Don’t be embarrassed, a lot of people do it – it’s totally normal. Well, totally normal for people like us who are obsessed with fashion, accessories, and eyewear. Of course, we can all wear sunnies regardless of whether our vision is 20/20, and sunglasses are always fun. BUT – the transformative quality of optical glasses (they can make you look smarter, more sophisticated, more serious, – or more serious about looking cute) is on another level. These days people don’t bat an eyelash at fake eyelashes, and they don’t give a hair flip about fake hair – so why would fake glasses be taboo?


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Non-prescription glasses are as easy to come by as the ones with corrective lenses. Just order any pair that takes your fancy from, which are all available as “frame only” – i.e. without the corrective lenses. You can contact one of our expert opticians to have clear lenses put in for a small fee.