Hi folks. This is Richard Burckhardt, SEO Analyst for FramesDirect.com. I’m in the market for some new eyeglass frames, so I thought I’d have some fun with our FrameFinder system that allows anyone to upload a face photo and try on frames online. What I’ve done is taken screen captures from FrameFinder of my face with a few frames on. Just like trying on frames in an optical store, some can be very attractive and some downright funny. Anyway, here are a few I had some fun with.

Oakley Wires Thread 4.0

These are the Oakley Wires Thread 4.0.

Not bad!

Modern Optical Burt

These are the Modern Optical Burt frames.

Gee, Mr. Kent, what happened to all of your hair?

Fundamentals F020

And here I try something totally different, the Fundamentals F020 frames.

OK, but not quite right.

Talk about different for me. These are the Art Craft Safety WF 744.

Interesting, but no.

Chaps 51 Flex Hinge

And the winner is – Chaps 51 Flex Hinge!

Yes. Works for me!

With thousands of frames online and available to try out, give FrameFinder Virtual Tryon a test. It can be a ton of fun and kids love it!

And, feel free to post a comment and include a link to a picture or video of you in your new frames from FramesDirect.com.