You may have seen the TV commercials about Transitions lenses and how they can adjust colors and darken automatically when you step into the sun. Transitions protect your eyes from bright light and you never have to worry about changing into your sunglasses.

They’re brilliant and convenient, but the original Transitions don’t work too well when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Modern windshields do a great job of blocking UV rays, which means the light necessary to activate photochromic lenses is being blocked as well. If you were counting on your Transitions this could leave you slightly blinded by the bright highway ahead.

One solution is simply swap to your trusty polarized prescription sunglasses, but they don’t vary under different light conditions. If they’re dark, they’re just dark.

To solve this problem, Transitions invented DriveWear lenses. DriveWear combines the two technologies – polarized and photochromatic.  They can sense and adapt to the light conditions both inside and outside your vehicle, so you get protection from glare and custom tinting in a single lens. The difference is that DriveWear lenses are specifically designed for driving, created to protect you even as the light condition changes as you drive.

Check out the Drivewear demo or watch the video below:

If you have any questions about DriveWear lenses or about your sunglasses in general, one of our opticians will be happy to help!

DriveWear lenses can be selected as a lens option when ordering prescription glasses online at

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