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Wearing Contacts – It’s All About Comfort

People who are new to the idea of wearing contact lenses are generally concerned about comfort. “Will it hurt?” is probably the first thing that comes to mind when they consider putting that little lens in an eye. The second question is likely to be “Will it bother me?” or “Will I feel the lens in my eye all day” or something along those lines.

Lafont Kids eyeglasses added

Beyond Rimless – The “Barely There” Look

Following up on our recent post on Frameless or Rimless, What’s the Difference?, we thought we’d point out that top optical news web site 20/20 is featuring an audio visual presentation on the “barely there” look of rimless eyeglasses. Take a look at Beyond Rimless.

Jhane Barnes SineThe presentation features a number of rimless brands in our catalog, including Silhouette Rimless, Jhane Barnes (including the Jhane Barnes Sine in the presentation), UK Silhouette Rimless Prescription Glasses and Sean John.

Rimless eyeglasses are the ulimate in eyewear freedom with light, almost invisible fashion frames.

Frameless or Rimless, What's the Difference?

Frameless or Rimless, What’s the Difference?

Actually, frameless and rimless frames refer to the same thing – sturdy, lightweight lenses that a light arm piece attaches to for support.

And, of course, because there is no frame to restrict vision, you have better peripheral vision with frameless eyewear. Depending on the frame and lens, they can be practically invisible.

Among our top catalogs that include frameless sun glasses are Maui Jim, Nike, Ray Ban, Costa Del Mar and Revo.

Lafont Kids eyeglasses added

Summer’s Almost Here – Check Out Sable Water Optics Goggles

With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about sun, fun, swimming pools, beaches and water sports.

The first item on your checklist should be swimming goggles, so check out Sable Water Optics Goggles, endorsed by three-time Olympic Medal winner Gary Hall Sr. These great goggles are comfortable, quality optical products that can have different prescription strength lenses for each eye in some models. They also provide UVA/UVB protection as well as anti-fog technology.

While you’re at it, check out our water sports sunglasses, too.

New Children's Eyeglasses Added - Thalia Girls and Hushpuppies Pups

New Children’s Eyeglasses Added – Thalia Girls and Hushpuppies Pups

We’re pleased to announce the addition of two more great brands of kids frames to our catalog of children’s eyeglasses – Thalia Girls and Hushpuppies Pups.

Thalia Girls eyeglasses are for girls nine to 15 and are inspired by pop star Thalia.

Hush Puppies Pups eyeglasses feature playful, durable frames styling for boys, girls and in unisex frames.

You might also want to check out our kids sunglasses, too.

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New Ray Ban Eyewear Choices Page Live

New Ray Ban Eyewear Choices Page Live is always the best value and the safest place to purchase Ray Bans on the web and we’re making it even easier with our all-in-one Ray Ban Optical page linking you to the best Ray Ban Sunglasses and Ray Ban Eyeglasses.

The customer is assured of getting authentic products that are new and unused, that are hand-inspected before shipping to assure they are flawless, sunglasses that come with a Free Ray Ban T-shirt (while supplies last), a no-hassle guarantee and the option of free shipping.

Make our Ray Ban Optical page your online sources for those perfect Ray Bans!

Oakley Sunglasses High Velocity Video

New Oakley Eyewear Choices page

Check out our new all-in-one Oakley Eye Wear Choices page which features links to all of our Oakley products – prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses (including Oakley Rimless, Oakley O Matter and Oakley Wires), sunglasses and goggles – as well as some cool video.

Celebrity Sunglasses & Eyewear Sightings

Celebrity Eyewear

Reese Witherspoon is wearing NeoStyle College 338 eyeglasses, Color 863 in the movie Legally Blond.

And, for those following Merv Griffin’s horse, Cobalt Blue, in the Kentucky Derby, take a look at Spyder 4 Cobalt Blue eyeglasses, one of our new frames.

Follow our growing list of Celebrity Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Sightings.

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What’s My Eyeglass Frame Size?

Just as a follow-up to my recent post FrameFinder Fun – Try on Frames Online, I thought I’d provide a little explanation on the question “what’s my frame size?” and where to get that information.

If it’s your first time to wear prescription eyeglasses, then you’ll need to get a measurement by a trained professional such as at your eye doctor’s office.

Lafont Kids eyeglasses added

New Additions to Eyewear Calatog

We’re pleased to announce the addition of the following eyewear products to the online catalog:

Uptempo eyeglasses
Sureflex eyeglasses
Sigrid Olsen eyeglasses
24/7 eyeglasses
Marc Hunter eyeglasses
Chloe eyeglasses
David Benjamin eyeglasses
Cinzia eyeglasses
Spyder eyeglasses
Zodiac eyeglasses
Eyemax eyeglasses
Cutter and Buck eyeglasses
Cutter and Buck sunglasses
Furla eyeglasses
Furla sunglasses
Wittnauer eyeglasses
New World eyeglasses
Sean John eyeglasses
Sean John sunglasses
Thats So Raven eyeglasses
Revolution Titanium eyeglasses
Revolution eyeglasses
Elements eyeglasses
Twister eyeglasses
Mikami eyeglasses
Jhane Barnes eyeglasses
Republica eyeglasses
Get It? eyeglasses
NY Diary sunglasses
NY Diary eyeglasses
Shiseido sunglasses
Shiseido eyeglasses

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