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Try on eyeglasses frames onlineIn an article titled Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank, is mentioned by The New York Times as the online place to go to try on frames without leaving home. The article is about getting good vision products for reasonable prices.

Our FrameFinder Virtual Try On System is fun and easy to use. Simply upload a photo of your face (without your glasses), make a few adjustments and you can try on many of our designer eyeglasses and sunglasses online from your computer.

And, we are encouraging our visitors to share their photos of themselves. If you are on Flickr, simply tag your image with “framesdirect” and it will automatically appear on a customer photo page on this blog. If you are on Facebook, you can upload your photo to our Facebook Fan Page.

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  • Kathy
    April 23, 2012

    And great customer service!!!

    Ordered a pair of sports glasses and within an hour one of their optometrist called to ask what sport I would be using them. Told her for target practice at a gun range, and she replied “then you need
    polycarbonate, not plastic, for protection. After she changed the material of the lenses, she confirmed the my mailing address and there was an error when I filled out on line form that would delivered my glasses to who knows where?!!!

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