For the ultimate luxury experience, add a little bling to your eyes.

I’m not talking about piercing your eyebrow or adding small gems to your eyelid. I’m talking about wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses with shiny and radiant details, similar to jewelry.

Eyewear designers get inspiration for eyewear from all items in their collection: bags, belts, shoes and even clothing. However, many ideas for embellishments come from the brand’s jewelry collection: bracelets, rings, necklaces, broaches and all that makes them pop and sparkle – diamonds, stones, studs and gems. Most of the jewels found on eyewear are Swarovski crystals, which are also used in glass sculptures and chandeliers in addition to jewelry.

Caviar 5564 Eyeglasses

Wearing this type of eyewear is sure to make you feel like you own something special. Even when you aren’t wearing them to see through, you will want to wear them on your head like a headband or another accessory. And just like jewelry, don’t be surprised if you start seeing this type of eyewear in jewelry stores soon.

Check out our list of top 12 of eyeglasses and sunglasses that will bring more attention and sparkles to your eyes and face!

  1. Caviar 5564 Eyeglasses Don’t shy away from icing the sides of your eyes. These Caviar eyeglasses aren’t shy at all, bringing together what looks like bracelets and earrings to make up the temples. The simplicity of the rest of the frame front makes them wearable and highly unique.
  2. Giorgio Armani 722/S Sunglasses – Insects are a frequent theme in jewelry. Similar to something you would see on a necklace or a broach, the crystallized dragon on these rimless shades makes them highly unique. The dragonfly looks as if it’s just resting on the lens before flying away.
  3. Silhouette Rimless Gem Stone Eyeglasses A crystal in the center of a piece of metal certainly sounds like a piece of jewelry. The cut of the crystal on these frames is so polished and symmetrical that you will want to use it to make your own earrings or rings.
  4. Fendi FS5127 Sunglasses

    Fendi FS5127 Sunglasses

  5. Fendi FS5127 Sunglasses – Sophistication is the theme of these square-shaped Fendi sunglasses. With inspiration from a vintage cameo ring, the metal pieces on the temples will add the right amount of class to your face.
  6. Versace VE1114B Eyeglasses Smaller rhinestones can also make a pair of eyeglasses look like a delicate piece of jewelry. The V-shaped temples of these frames add to the elegance of the frames, which is reflected in the crystals as well as small engravings of Versace greca and the iconic Medusa head.
  7. Lafont Bahia Sunglasses While the lenses are square-shaped, the temples are round. At least sections of the temples are round. Resembling large beads, the temple pieces look as if they were cut from a necklace.
  8. Bebe BB5015 Eyeglasses

    Bebe BB5015 Eyeglasses

  9. Bebe BB5015 Eyeglasses As the only semi-rimless pair of eyeglasses on this list, these frames stand out for more than just their gems. The geometric placement of the jewels on these frames could be inspired by bracelets and necklaces with square or rectangular gems.
  10. Vera Wang Evon Sunglasses Vera Wang takes inspiration for temple decorations from the gems on her shoes. And the inspiration for the shoes comes from the bold, irreverent clusters of her jewelry collection. Following this pattern, these gems accent the temples in an abundant cluster.
  11. Vera Wang Evon Sunglasses

    Vera Wang Evon Sunglasses

  12. Marc Jacobs 325 Eyeglasses The gems on the temples of these frames aren’t just hanging around each other. They are placed strategically to look like a flower, like you would find on a pair of earrings. The jewels also have different colors, each of which complements the frame’s color.
  13. Versace VE4044B Sunglasses Whether you would wear a small trinket on a necklace or as a broach, you now have one other way. Wear it at the hinges of sunglasses, as in these Versace sunglasses. And if you didn’t notice, small studs surround the trinket, giving it a little extra shine.
  14. Roberto Cavalli RC0493 Eyeglasses Resembling a chain bracelet, you may wonder why the temples of these frames don’t collapse. You might even be tempted to stick charms on each link even though the eyeglasses can be as intriguing just the way they are.
  15. Gucci 2772/S Sunglasses As another pair of shield sunglasses, these shades are large and exciting, particularly the details of the round pieces and the links on the chain temples. In addition to jewelry, these temples resemble the chain of a fancy watch.

As a bonus, you can add chains to the temples of your eyeglasses, making them look like a necklace hanging around your neck when you aren’t wearing them. The Corinne McCormack Readers Chains and the Corinne McCormack Readers EyeRings come in quite a few different options. Beaded, linked and slinky silver chains are among some of the chains similar to jewelry.

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