Range Rover Eyewear Now Online

FramesDirect.com is pleased to announce the addition of Range Rover Eyewear, a specialty eyeglass and sunglass brand designed exclusively for men, to the online superstore’s catalog.

Who wears Range Rover eyewear:

  • Men who value their image
  • Looks for top range quality products
  • Sophisticated and stylish
  • Wear Range Rover to affirm their social status

The Range Rover sunglasses feature the specific EYEDEFENSE® lenses technology. These technical lenses ensure the best eye protection and a perfect vision quality for every outdoor activity. Range Rover offers 9 lenses with EYEDEFENSE® for all aspects of a modern man’s life.

  • Water & Snow Polarized
  • Fishing & Night Driving Polarized
  • Driving Polarized
  • Golf Polarized
  • High Fidelity Polarized
  • High Contrast Polarized
  • High Fidelity
  • High Contrast
  • High Comfort

The Range Rover Eyeglasses collection is inspired by the character of the RANGE ROVER vehicles: a perfect blend of power and comfort. Generous and masculine designs are enhanced with high quality materials; the acetate temples have pieces of sustainable precious wood or high-end leather trim that enhance the premium look and feel of the product.

Like the ophthalmic collection the sunglasses range also draws its inspiration from the vehicles, cleverly blending iconic design features and incorporating them in the eyewear.

Featured Collections:

Supercharged: Named for the new 2009 Supercharged by Land Rover this sunglass style is inspired by the over the top luxury and sophistication of the vehicle. The specialized frame of polyamide charged with carbon with titanium bridge and rims holds up to any off-road desires. With removable front and invisible ejection system any on the go man can easily change his lens based on his day. The experience is not complete without the striking metal trim inspired by the side power vents of the Range Rover.

  • Polyamide changed with carbon
  • Beta- titanium bridge
  • Titanium rims
  • Metal trim inspired by side power vents
  • Invisible ejections system
  • Removable front

Stornoway: Sleek and modern the Stornoway eyeglass style comprises the two elements that establish Range Rover, power and comfort. With a progressively friendly eye shape and titanium double bridge this style can be worn by anyone. Stornoway takes luxury in eyewear to the next level. The precious wood trim and handmade acetate temple tips exemplify elegance in eyewear.

• Progressively friendly eye shape
• Titanium double bridge
• Precious Wood trim
• Handmade acetate temple tip
• Spring hinges

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