Specialty Eyeglasses: The Gift of Vision

Looking for some unique, funky eyewear, something no one else on your block is likely to have? We’ve got what you’re looking for! FramesDirect.com partners with some of the top optical brands out there and here are a few of the unique offerings currently available. They make great gifts!

Big Men’s Eyeglasses

B.M.E.C. Big Mens Big Ox EyeglassesIf what you need are frames for a BIG MAN, then take a look at B.M.E.C. Big Mens Eyeglasses and Fatheadz Eyeglasses. Both collections specialize in extra large frames for overly wide heads. With styles like B.M.E.C. Big Mens Big Ox and Fatheadz 703 Eyeglasses even that big guy in your life can find a comfortable, stylish frame. Fatheadz Sunglasses are available, too.

Computer Glasses

Gunnar Prescription Bit Surfer GlassesSo many of us stare at computer screens these days that it was inevitable that a special line of computer glasses would hit the scene and they have in the form of Gunnar Computer Glasses (non-RX). These high-tech glasses utilize state of the art technology to relieve eyestrain caused from looking at computer monitors for prolonged periods. Check out the informational videos.

Magnetic Shades for Children

Flexon Magnetics Eyeglasses Flexon 813 MAG-SETWant the convenience of a sunglasses clip that attaches to your child’s eyeglasses frame magnetically? Check out Flexon Magnetics Eyeglasses, stylish metal frames for kids with shades that just attach by themselves. For adults, see the large selection of Easyclip Eyeglasses.

Screwless Eyeglasses

MicroTech Screwless Eyeglasses 1172Tired of fumbling to tighten screws on your eyeglasses when they come loose? How about some screwless frames? Microtech Screwless Eyeglasses offer a major advancement in eyewear design – screwless flex hinge technology allows temples to be easily removed and replaced.Microtech Screwless Eyeglasses are designed and manufactured in Europe to ensure premium quality.

Safety Glasses

Wolverine Safety Eyeglasses W012If you are in a profession or have a hobby that could result in eye injury, you need to take a look at Prescription Safety Glasses. No longer unattractive, utilitarian devices, today’s prescription safety eyewear is stylish, safe and comfortable. You can be fit with a wide variety of prescription safety eye glasses for home, work, recreation and sports use with the highest quality frames and impact resistant lenses available. Great options include Wolverine Safety Glasses, Art Craft Safety Eyeglasses and CSC Safety Eyeglasses.

Prescription Ski Goggles

Bolle Goggles   X9 Over the GlassesIf you need vision correction for skiing but don’t wear contact lenses, you can try some goggles that are worn over glasses like the Bolle Goggles X9 Over the Glasses Ski Goggles and the Oakley Goggles Proven and L Frame, but there are also other options. Prescription or RX adapters (single vision only) can be purchased that fit inside ski goggles to provide corrected vision. Brands that offer RX inserts include Smith Goggles (Knowledge Turbo Fan, Phenom Turbo Fan, and Prodigy Turbo Fan) and Bolle Goggles (Quasar, Fathom, Nova, Monarch, X9, Y6, Shark, ). This is a special order item, so call 1-800-248-9427 and discuss your needs with one of our opticians.

Ballistic Eyewear

Wiley X Sun Prescription AirRageFor prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses requiring impact resistance and superior eye protection, Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses lead the ballistic eyewear pack. Wiley X lenses meet the ballistics standards of being shatterproof even when shot by a projectile at 640 feet per second. This tactical eyewear is a favorite of the military and law enforcement agencies.

FramesDirect.com makes gift cards available to give the gift of vision year round, so no need to worry about the vision prescription for the recipient. Just give them a gift card! Call us at 800-248-9427 with any questions. Our opticians will be happy to help.

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