “encased” in the ski goggle.

  32. cheryl says:

    Am thinking about Drivewear lenses for ski goggles. Have you had an comments or feed back from anyone who has done this? Thanks!

  33. Drivewear lenses change using ambient light as well as UV. There could have been more light coming through than you realized. The lenses are polarized and will always remain in a darkened state, even at night. has several examples and lots of technical information for consumers. We also have the Drivewear demo on our site.

  34. Daryl Hoffman says:

    I just purchased a set of drivewear glasses. I wore them while driving home, and they seem awful dark. This was in broad daylight except it was an overcast day. I previously wore ambermatics which I had in the car. The ambermatics brightened the overcast up, all the drivewears did was made things darker. I know that transitions need some break in time. Is this the same with the drivewears?

  35. To be honest, a lot depends on when you purchased them and what type of lens you have in order to determine the advances that have been made for Drivewear. Please feel free to contact Sherry, 800.248.9427 x297, and she will be happy to discuss your lens with you.

  36. Bret says:

    I had a pair of drivewear glasses and liked them but they never, and I mean never ever changed color at all. Have there been improvements of any kind?

  37. If the clip on has eyewire screws we could put the Drivewear lenses in them. It would work but the underlying lenses would of course remain pretty clear..

  38. K Wilson says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to know if I can use a Drivewear clip on shades over my transition lenses?

    I would like to get transitions, but also have the benefit of having Drivewear when I am in my vehicle.

    Do you recommend I do this?

    Thank you,

    K Wilson

  39. Brad -

    There will always be a certain amount of tint in Drivewear lenses. Go to our Drivewear demo and see what you think.

    According to Candace, our Drivewear specialist, “Since the Drivewear lenses must have a certain amount of tint in order to be polarized it will reduce light transmission. The lenses do not go to a clear state. The customer can view our demonstrator on our site and judge for him/herself as to whether that normal state will work for them in low light situations. It is possible but might not be too comfortable unless they have a bright room. Now the other side is that the Drivewear lenses change with visible light as well as UV and it is always a possibility that they may darken in a bright room…

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 1-800-248-9427 x 221.”

  40. Brad M. Kanner says:

    I now use transition glasses and I have invisible bifocals built into the lens. My question is, can I use these Drivewear lenses for all day glasses? Inside my home and working on the computer and inside my workshop working with wood and metal. I can’t afford 2 pairs of glasses. The transitions are ok but I don’t think they get dark enough outside the car in bright sunlight. And they aren’t polarized either. I wear clip-ons over my transition glasses but I have bought over 10 pairs of clip-ons this year alone and that has added up to over $300.00 by itself. The reason I have bought so many is that they scratch very easily and it is a hassle to put them back in a case when I get out of my work truck or car. My optician doesn’t know that much about Drivewear lenses and he is the one that told me that I most likely could use them all the time. Can I?

  41. Yes, it can be ordered online as a single vision lens option or via phone.

    However, it must be ordered via phone if you are looking for progressive lenses. It cannot be ordered directly online as a progressive lens option yet.

  42. KC says:

    Do you now offer the Drivewear in polycarbonate lens? I noticed that the Drivewear site said this was suppose to be an option in March 08?

  43. The prescription, frame size and PD would determine exactly how thick the Drivewear lenses would be in a finished state, but they do tend to be thicker than polycarbonate lenses.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Candace at 1-800-248-9427 x 221.

  44. Mike says:

    Are Drivewear lenses thinner or thicker than polycarbonate lenses?

  45. I asked our opticians and they say that you were probably told that DriveWear lenses won’t work because the frame is rimless and that a polycarbonate lens would be better (DriveWear lenses are carbon resin, as mentioned above). We could still do it depending on the prescription. There is a risk of the edges chipping during grooving however…

  46. El Wieczor says:


    I want to buy Drivewear lenses and I chose the frames already

    …but I’ve heard Drivewear lenses cannot be placed into them because they’re not complete frames.

    Is it true?

  47. Again, sorry for the confusion, but thanks to all for pointing out that the ordering process needs to be reworked for this lens. DriveWear is a totally different lens material type as it is carbon resin and we need to create a new material lens option just for it. The issue has been passed to the coding team for immediate attention.

  48. Hillari says:

    My question is the same as Tom Tubak and Cristian Bulacu, not in regards to the carbon resin/polycarbonate manufacturing difference, but as to why you have to choose the polycarbonate option before it allows you to choose the drivewear option and why is there such a price difference, especially if it actually isn’t polycarbonate?

    The same question as Tom Tubak

    Quoting Richard Burckhardt on February 6th, 2008 11:33 am: “DriveWear lenses are made out of plastic only, not polycarbonate.”.

    When selecting lens types, plastic lenses do not offer the DriveWear add-ons. It only offers it when selecting Polycarbonate lens type. Why should I pay polycarbonate lens type price ($78.75) if the DriveWear lenses are plastic ($45.80)? The difference is $32.95.

    Can you please clarify it for me please?
    Thank you,

  49. Sorry for any confusion. DriveWear lenses are carbon resin. They are not polycarbonate.

  50. Cristian Bulacu says:

    The same question as Tom Tubak

    Quoting Richard Burckhardt on February 6th, 2008 11:33 am: “DriveWear lenses are made out of plastic only, not polycarbonate.”.

    When selecting lens types, plastic lenses do not offer the DriveWear add-ons. It only offers it when selecting Polycarbonate lens type. Why should I pay polycarbonate lens type price ($78.75) if the DriveWear lenses are plastic ($45.80)? The difference is $32.95.

    Can you please clarify it for me please?
    Thank you,

  51. Tom Tubak says:

    Quoting Richard Burckhardt on February 6th, 2008 11:33 am: “DriveWear lenses are made out of plastic only, not polycarbonate.”.

    When selecting lens types, plastic lenses do not offer the DriveWear add-ons. It only offers it when selecting Polycarbonate lens type. Why should I pay polycarbonate lens type price ($78.75) if the DriveWear lenses are plastic($45.80)? The difference is $32.95.

    Can you please clarify it for me please?
    Thank you,

  52. If we had to rank the scratch resistance of the three materials listed according to the most scratch resistant material, the rank would be: glass, plastic and polycarbonate.

    With each material, there are benefits and features that will be of benefit to the wearer. In selecting a lens material the prescription and frame choice will be the determining factor. We have a lens selection tool built into the site that will calculate the best lens material based on these two criteria.

    We also have detailed information about the attributes of each of the materials listed at our Digital Lens Technology Center at You may review more detailed information and technical data at:

    Feel free to contact anyone of our expert opticians at 1-800-248-9427 if you have any further questions.

    Thank You,


  53. Stephen Mulcahy says:

    How scratch resistant are the plastic lenses compared to polycarbonate or glass?

  54. DriveWear lenses are made out of carbon resin, not polycarbonate. These lenses can be used in any frame.

  55. Bill Beddingfield says:

    Are drivewear lens plastic or glass?  Can drivewear lens be cut to fit any frame?

  56. We would recommend not getting A/R coating on Drivewear lenses because the lenses are polarized and are blocking reflection already. If you would like A/R coating, you should just have it applied to the back side of the lenses. The front sides of the lenses are polarized. We feel you save money going without the A/R. You are getting a great lens that is blocking UV rays and lighting without adding an extra add-on that is really not necessary.

  57. Michael Braband says:

    If I order Drivewear lenses, is there any benefit to ordering an A/R (Anti-Reflective) coating – since the Drivewear is polarized? Would there be any problems with A/R coatings on polarized lenses?

  58. DriveWear lenses are one of the lens options when you order any eyeglass frames. Just browse through our eyeglasses selections and when you select one, you can choose Drivewear as your lenses.

  59. Vladimir says:

    Where can I buy DriveWear – Lenses, and price ??

  60. Mark –

    The Drivewear lenses are only available for the prescription Oakley and Bolle eyeglasses frames or most other eyeglasses frames in our collection.


  61. Mark Steffen says:

    Can the drivewear lenses be added to bolle or oakley sunglasses?

  62. Andrew Surmak says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am looking to fill some frames that I had purchased with Drivewear Transition Lenses but am encountering difficulty locating vendors in my area that will do so. I must update my prescription, yet I wanted to make an inquiry as to roughly how much the cost of filling these frames with single vision prescription Drivewear Lenses would cost. Additionally, I would appreciate any licensed or approved vendors in the Baltimore/Washington area. I appreciate any insight into this matter.

    Andrew Surmak

  63. Yes, Drivewear lenses can be ordered without prescription as just plain, non-corrective lenses.

    I need to point out that Drivewear lenses are not clear. As illustrated in the graphic, they adjust to different lighting conditions, but they do not turn into clear lenses. They will always be tinted so that they are like wearing sunglasses.

    If you would like to speak to a customer service specialist, call 800.248.9427 x 221 and speak to Candace.

  64. Ryan says:

    Can you order drivewear in clear lenses without prescription? I’d just like to wear them everyday and make use of the eye protection as I don’t need corrective lenses.


  65. Patrick -

    The DriveWear lenses can be ordered with any eyeglass frame. When you order your frames, DriveWear will be one of the lens options.

    If what you want to know is the exact frame used in the images used in this post, we don’t know offhand, but we will try to find out for you and post it here.


  66. Patrick says:

    Can you tell me what frames are used in that Drivewear marketing material? I’ve been browsing but can’t find them. Thanks!

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