MLB News: Major League Baseball to Ban Use of Glasses & Contact Lenses

According to CAP News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the commissioner of Major League Baseball announced that the league will ban glasses and contact lenses beginning the 2011 season. That is some pretty big news in the world of baseball considering there have been plenty of players both past and present who wear or have worn either glasses, goggles or contacts during game time.

If this is true, that means that players will only be able to legally play in the league provided they are not wearing any sort of object for vision correction. We can only wonder what previous pro ball players would think about this MLB news.

Here are just a few MLB players who have been known to wear eyeglasses:

* Darrell Porter
* Eric Gagne
* Greg Maddox
* Kevin Gregg
* Geoff Jenkins
* Francisco Rodriguez
* Todd Jones
* Oliver Perez

During the 1970s and 1980s, it wasn’t that uncommon for baseball players to wear glasses during play and in photos. It’s becoming much less common for players to wear glasses. In fact, there isn’t any one positioned player that wears glasses on the field though you’ll sometimes find a player wearing protective goggles over a pair of glasses but it’s not very often.

It would seem as if most baseball players either have perfect vision, good enough vision to play or they’re wearing contact lenses or have had corrective laser eye surgery to restore their vision. It’s important that baseball players are able to see during game play obviously, but the MLB news surrounding the ban of glasses and contact lenses seems a bit ridiculous.

Most of us can understand why a ban of glasses in the NFL could occur and that’s because the sport is so physical. However, baseball isn’t a contact sport but apparently Bud Selig wants to keep the sport of baseball as “natural” as possible. This is probably due to the fact that more and more players are testing positive for substances that have been banned by MLB. Some of these substances have helped guys hit better (think homeruns) so we can only assume that it’s possible this ban is taking place to help keep pro baseball players from being too “unnatural”.


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  • Lea
    March 11, 2013

    That’s so stupid and wrong because people can’t help it and that’s just so unfair

  • RonH
    January 18, 2011

    I’m stunned by this! So, does this mean players won’t even be able to wear sunglasses w/o a prescription, too? Or is Bud going to have someone there with a machine reading each player’s sunglasses for a prescription as they run onto the field each inning?

    I’ve not been impressed with Mr. Selig, who seems to be more politician and relatively unskilled publicity director than the caretaker of a great sport the he should be. If this is in fact an attempt to make the sport more “natural”, it seems to me a rather silly and disconnected effort that has the potential to negatively impact a few greatly for little overall substantial gain.

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