DriveWear lenses transition to dark even while you drive You’ve seen the commercials about Transitions lenses and how they will protect your eyes automatically from bright light and UV rays when you step into the sun.

They’re certainly convenient, but they don’t work too well when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, and these days most of us spend a lot of time driving to work, school, hauling the kids around, etc. Today’s windshields block the UV rays that cause the photochromic Transitions lenses to change to dark, leaving you with almost clear lenses while you look out at the ever-so-bright highway ahead.

You could try polarized prescription sunglasses, but they don’t vary under different light conditions. If they’re dark, they’re just dark.

DriveWear lenses have come to the rescue with a new breed of lens powered by the breakthrough polarizing technology of Younger Optics and Transitions Lenses that techno-magically adjusts to the brightness of the light outside even while you’re sitting behind the windshield of your car or truck while driving.

Technically, DriveWear lenses combine the two technologies – polarized and photochromatic lenses – and can sense and change to the light conditions both inside and outside your vehicle. You get protection from glare and custom, automatically adjusting tint in a single lens.

The difference is that DriveWear lenses are specifically designed for driving – polarized and designed to adjust to every lighting condition as you drive.

Check out the Drivewear demo.

Soccer moms rejoice!

DriveWear lenses are specifically designed to adjust for the varying light conditions when you drive
Graphics by DriveWear

If you have any questions about DriveWear lenses or about your sunglasses, please give us a call at 1-800-248-9427. Our opticians will be happy to help you decide if DriveWear lenses are right for you. DriveWear lenses can be selected as a lens option when ordering prescription lenses online at

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