Can you imagine a time when eyeglasses weren’t fashionable? They weren’t in the late 1880s. In an effort to make eyeglasses less conspicuous, rimless eyeglasses were born.

Little did the inventors know that rimless eyeglasses would become a fashion statement in the future. One of the first people to popularize the style was Theodore Roosevelt during his time as president in the early 20th century.

Savile Row Oval Diaflex Rimless OSRR1 Eyeglasses

The Savile Row Oval Diaflex Rimless OSRR1 Eyeglasses are popular unisex style frames.

While rimless glasses have moved in and out of fashion since then, their most recent popularity has come about because of a few high-profile individuals. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Sarah Palin wore a pair of rimless, rectangular-shaped, titanium frames, similar to the Silhouette Rimless 7633 Intarsia Eyeglasses and the Tag Heuer Reflex 3101 Eyeglasses. Steve Jobs also made rimless glasses iconic with a pair of round lenses, similar to the Savile Row Round Diaflex Rimless (Steve Jobs) (OSRR3) Eyeglasses.

What attracts these two individuals and others to this style? In addition to the fashion aspect, there are a few benefits to wearing rimless frames. Most rimless glasses weigh less than other glasses because they have less material. In addition, the rims aren’t obstructing your view, making it easier to see more.

Rimless frames also let your natural beauty shine through as they create the illusion of a symmetrical face. They bring more focus to your face and eyes and less to your eyeglasses with a minimalistic and subtle look. Wearers feel more confident because the frames make them look more mature.

Recent years have seen rimless frames evolve with new technologies for mounting lenses to frames. An important thing to note when selecting rimless frames is to make sure that you choose a polycarbonate or (1.67) Hi index lens material because these materials are strong enough to work with rimless frames. A plastic lens material tends to crack and break easily, which is why it’s not a good choice.

Many people choose rimless because the frames make them appear more mature, intelligent and trustworthy. The following eyeglasses from some of the top rimless brands are a little more conservative than most frames:

Shuron Regis I Eyeglasses – Known for their retro-style eyeglasses, Shuron offers classic frames with these small, oval and rimless lenses.

Savile Row Oval Diaflex Rimless (OSRR1) Eyeglasses -These authentic British rimless eyeglasses come in versions with a layer of rolled 14kt gold followed by a layer of rolled 24kt gold on the frames.

Silhouette Rimless Starways Eyeglasses – These women’s frames prove that a conservative, rimless style can still have personality with crystals on the temples.

Oakley Evade Rimless Eyeglasses

The Oakley Evade Rimless Eyeglasses are titanium frames for men.

While rimless eyeglasses may not be what you would think of for a sporting event, you can find some pretty durable rimless frames. The following eyeglasses were made for someone who plays sports and has an active lifestyle:

Tag Heuer L-Type 0120 Eyeglasses – Luxury and sporty combine in these rimless frames with leather temples and soft elastomer lining inside the temples for optimal comfort.

Oakley Evade Eyeglasses – These men’s frames come with lightweight titanium temples and Unobtainium temple tips that provide comfort and improve their grip with sweat.

Prada Sport 56BV Eyeglasses – Don’t let the Prada logo fool you—these frames, being part of a sporty collection from the high-end luxury brand, are perfect for someone with an active lifestyle.

Since rimless eyeglasses have increased in popularity, rimless frames have gained more of a fashion element, taking advantage of color, texture and embellishments. The following eyeglasses come from some of the top brands in fashionable eyewear:

Dolce & Gabbana DG1218 Eyeglasses

The Dolce & Gabbana DG1218 Eyeglasses for women offer stylish rimless metal frame design.

Ray-Ban RX RX8680 Eyeglasses – Nothing combines fashion and innovation quite like Ray-Ban, which is why these titanium frames for men are more than just another rimless pair—they are the lightest frames Ray-Ban has ever created.

Dolce & Gabbana DG1218 Eyeglasses – Part of the lace collection with lace inlaid by hand on the temples, these women’s frames bring a new level of sophistication to a rimless frame.

Ralph Lauren RL5066 Eyeglasses – As with all Ralph Lauren frames, this rimless pair defines American luxury with the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo player and stirrup details.

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