Want to know what the top read articles, posts and categories were for The Eye Zone in 2010? Whether it’s frame size, celebrity eyewear, optical terms or Ray Ban, here’s the top 10 list of most read posts ranked by the number of eyeballs that checked them out.

Eyeglasses frame size

Every frame has the same markings on the temples (arm pieces) or behind the bridge (nose area) as shown here.

1.    What’s My Eyeglass Frames Size? Still the most read post on The Eye Zone in 2010 by far, this article includes easy ways to find your eyeglasses frame size along with a video tutorial by our very own Dr. Dhavid Cooper. You can also now find an expanded Frame Size Guide at FramesDirect.com.

2.    Celebrity Eyewear Sightings Not a single post, but a category on The Eye Zone. Seems you folks want to know what frames and sunnies the beautiful people are wearing!

3.    Perfectly Round Eyeglasses Frames This one is for those of you who want ROUND, not oval!

4.    Spotlight on Ray Ban Sunglasses This is not only one of the most read posts, it is THE most commented on at The Eye Zone. Lots of discussion about Ray Ban Sunglasses and Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses.

5.    Round Eyeglasses: What Goes Around Seems that round eyeglasses frames are still a very popular style.

6.    Top Eyewear Optical Tools A collection of handy optical tools available at FramesDirect.com and The Eye Zone all in one easy to use post.

7.    Fitovers: Sunglasses for Your Prescription Eyeglasses Sunglasses that fit over prescription eyeglass frames have come a long way and this post points out some of the latest styles.

8.    Optical Glossary Still trying to figure out what O. D. & O. S are, huh? Hint – O.D. is the right eye and O.S. is the left eye. Our online vision dictionary is a handy place to find definitions to some of those confusing terms and phrases that you sometimes find in the vision world.

9.    DriveWear: Lenses that Change for Driving An introduction post to DriveWear Lenses, which transition inside your vehicle based on light conditions outside.

10.    Michael Kors Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Rounding our our top ten is a post about Michael Kors Sunglasses and Michael Kors Eyeglasses collections, one of the post popular eyewear catalogs available.

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