New Eyeglasses & Frames Now Online

Hilary Duff HD121086 eyeglasses
The Hilary Duff HD121086 eyeglass frames are among the new additions to our online catalog.

Here are some recent additions to the catalog of eyeglasses and frames:

Architecture eyeglasses – Rimless eyeglasses that are the next best thing to not wearing glasses at all.
Casino Budget eyeglasses – Stylish women’s eyeglass frames in plastic, metal, rimmed and semi rimless styles at really nice prices.
Clever Clip eyeglasses – Magnetic prescription eyewear that converts to prescription sunwear in an instant with a color-matched, polarized magnetic sun clip.
Coleman eyeglasses – Brought to you by the company famous for outdoor and camping gear, Coleman eyeglasses are as comfortable outdoors as the are in the board room.
CRUZ eyeglasses – Men’s eyeglass frames available in plastic, metal and titanium styles.
Destiny eyeglasses – Stylish women’s frames available in plastic and metal.
DY Diary eyeglasses – Women’s eyeglass frames available in fashionable plastic and metal styles with a modern twist.
Evoloite eyeglasses – Eyeglass frames available in fashionable metal styles in designs for men, women and in unisex models.
Focus eyeglasses – Eyeglass frames available in fashionable classic plastic styles in designs for men and women.
Gallery eyeglasses – Featuring frames for men and women in metal and plastic in a variety of shapes and styles. With Gallery eyeglasses, you’ll find just about any attitude or mood.
Get It? eyeglasses – Always trendy, Get It? eyeglasses offer a fashionable new line of designer frames that are sure to please.
Hilary Duff eyeglasses – The recording artist and actress introduces eyeglasses for kids, tweens and teens in designs ranging from classic to contemporary.
Jubilee eyeglasses – Eyeglass frames available in plastic and metal with styles for men, women and in unisex models.
Kasey Kahne eyeglasses – Designed to appeal to NASCAR race fans and sports enthusiasts, featuring style, safety, durability and UV protection.
Lite Line eyeglasses – Frames that appeal to women of all ages, integrating high-tech strength and comfort at discount prices you’ll love.
Lite Line with a Twist eyeglasses – A memory Titanium line of eyeglasses frames for men and women.
M2 Metro Specs eyeglasses – Eyeglass frames available in fashionable contemporary plastic and metal styles for the metropolitan man.
Mozaic eyeglasses – Modern styles with European design elements in full frame and semi-rimless designs for women.
Nodoka eyeglasses – The spirit of Japan is evident in this sophisticated new line of frames for women.
OK 20/20 eyeglasses – Eyeglass frames available in fashionable metal styles in designs for men and women.
Oxydo eyeglasses – Versatile, trendy frames designed for young people offering style, precision, functionality and innovation. If a metropolitan look is what you are after, these are your frames.
Polo Prep eyeglasses – Unisex frames for kids age 6 to 12 with flex hinges and unique foil colors on the inside temples.
Pure eyeglasses – A collection of light weight, metal rimless frames available in men’s, women’s and unisex models.
Reflections eyeglasses – Women’s frames in bold, metro designs in metal and plastic targeted to those who express high lifestyle standards in chic fashion.
Republica eyeglasses – Capturing the pulse of Latino style and targeted to young, trendy males, these frames are inspired by pop culture with bold designs in metal and Zyl.
Safety First eyeglasses – Safety frames and lenses manufactured to the Z87.1 industry standards available in male, female and unisex styles.
Shiseido eyeglasses – Cutting edge frames inspired by the passion of Japanese culture. These versatile frames for women are available in titanium and plastic.
Sight for Students eyeglasses – Features a selection of metal unisex frames in oval and rectangular shapes.
Tony Stewart eyeglasses – Designed to appeal to NASCAR race fans and sports enthusiasts, featuring style, safety, durability and UV protection.
Ventino eyeglasses – Stylish frames for men, women and in unisex models in metal and plastic designs.
Vera Page eyeglasses – Striking modern fully-rimmed frames in metal and plastic unisex designs with rectangular and round shapes.
Woolrich eyeglasses – Metal frames for men in fully-rimmed and semi-rimless styles.

See our entire eyeglasses catalog online.

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12 Responses to “New Eyeglasses & Frames Now Online”
  1. Don says:

    Looking for Board Room Classics BC 910.

  2. Sorry, but what are Br506 frames? What brand?

  3. will says:

    Br506 frames are they available

  4. Sorry, we don’t carry them and don’t know where to suggest you look.

  5. Trevor says:

    I’m looking for Boardroom Classics bc904, do you carry these or know where to find them?

  6. Sorry. We don’t carry those frames at this time.

  7. jimmy says:

    I’m looking for boardroom classics bc302 glass frame , I had this 3 years ago do you carry this?
    THank you

  8. Sarah Palin’s glasses are the Kazuo Kawasaki 704 Duo eyeglasses frame in grey, shape: SP (custom-made for Sarah Palin, but we can get that exact shape) in metal (The 705 model is the exact same as the 704, except that it is plastic version of the 704, which is metal).

  9. Do you have a frame that resembles those worn by Sarah Palin–rimless–?

    Thank you. I look forward to your reply.

  10. Lydia says:

    hello, I’m looking for Geoffrey Beene Insight 52/19/140.Can anyone help find them or will the Coleman fit?

  11. Brad -

    Please contact Jessica at 800-248-9427 ext. 287. She tells me that the Coleman 8102 is available in size 52/19/140 in gunmetal. She checked with the manufacturer it does not come in a t 62 eye size, so you might want to see if she can work with you on the size.


  12. Brad Yonker says:

    I am Looking for a Coleman eye glass frame #8102 ff 62019-140 gun Do you have such a thing
    Thanks Brad

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