Vistana L OverRX sunglasses One increasingly popular option for sunglasses that those of us requiring eyeglasses are turning to are fit over shades. These are slightly oversized sunglasses made to slip right over your glasses. Among the advantages to fit overs compared to clip-ons or prescription sunglasses are the availability of peripheral protection from glare, bright light and UV rays since many fit over sunglasses have wraparound designs.

What, you moan, those radiation goggles that old people wear? Argh!

Fear not, web surfer, for these are NOT your father’s fit overs. You will not look like you just came out of a 3D movie wearing these. Today’s fit overs come in a variety of fashion styles, colors and shapes that fit any outdoor activity.

Among the various fit over shades available:

EyeArmor M300 fit over sunglasses EyeArmor over the glasses shades are great for work environments, featuring Flex2Fit temples, non-slip nose pads, frame venting, a custom safety strap and safety lenses that are scratch resistant and include anti-fog treatment.
Fitover sunglasses - Aurora series fitovers Fitover Sunglasses – the name says it all. These fit overs are available in serveral stylish designer shapes and colors and also feature side protection as well as convenience.
Cocoons OverRX - Slim Line series sunglasses Cocoons OverRX completely envelope your eyes to provide advanced UV protection. Some models can be worn either over eyeglasses or as simple sunglasses.

There are also Vistana over-eyeglasses shades (pictured at the top of the page), which are available in several modern styles. Live Eyes are also great to slip over prescription eyeglasses.

So, with all of these great fit overs online, go ahead, treat your eyeglasses to a pair of stylish sunglasses!

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