The latest updates from Essilor See Change,’s parent company’s initiative to bring good vision to everyone, everywhere.

  • Last month Vision for Life, Essilor’s strategic giving fund, supported its first project in Kenya and agreed on a long-term partnership with the local Lions Club to bring good vision to children living in a nation where 8 million people cannot see clearly.  Learn more.
  • Essilor Vision Foundation India has supported an eye care program targeting around 3,000 beneficiaries in Sri Lanka. We reached out to Regina Lau, a medical coordinator, who reported straight from the field about the moving experiences she went through during this mission. Learn more.
  • Last month Mat and Iwona, two of our Essilor UK employees, showed just how committed they are to the Group’s mission of improving lives by improving sight by combining their personal dream with fundraising for UK-based charity Vision Aid Overseas. Learn more.
  • Even with the accolade of  “paradise on earth” Timor Island in Indonesia is just one of the many remote locations of the world that suffer from a lack of primary vision care providers. We met four locals who recently joined our Vision Ambassador program to help provide basic eye care to people living in underserved areas. Yohanna La’a, Maria Seko and the couple Oscar and Florinda told us what drove them to train as a Vision Ambassador. Learn more.