First comes the bicycle, then the right clothes and shoes and a safe helmet, now comes proper eye protection. When thinking about cycling, good eyewear isn’t one of the first things anyone thinks about needing, but it’s too important to overlook. When cycling, the proper eyewear protects the eyes from many perils such as dust, particles in the air, wind, light or sun.

When making the choice to buy eyewear for cycling it’s important to pick out and purchase the helmet first and then decide on the eyewear. The straps of the helmet will help to hold the eyewear in place. If the fit of the glasses is too tight, it can cause the rider to develop a headache while riding. If the fit is too loose, the glasses will wobble and move and the rider won’t have a good view of the road ahead. It’s important that the fit is snug enough to hold the glasses in place but not too tight.

Cycling eyewear can be bought to be worn as prescription lenses or bought with regular lenses for riders who don’t require prescription lenses and only need the eye protection. Some of the most convenient eyewear for the non-prescription rider is eyewear that has three types of interchangeable lenses. The lenses can be clear, which will protect your eyes from dust or particles and will keep the wind from drying out your eyes; or they can be dark sunglasses, which will do all of the above plus keep the sun and the glare away while riding. The third lens option is a persimmon or yellow lens that is best for non-sunny, overcast, low-light days. The yellow color seems to enhance the lighting and make it a bit clearer for riding on those dull days. Purchasing interchangeable lens glasses like this are almost the same as having three pairs of eyewear available for cycling but only having to find one comfortable fitting frame.

No matter which kind of eyewear you choose, it is important to protect your eyes while cycling. A particle of dust or glaring sun can bring a rider down quickly, and it’s something that can be totally avoided with proper eye protection. Be safe and keep your eyes safe too.

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