Anarchy Eyewear has teamed up with the National Kidney Foundation to help raise money and awareness for Organ donation and transplantation. To address this complex problem, the National Kidney Foundation has developed a comprehensive action plan to help increase the number of transplants available for kidney patients – and to End the Wait!

Anarchy Eyewear  to donate $5.00 to the National Kidney Foundation from sales of special NKF Anarchy Sunglasses

The National Kidney Foundation’s mission has included increasing awareness and improving transplantation for decades. The NKF continues to carry out programs in education, research and services to fulfill its goals. With your help, Anarchy Eyewear pledges to donate $5.00 to the National Kidney Foundation from the sale from each pair of special NKF Anarchy Sunglasses – our way of supporting their efforts to heighten awareness.

This initiative will help end the long wait for a transplant that has subjected too many patients to deteriorating health, poor quality of life and even premature death. By working together and focusing on the big picture, we will help have a dramatic impact on the health of kidney patients across the country. For more information on the National Kidney Foundation please visit

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