Whether your eyesight is perfect or it’s been close to a year or more since you’ve had an eye exam, it’s important to get your eyes tested to assess eye health. And August is a great time for an eye exam – it’s National Eye Exam Month and back-to-school time for the kids!

What Happens During an Eye Exam

Aside from diagnosing vision problems, an eye exam tests every area of the eye.

One portion of the exam involves inspecting the eyes for underlying problems like glaucoma, high blood pressure, cataracts, diabetes and even brain disorders. Your eye muscles will be tested as well.

The other portion tests your vision; your ability to focus and see clearly. This is the part of the exam involving eye charts.

To learn more about common eye disorders, click here.

On Having Your Children’s Eyes Checked

Did you know that 25 percent of school-aged children have untreated or undetected vision problems like blurred vision, nearsightedness and astigmatism?

We strongly suggest having your children’s eyes examined before the start of the school year so poor vision does not hold them back academically or otherwise.

No Vision Insurance? Use Your Flex Account!

If you have a flexible spending account or a health savings account, you can use it for an eye exam AND for your glasses.

Learn more about what you can spend your FSA/HSA funds on and how to make your purchases through FramesDirect.com.