Ray Ban EyewearThere’s only one word that means sunglasses in every corner of the world: Ray Ban. A name that doesn’t need explanation, that has been on the market for seventy years and that continues to have countless admirers all over the world.

It must be the class, unchanged since 1937. Or the famous drop-shaped model, the most imitated in the world. Or perhaps the originality, the attention and the care for each detail linked to the brand’s technical connotations. The reasons that made Ray Ban the leading brand in the sunglasses category, are varied, like the people that choose it. Movie stars, particularly keen on their image, famous personalities, but also ordinary people wanting to liberally express their individuality. Ray Ban is the style preferred by those who just want to be themselves and don’t need to show off to be noticed.

It’s the pair of sunglasses that’s always glamor, sporting and suitable for every situation. Its styles present models that renew themselves, changing their design, while leaving their style and performance intact.

This is why the new Ray Ban sunglasses collection presents a cutting edge design, with styles and colors capable of satisfying the different kinds of targets.

The peak models belong to the legendary Predator family, always in the top of sales ranking, capable of satisfying tastes and trends of an ever more demanding and attentive public. Ray Ban has enriched these families with new models that inherit the brand’s values and dress them with originality.

It has combined the lightness of metal and the versatility of plastic with different types of lenses according to the demands. Mirrored, shaded, anti-reflection, photochromatic, polarized, all available in a vast scale of colors: gray, green, brown, pink, blue and orange.

It has designed a scale of models capable of exalting any face, introducing colors, materials and shapes that emphasize the elegance, the sportsmanship and the determination of who’s wearing them.

The Predator models were thought for dynamic youngsters who love sports and life outdoors, men and women who don’t want to give up style, even in their spare time and who ask for design, but also functionality aside from high performance. These models represent maximal comfort, from temples to bridge. The wrapping shape that characterizes them, ensures total protection from air and light, an essential condition for complete freedom of movement.

With the injected Grilamid frames for the Ray Ban RB 4026 Shot Square Sunglasses or the more aggressive looking metal, like the Ray Ban RB 3175 Flight Square Sunglasses and the Ray Ban RB 3176 Flight Pande Sunglasses, the Predator styling has enriched itself with original new proposals of guaranteed success.

All models mount glass lenses available in different shades bearing the Ray Ban brand as a guarantee of technological quality.

Ray Ban RB4026 Predator Shot Square SunglassesSpotlight: Ray Ban RB4026 – Predator Shot Square
An aerodynamic design for this unisex model, thought for active and determined men and women. The new nylon temple insert into the frontal piece by means of a special spring hinge. The wrapping fit, the resolute design and the square glass 9-base lens increase its comfort and performance, making the model particularly suitable for outdoor life lovers who don’t want to give up their personal style.

The attention for details that has made the Ray Ban brand famous all over the world, is also visible in the class with which it signs its glasses: a precious representation of the logo by means of an elegant metal plaque inserted on the temple. A particularity that conveys all the values of the brand to each single piece, and that is highlighted in this model.

The Sidestreet styling instead is directed toward those who want glasses capable of combining fashion, style and trendy colors at a competitive price. Fashion forward models, of an exclusive design and rich in personality, but never too garish, never excessive.

Ray Ban RB3179 Top Bar Oval SunglassesSpotlight: Ray Ban RB3179 – Top Bar Oval
A single metal bar that becomes temple and wraps the face characterizes this model, capable of creating an essential and clean design thanks to the continuity ad the simplicity of it’s styling. The aerodynamic monel temple hide the flex mechanisms that favor the fit, making the model adaptable to any type of face. The hytrel temple tips match the oval 8-base APX or polycarbonate lenses that ensure excellent performance and maximal protection from UV-rays.

But the novelties of the Ray Ban sunglasses collection don’t end here. New proposals in the Aviator, Highstreet, Undercurrent and Outsiders families complete the range and enrich the Ray Ban universe.

A two-faced collection, the one proposed by Ray Ban: on the one side the trend setting look, on the other the undeniable quality, that live together in perfect harmony in a brand that manages to express the essence of those who choose it, creating a unique bond between the glasses and who’s wearing them.

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