Summer is prime time for sunglasses. This is the first in a series of informational articles spotlighting major brand designer sunglasses.

Athletic is a synonym for the fundamentals of sports. In the world of sunglasses, athletic stands for typically Adidas sunglasses – top technology and peak performance. Highly functional, perfectly equipped, extremely comfortable with modern design, the sports sunglasses of the athletic collection will enthuse professionals and amateurs alike. The athletic models incorporate a number of standard features that hold their own even under the most intense sporting conditions.

First the fun, then the enjoyment. Adidas sunglasses represent the hottest sunglass trends around. Enriched with a dose of typical Adidas innovation, perfection and functionality, the sunglasses demonstrate the design capability of the world renowned Adidas sports label. These sunglasses set their sights to the top of the trendsetters’ accessory charts.


Only authentic with the Power-Link! Adidas has developed the new power-link film hinge: A hinge system based on a thin but imensely strong and flexible plastic connection between the side and the striking “3-stripe” joint to the filter-lens.

The great feeling of not feeling anything. The innovative double snap mechanism on nearly all models of Adidas sports sunglasses, for fixing the width of the bridge in one of two positions (wide or narrow), gives the athlete’s sports glasses a fit that is instantly comfortable and pressure-free, yet safe and firm.

The zigzag trick: A perfect, pressure-free, hold tight fit and superlative comfort on heads of all shapes and sizes.

A novel, specially shaped soft ear piece the clasps around the conch of the ear. In conjunction with length adjustable sides, the defined two point contact arrangement (in front of and behind the ear) ensures a supremely comfortable hold tight fit in even the most extreme situations.

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