Spotlight on Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban EyewearThere’s only one word that means sunglasses in every corner of the world: Ray Ban. A name that doesn’t need explanation, that has been on the market for seventy years and that continues to have countless admirers all over the world.

It must be the class, unchanged since 1937. Or the famous drop-shaped model, the most imitated in the world. Or perhaps the originality, the attention and the care for each detail linked to the brand’s technical connotations. The reasons that made Ray Ban the leading brand in the sunglasses category, are varied, like the people that choose it. Movie stars, particularly keen on their image, famous personalities, but also ordinary people wanting to liberally express their individuality. Ray Ban is the style preferred by those who just want to be themselves and don’t need to show off to be noticed.

It’s the pair of sunglasses that’s always glamor, sporting and suitable for every situation. Its styles present models that renew themselves, changing their design, while leaving their style and performance intact.

This is why the new Ray Ban sunglasses collection presents a cutting edge design, with styles and colors capable of satisfying the different kinds of targets.

The peak models belong to the legendary Predator family, always in the top of sales ranking, capable of satisfying tastes and trends of an ever more demanding and attentive public. Ray Ban has enriched these families with new models that inherit the brand’s values and dress them with originality.

It has combined the lightness of metal and the versatility of plastic with different types of lenses according to the demands. Mirrored, shaded, anti-reflection, photochromatic, polarized, all available in a vast scale of colors: gray, green, brown, pink, blue and orange.

It has designed a scale of models capable of exalting any face, introducing colors, materials and shapes that emphasize the elegance, the sportsmanship and the determination of who’s wearing them.

The Predator models were thought for dynamic youngsters who love sports and life outdoors, men and women who don’t want to give up style, even in their spare time and who ask for design, but also functionality aside from high performance. These models represent maximal comfort, from temples to bridge. The wrapping shape that characterizes them, ensures total protection from air and light, an essential condition for complete freedom of movement.

With the injected Grilamid frames for the Ray Ban RB 4026 Shot Square Sunglasses or the more aggressive looking metal, like the Ray Ban RB 3175 Flight Square Sunglasses and the Ray Ban RB 3176 Flight Pande Sunglasses, the Predator styling has enriched itself with original new proposals of guaranteed success.

All models mount glass lenses available in different shades bearing the Ray Ban brand as a guarantee of technological quality.

Ray Ban RB4026 Predator Shot Square SunglassesSpotlight: Ray Ban RB4026 – Predator Shot Square
An aerodynamic design for this unisex model, thought for active and determined men and women. The new nylon temple insert into the frontal piece by means of a special spring hinge. The wrapping fit, the resolute design and the square glass 9-base lens increase its comfort and performance, making the model particularly suitable for outdoor life lovers who don’t want to give up their personal style.

The attention for details that has made the Ray Ban brand famous all over the world, is also visible in the class with which it signs its glasses: a precious representation of the logo by means of an elegant metal plaque inserted on the temple. A particularity that conveys all the values of the brand to each single piece, and that is highlighted in this model.

The Sidestreet styling instead is directed toward those who want glasses capable of combining fashion, style and trendy colors at a competitive price. Fashion forward models, of an exclusive design and rich in personality, but never too garish, never excessive.

Ray Ban RB3179 Top Bar Oval SunglassesSpotlight: Ray Ban RB3179 – Top Bar Oval
A single metal bar that becomes temple and wraps the face characterizes this model, capable of creating an essential and clean design thanks to the continuity ad the simplicity of it’s styling. The aerodynamic monel temple hide the flex mechanisms that favor the fit, making the model adaptable to any type of face. The hytrel temple tips match the oval 8-base APX or polycarbonate lenses that ensure excellent performance and maximal protection from UV-rays.

But the novelties of the Ray Ban sunglasses collection don’t end here. New proposals in the Aviator, Highstreet, Undercurrent and Outsiders families complete the range and enrich the Ray Ban universe.

A two-faced collection, the one proposed by Ray Ban: on the one side the trend setting look, on the other the undeniable quality, that live together in perfect harmony in a brand that manages to express the essence of those who choose it, creating a unique bond between the glasses and who’s wearing them.

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232 Responses to “Spotlight on Ray Ban Sunglasses”
  1. Gabe says:

    Just bought pair of Lei Peng Ray Bans JD 3123. Does anyone know if these are legit? Has all the markings but no RB on the inside. Thanks,

  2. Many Ray-Bans are made in Italy these days, so my best guess is that it’s from old age.

    Anyone else?

  3. Your best bet is to check with an eyeglasses repair shop. Search online for “eyeglasses repair” and see if there is someone local to you or online you can ask. We have no sources for those parts.

  4. P Devlin says:

    I have and use three pairs of vintage B&L 5022 Wayfarer sunglasses – obviously I have had them many years and they are in differing condition. One pair has a cracked but not detached arm and is kept in the sunglasses niche in my car as an emergency pair, one pair is in use daily and one pair is virtually unused and kept in reserve should the daily use pair be lost or damaged. Recently the side arm screw of the daily use pair gave up the ghost and snapped – metal fatigue I presume – so I have resorted to my unused pair for daily use. Is it possible to obtain a replacement side arm and replacement side arm screws for these venerable sunglasses? It would be nice to have three almost perfect vintage pairs again……..

  5. vince says:

    i have a ray ban 3001 w2191, but the bl logo on the the right side of the
    lens (if you are looking inward) totally faded. does this means that its a
    fake? this was given to me by a friend from Italy.. or maybe this was due
    to old aged? i think this is a vintage one. pls. advice

  6. We no longer have a sunglass version on the RB5184 listed on the site but we do offer the RX5184 in the opthalmic frames and you can choose a Grey Polarized lens which would be the darkest lens available.

  7. Gonçalo Santos says:

    Hello. I have a pair of Rb5184 Tortoise with polarized lenses size 52/18/145 and I want exactly the same glasses but in black with darker lenses… the model Rb2132/901 what I’m looking for? Is it the same glasses but with a different reference number?

    Thank you.

  8. We checked with the manufacturer, Luxottica, and were told that the frame is still current and is not being phased out.

  9. Sorry, we don’t carry parts. If they are under warranty, you can check with Ray-Ban for repair or replacement.

  10. Donny Milsap says:

    A salesperson at an authorized ray ban dealer told me that the tortoise shell version of the 4057′s are being discontinued. Is this true and, if so, will they be available at closeout prices?

  11. SARAH says:


    im looking for rb4026 642s47 arms in the uk a i have a broken pair and need new arms? can you help?

    sarah x

  12. We can’t speak on the authenticity purchased from other dealers. I would suggest contacting Rayban directly at 800-343-5594. I am also attaching a link for you to contact Rayban as well.

  13. Diane says:

    Hi! I hope you can help me. I bought myself my very first ray-ban polarized aviators 3025 001/58 from an ophthalmologist, but I am worried that it might be a replica as it does not say Made in Italy on the right leg (just the ray ban name) and it also does not say “Aviator Large” on the left side (just rb3025 001/58 3P). The rubber material on the ear hook is also black instead of clear. All else seem legit and seem to have excellent quality. I hope you can share your thoughts on this. Thank you :)

  14. Sorry, but not currently.

  15. Senthil says:


    Would like to check whether your ray-bay prescription sunglasses have Ray-Ban logo etched in the lens?


  16. The only way to be certain if you have an authentic pair of Ray Ban sunglasses is purchase them from an authorized dealer. As for the RB3212 Flight Senior Sunglasses – if you visit our product page you will find all the details regarding this product.

  17. Mauramac says:

    Hi I bought a pair of Ray Bans from my optician in 2004 but I am have never worn them as they were too large for me. I want to sell them on Ebay with an honest description but I don’t know what the numbers mean on the inside of the left arm – can you help please? It says RB3212 PS Flight Senior 005 61□18. I’ve searched the internet trying to find out but nothing conclusive for this and I’m now worried they might be fakes although my optician assures me they are not. The case has bright red interior and a You Tube video claims only grey interiors are real Ray Ban cases. I don’t want to list as genuine if there is any doubt. Thanks for any hep you are able to give.

  18. Sorry, Ray-Ban has kept us waiting, too. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting approval. RayBan is still testing the entire process through Lens Crafters. At this time, they are the only ones that can etch the RayBan logo into the lens.

  19. Bob R says:

    Any news on whether or not you are going to be able to etch the Rayban logo on prescription sunglass lenses? Been a long time!

  20. marie says:

    Hi. I bought some brown Rayban aviators from a friend who said they are real that are stamped with the logo on the lense but have no code number on the inside arm. Are they originals? They are tinted brown metal frames with like a mesh inbetween the lenses.

  21. Elisa says:

    Any idea where I can find RB 3179 temple tips. I just missed some in ebay for a good US $ 9.00 elsewhere they are $ 25.00.

    Any suggestions???


  22. Bob R says:

    I was hoping I could just get a 58 mm Large Metal Aviator solid grey polarized lens. Not a big fan of the gradients.

  23. That Ray Ban frame does have other lens options available. You can choose between the M2 lens, which is Polarized Brown Gradient or the M3 lens, which is Polarized Grey Gradient. Please let us know if you would like one of our sales representatives to contact you via phone or email. If you wish to contact us to purchase or have more questions, please feel free to do so. We are happy to help!

  24. Bob R says:

    Nose Bridge: 58014
    Left Temple Arm: RB8041 001 58014 3N
    Right Temple Arm: Ray Ban Titanium Made in Italy

  25. Bob -

    This could be possible. Can you please let us know what model of RayBan Aviator you are wearing? You will find the model number on the inside temple (ear) piece. After we have this information, we can see what other lenses are available.

  26. Bob R says:

    I purchased a pair of Titanium Aviators with a G15 lens and I really dislike this lens. Is it possible to just purchase another type of Rayban lens, say a polarized grey, and put them in the titanium frame the G15′s came in?

  27. Ibeth30 says:

    Hi, i just purchased a pair of RB 4126 Cats 1000 off of Ebay and they seem to be pretty authentic…. only ive been doing some research and everyone says the RB etching should be below the left hinge on the lense… only these are a different style and i was hoping that maybe on this style the RB is “supposed” to be below or is it above for every RB model???

  28. andrew says:

    ” Jay says:
    August 31, 2010 at 8:53 am

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me.

    I bought RayBan New Wayfarers prescription glasses, model 5184 and I believe it’s fake! On the right, it does not say “Made in Italy” and on the left, it doesn’t say “New Wayfarer”. I compared them with a friend who got his ordered from RayBan, so I’m sure his is real. I bought these just yesterday! Are these fake, or could the frame have changed? And if they are fake, can I go back to my store and ask for a refund..? ”

    rb5184 is prescription version of the rb2132 “new wayfarer” sunglasses…. i believe they are made in china and they will not print “new wayfarer” on it…… so, yours is authentic…. if you want it to be like your friends, all you need to do is buy the rb2132 “new wayfarer” and pop the tinted lens out and insert clear prescription lens in…

  29. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for Ray-Ban to open the program to more accounts. We’ll announce it once they have done so.

  30. Pete says:

    Hi, Can you confirm whether you are now able to provide prescription lenses for Ray Ban sunglasses with the “Ray Ban” Etching which you had said was planned for May 2010? If not, do you have any indication when this is likely to be available?

  31. Yes, we can definitely put clear prescription or non prescription lenses in the Ray Ban Aviators. You will need to call 800-248-9427 and speak with one of our Ray Ban specialist.

  32. Vanessa says:


    If I purchase Rayban aviator sunglasses, can I change the lenses to put clear optical ones?

  33. Not all RayBans are being assembled in Italy these days so not all will say made in Italy. The right lens should have the RayBan logo stamped on the lens. There should also be some coding on the inside temple pieces to indicate model, color etc. You should be able to just ask your store if they are an authorized dealer or call Luxoticca customer relations at 800-343-5594 to inquire.

  34. Jay says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me.

    I bought RayBan New Wayfarers prescription glasses, model 5184 and I believe it’s fake! On the right, it does not say “Made in Italy” and on the left, it doesn’t say “New Wayfarer”. I compared them with a friend who got his ordered from RayBan, so I’m sure his is real. I bought these just yesterday! Are these fake, or could the frame have changed? And if they are fake, can I go back to my store and ask for a refund..?

  35. Here’s what April, one of our opticians responded with after researching your question.

    I spoke with a customer service rep. at Luxottica regarding the sunglass version of the RB RX 5184. She states the only possible match might be the RB 2132 New Wayfarer in the 52 eye size, but she could not be certain since her system did not show any possible matches. I would recommend asking your Optical store for the sunglass model. As for different product codes, sunglasses have many lens styles, as eyeglasses only have a clear plastic demo lenses.

    Luxottica offers many Wayfarer style sunglasses, here are a few:
    RB 2140 Original Wayfarer
    RB 2132 New Wayfarer
    RB 2151 Square Wayfarer
    RB 4105 Folding Wayfarer
    RB 2143 II Wayfarer

  36. Tom says:

    I’m buying a pair of wayfarer Ray Ban’s (5184 2000 I think), the optical ones not sunglasses.
    The guy said he’d order them in, so I went back to pay and he said to speed things up he was able to get the sunglasses version instead of the optical but he assured me that they are exactly the same.
    Is this true? and if it IS the true then why have different versions with different product codes?
    Many thanks

  37. It really depends on how much light you would like to be blocked. Fades typically do not block as much light however you are fully protected against the harmful UV rays no matter how light the tint.

    Depending on what you are using the sunglasses for….Your lenses, silver and gray fade is describe as a “gradient tint” with a darker tint at the top, fading gradually to little or no tint at the bottom of the lens. This provides additional protection from light coming from above, without blocking too much light from straight ahead or below. If you find this lens is to light for your needs you may consider a “solid tint” where the whole lens is dark and blocks more light.

  38. kat says:

    hey, I just bought the RB3293 in silver and gray fade. I was just wondering. Are these going to be too light? Or should I have gotten a shade darker?


  39. They sound authentic but the only way to be sure is to purchase it from a Ray Ban dealer.

    As for the scratched lens, see the information and link below about the Ray-Ban Product Repair Program.

  40. Julie Reynolds says:

    I have a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer, RB2140. Here is what is inside the ear pieces: Right: Wayfarer Hand Made in Italy CE. Left: RB2140 901 50 22 3N

    They were purchased on Ebay and I believe them to be authentic. On the left earpiece there is a square between the 50 and 22. Can you tell me for sure if these are authentic based on the markings.

    Also, I have a deep scratch in one lens. Where can I find a replacement?

  41. Bob R.,

    Maybe that’s why Ray-Ban is losing ground to Oakley and the other competition.

  42. Bob R says:

    I have some Large Metal Aviator sunglasses that are 30 years old and the left lens fell out and smashed on the floor. I called their repair facility to see if I could get a new lense. They said the new lenses will not fit the old frames because they are different in size and slightly in shape. So I would suppose the reverse is also true that a new frame won’t fit an old lense.

    Also, I asked them about labs that would be doing perscription lenses with the logo etching and they told me they don’t deal with perscription lenses what so ever. They even require perscription lenses be removed from frames coming back to them for repair.

    So it appears, at least to me. they don’t want anything to do with the “old” Raybans or perscription lenses which is a shame.

  43. Your best bet for older frames like those would be to check with the Ray Ban Product Repair Program or search the web for “ray ban sunglasses repair” for any independent repair shops that might be able to assist you.

  44. Michael J. Taggart says:

    I have a number of Ray-Ban Shooter sunglasses that I bought over a period of 20 years, that the frames have broken at the top portion of the frame near the brow bar, allowing the lens to fall out. These frames were obviously thinner each time I replaced a pair, and want to know if repairs to the frames are available. They are all authentic Ray-Ban glasses, with the G15 lens and the wrap-around ear pieces. Most are 62mm I believe.

    Thank you.

  45. Unfortunately, there has been some delay. RayBan has only opened up the ROX program to a few accounts. We are keeping in contact with them to try to find out when we will be set up.

  46. Bob R says:

    Is this information below correct? I chatted today on live chat and they said it is not available through you?

    We are still on schedule to start with the Ray Ban ROX program in May 2010. The RB 3025 Aviator will be available for the lens etching. The lens material is 1.60 Hi-Index with polarization and anti reflective coating, G15 color is available. The lens types are progressive no-line bifocals and single vision lenses.

  47. As mentioned below, we don’t carry replacement parts. You might contact Luxottica’s consumer service at 800-343-5594 and ask about replacement arms. Otherwise, you might search the web for “sunglasses repair” and find someone who might carry replacements.

  48. Bob Green says:

    I have 2 pairs of Ray Ban aviator sun glasses. Both pair the temple length is to short. Is it possible to get longer
    side arms?

  49. They should be the same frame. There wouldn’t be two different frames with the same model number.

    If you have any questions, give one of our opticians at call at 1-800-248-9427. They’ll be happy to help.

  50. Joe says:

    Sorry for the confusion.

    The broken frames are the Ray Ban RB8611, which I can’t seem to find anywhere. The RX8611 looks very similar. Are they the same frame, and will my lenses from the broken pair fit?

  51. I apologize, but I am a bit confused. You are asking if your prescription lenses from a specific RayBan will fit into a different RayBan? Again, I apologize, but in your inquiry you have 8611 listed both times, so I am confused as to which frame is your current frame and which one you are inquiring about. If you can clarify that for me, I will be happy to help you. Have a great day!

  52. Joe says:

    Help…my Ray Ban RB8611 frames broke at the nosepiece.

    Will those lenses fit into the RX8611 frames? They look pretty similar online.

  53. As mentioned below, we don’t carry replacement parts. You might contact Luxottica’s consumer service at 800-343-5594 and ask about replacement lenses. Otherwise, you might search the web for “sunglasses repair” and find someone who can do the repair for you.

  54. Aiex says:

    Hey! So i have a pretty big dilemma. I recently got my ray bans off of ebay and i’m pretty sure they are real and everything, only thing is i don’t have a receipt and you need that for a warranty. i was at a party and my friend dropped my glasses and the lens shattered and the little silver thing in the corner of the lens popped out and i have no clue on where it disappeared to. Where can i find a silver thing and the lens so that my friend doesn’t have to buy me new ray bans?

  55. I am told G-15 lenses absorbs 70% of light and are 100% UV protected.

  56. Amy says:

    I am interested in purchasing a pair of the Ray Ban Warrior sunglasses. I have seen them available with the crystal green polarized lenses. I was wondering if anyone knows what percentage of light those lenses filter. Thanks!

  57. If they were purchased from an authorized Ray Ban vendor and still under warranty, you need to contact Luxottica’s consumer service at 800-343-5594. Otherwise, you might search the web for “sunglasses repair” and find someone who can do the repair for you. We don’t carry replacement parts.

  58. Chaz says:

    I have a Wayfarer set model RB2113 909 54/19 which I bought new on ebay from a glasses shop. I have the original box and manaul. The spring on one of the arms is broken internally so that the arm is hanging out and is not springy anymore. How can I get this repaired – looks like it needs a new arm – is there some Rayban Warranty?

  59. We checked with Ray Ban and the RB 3025 is not available in silver for the 62 eye size. Ray Ban does not make a black lens – grey would be the darkest. You might want to look at the Ray Ban 3029 Outdoorsman II Aviator as it is available in a 62 eye size and the color 003/32 is Silver with Gray Gradient lenses.

    And, here is the difference between the two color codes you asked about:

    W3277- Silver frame with grey silver mirrored lenses- only available in 55 & 58 eye size
    W3275- Silver frame with blue silver mirrored lenses- only available in 55 & 58 eye size

  60. Homer says:

    Hi, I am looking for a Ray Ban 3025 that has silver frame and black lens. I don’t see any so which color code closest to what I want can you recommend? I would also prefer a 62mm lens if possible.

    Also, what is the difference between the color codes W3277 and W3275? In framesdirect they are both listed as Silver/Silver Mirror Glass.

  61. Terrific! Glad to be of assistance!

  62. Carrie-Anne says:

    Thank you so much! I received a repair quote this morning from a website via your link.

  63. Go to this Google UK search results page to find UK based repair sites that might be able to help you.

  64. Carrie-Anne says:

    I have a pair of Wayfarer polarized (RB2140) I purchased them from ebay — they’re authentic.

    The logo lens now has a crack after they fell off my head the other day. I’ve been searching the net for a replacement lens, but I can’t seem to find anything for my type of glasses. I can’t get them repaired by Ray-ban, because I purchased them second hand. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement lens. I’m from the UK.

    Thank you!

  65. We are still on schedule to start with the Ray Ban ROX program in May 2010. The RB 3025 Aviator will be available for the lens etching. The lens material is 1.60 Hi-Index with polarization and anti reflective coating, G15 color is available. The lens types are progressive no-line bifocals and single vision lenses. Glass lenses will not be available for this program. However, depending on your prescription, glass lenses may be an option (without etching) and can be special ordered. You would need to call 800-248-9427 ext 233 and speak with April our Ray Ban specialist.

  66. Your frames could actually be authentic.

    B&L was the supplier for Ray Ban up until December of 1999, so that is why they would be stamped with the BL logo.

    Luxottica has taken over the brand in the last decade, including some of the same models that B&L supplied, but current frames will not have the BL logo on them.

  67. george says:

    Hi. I recently purchased a pair of Predator sport model Ray Bans. I didnt buy them from an authorized dealer. I bought them used from a person claiming theyre real. He said he had got them as a gift. I brought them home and started researching the how to tell real from fakes. Right off the bat im concerned bcause there is no code on the inside of the glasses on the right temple they say B&L Ray Ban and there is a faint but noticable BL logo in the outside cornor of each eye. Are these real?

  68. Bob R says:

    What I would like is a G15 prescription with bifocal, polarized lens in glass in Large Metal Aviator or Aviator II with the logo on the lens.

    Will this be available in May 2010 or do I have to settle for polycarbonate? If I have to settle for single vison in glass, that’s OK.


  69. If it does not have the 3N that is okay, but if you did purchase from Sunglass Hut or Lens Crafters, then rest assure that it is authentic. The manufacturer of RayBans distributes the frames to ourselves, as well as Sunglass Hut and Lens Crafters.

    However, the temple should say “New Wayfarer”

  70. Yepyep says:

    I found all of those qualities on my Ray Ban except the “3N”. There’s no printed “3N” beside the 52 18. What about the faded print, is this OK? Is this a manufacturing defect?

  71. There are a few ways to decipher if your frame is authentic.

    Did you purchase from Sunglass Hut or Lens Crafters? If so, then it is authentic.
    Does the lens have “RayBan” on it? If so, then it is authentic
    The inside of your RIGHT temple should be stamped as: RayBan Made in Italy.
    The inside of your LEFT temples should be stamped as: RB 2132 New Wayfarer.
    (Your left temple will also be marked as “945 52 18 3N” OR “945L 55 18 3N” … The only difference is whether or not you purchased a 52 or 55 eye size)

  72. Yepyep says:

    I have a follow up query. My friend owns a New Wayfarer 2132 902 and I noticed that on the right arm there’s a “K” printed besides “MADE IN ITALY”. But my 2132 945 doesn’t have one. Why is this? and What is the meaning of “K”??? Does this mean my RB is not genuine?

    Thanks for your time.

  73. Yepyep says:

    I bought a new Wayfarer 2132 945 in a mall. After I brought it home, I noticed that the left ear frame’s print had faded-out, eliminating the last “R” in the “WAYFARER” print. The type of lens is also not printed in the frames, (example: “3N”).

    It started to bother me since I paid a lot for this at about 118 US$. I wonder if my Ray Ban is original. How would I know if this is really authentic. Thank you very much.

  74. Damon -

    It’s hard to tell and, yes, chances are those will be fakes or worse at that price. What you miss out on with something other than real Ray Bans (besides quality a warranty and a guarantee) is eye protection from UV rays. If those fakes are just tinted glass or plastic in knock-off frames, you’ll get no protection at all.

    So, buyer beware.

  75. Damon says:

    Hey everyone, I hope someone answers soonish. I’m going to the uni markets tomorrow and they’re selling Ray-Bans for $30, probably fake, but after seeing the stuff here, I’ll have a good hard look just to be sure. Even if they are fake, though, how much worse are they than in terms of eye protection, if at all? I’m not terribly concerned about the build quality on the fakes (if they are), I just want to be sure my eyes won’t get screwed over.

  76. If they are still under warranty, you need to contact Luxottica’s consumer service at 800-343-5594 and ask about replacement lenses. Otherwise, you might search the web for “sunglasses repair” and find someone who can do the repair for you. We don’t carry replacement parts.

  77. Griff Jones says:

    I have a pair of RB 8028K aviators and one of the lenses has cracked. Where can I get a replacement. They are light brown P£+ lenses.

  78. As far as we know there is no way to have the Ray Ban logo etched onto the lenses after the fact. And currently the Ray Ban logo is not available on prescription sunglasses lenses. This will be changing in May 2010 when I am told that certain Ray Ban frame styles with B-15 Polarized and G-15 Polarized lenses will have the etching available. We’ll definitely make the announcement when that becomes available.

  79. This comes from April, our Ray Ban expert:

    We would be happy to fit prescription lenses into your Wayfarers, simply mail them to us with a copy of your prescription, PD (pupil distance) measurement and contact information. When we receive your sunglasses our new orders department will contact you and place the order by phone. Please feel free to call 800-248-9427 for any additional questions.

  80. Caroline says:

    Hi! I just bought Ray Ban aviators from my opticians (Vision Express) in UK where they can change the lens to prescription, however these prescription lenses do not have the Ray Ban logo on them. This distresses me a bit as I’ve payed more to have them prescription. Is there a way to get the logo put on? Thanks in advance.

  81. Les Robinson says:

    I have an old original pair of Wayfarers 5022. I had prescription lenses fitted when bought, sometime in the early 80′s, which are way out of prescription now. My son likes the frames but what can I do about having non-prescription lenses fitted and what would they cost?

  82. I am told by Ray Ban expert April that you can have clear prescription lenses put into the Ray Ban Wayfarer II frame. You would need to call into our office and speak to a Ray Ban specialist to order them however as we currently don’t have the site set up for special orders like this. The number is 1-800-248-9427.

  83. Eber Pena says:

    IDK if anyone has already asked this but

    What is the difference in frames between Ray Ban sunglasses and Ray Ban eyeglasses?

    My heart is set on a pair of Wayfarers II but as of now I can only find them as sunglasses. Would it be sensible to buy the sunglasses and ask to have them made into my eyeglasses?

  84. We don’t do repairs and those temples are so old that they might be difficult to find. You might try doing a web search for “eyewear repair” and check with the sites that come up in the results. Your best bet would probably be to find someone who has an old pair with the temples intact. A repair shop might…

  85. Larry says:

    Does anyone have an idea where I could get temples to fit original B&L Wayfarers from the 80′s? Luxotica the new owners do not have them.

  86. We can certainly replace the prescription lenses in your Ray-Bans. Simply mail them to our Frames Direct office with a copy of your prescription, PD measurement and your contact information. When our new orders department receives your sunglasses they will contact you.

    Mail to:

    Frames Direct. Com
    3100 S. Gessner
    Suite# 329
    Houston, TX 77063
    Attn: New Orders

  87. Heather says:

    I have a pair of Ray Bans 4028 and I want to replace the lenses. They currently have a RX lense and I would like to have those replaced with a grey tinted lite lense. I live in Oregon.

    Do you know of anywhere that’s reasonable? Australia and England are the only places I have found online…..

    Thanks for any info

  88. As of now, you can purchase Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses from us but the RayBan logo is not etched onto the lenses.

    However, starting in May 2010, the Ray Ban Lab will begin etching the logo onto the lenses of only specific styles and lenses.

    The following frame styles will have the Ray Ban logo etched onto them in May 2010 for the B-15 Polarized and G-15 Polarized lenses ONLY.
    RB 2132
    RB 2140
    RB 3016
    RB 3025
    RB 3362
    RB 3267
    RB 3293
    RB 3388
    RB 3407
    RB 4101
    RB 4125
    RB 8301
    RB 8302

    If you wish to have a prescription inserted into any other Ray Ban frame (not listed above) or you wish to have non-polarized prescription lenses, then you will not be able to have the logo etched onto the lenses, but you can still order.

    We are honored to have been chosen by Ray Ban to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Ray Ban lens with the Ray Ban logo in May 2010 … You won’t be able to get anywhere else!

  89. Ron says:

    When you get prescription Ray Ban sunglasses, is the Ray Ban logo on the corner of the lens like it is on non prescription ones?

  90. Yes, the Ray Ban Prescription RX 3026 Large Metal Aviator is available on our site in several lens colors.

  91. marino says:

    I need prescription lenses, but want them in a Rayban 3026 frame, is this possible?

  92. We can definitely help you.

    In regards to the Ray Ban 4125 Cats 5000, all colors are currently in stock, with exception to the color 721-Shiny Sand, which is temporarily backordered 2-3 wks.

    As for your current pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers, the best thing to do is to call Luxottica’s Consumer Affairs Department (Warranty and Repair) at 800-343-5594. The recording will give you complete instructions. There is a cost incurred in repairing your frames, if they can be repaired.

    I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  93. Bill says:

    So I have a pair of wayfarers that I love… a lot. Sadly they took an extremely small fall and part of the tortoise shell plastic chipped off.. a very small, but annoying amount. I was wondering if this is covered?

    Also, I want a pair of Cats 5000… any ideas about these? ha

  94. The Ray-Ban 3138 Shooter Aviator crystal green lenses are glass.

  95. Happy Birthday!! The Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses come with a standard 150 mm temple (arm) length. Sorry to say this is the longest temple available but I would recommend taking them to your local optical shop to see if they can be adjusted for a better fit.

  96. Anders says:

    I got a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer (RB2140 large, code 954) as a birthday gift, and even though it’s the largest size, they are a bit too small for me. The arms are too short, so my question is if longer arms are available, or if there are other ways of modifying such sunglasses?

  97. david says:

    Are the new crystal green lenses on the Ray Ban 3138 shooters plastic or glass?

  98. The only way for you to be assured that you received an authentic RayBan is if you purchased from an authorized dealer, like RayBan is a collection whose pricing is inline with collections such as Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar and Under Armour, in the sense that every authorized dealer must sell the product at the same price. If you are purchasing any of these product lines at a discount, then you are not guaranteed to get authentic product.

  99. harry says:

    Hi again! I really appreciate if you would share tips to identify the authenticity of a Rayban like rb3025. I am really confused with some models that appear to be authentic but it is actually fake. Thanks!

  100. harry says:

    Thanks for your helpful answer. But, I love this glasses with g-15 instead of using grey fade. If I got it with the grey fade I would change it to g-15 too. :) Thanks!

  101. Harry -

    This is what one of our opticians said regarding your question:

    In my opinion, it is certainly possible for the lenses to be switched from one frame to another. Whether or not the retailer or distributor did it intentionally, or if it was a hiccup in the assembly process, would be a question for the place you purchased the sunglasses. I verified the color on your frame, and you are correct; the 003/32 color is a Silver Frame with Grey Fade lenses not G-15.

  102. harry says:

    Hi, is it possible for retailer or distributor to change the lens to fit with other frames? I have purchase a pair of Ray Ban rb3025 from my local shop. The frame color was silver while the lens was g-15. I did researched of this model on the net but I didn’t found any rb3025 with silver and g-15. I checked the color code on the left temple and it says 003/32. 003/32 was for silver and gray fade but what I bought was g-15 lens. I thought maybe because the gray fade lens is not demanded??? That’s why they replace it with the g-15??? Ii don’t know but I have confidence this is a real Ray-Ban. What is your opinion? Glad to hear it. Thanks!

  103. Here’s what our Ray Ban expert, April, has to offer.

    In the year 1999, Luxottica Group an Italian company, purchased Ray Ban sunglasses from Bausch and Lomb (B&L) an American company. This is why all authentic Ray Bans will be stamped “Made in Italy”. As for the Ray Ban 3119 Olympians, this is a non-prescription sunglass and would not support a prescription. I would recommend looking at the Half rimless Ray Ban 3217 and the Ray Ban 3239, for these will support some prescriptions. I will be happy to help you with your search for the perfect prescription sunglasses. Please feel free to call me should you have any questions. April – (800) 248-9427 Ext 233.

  104. Steve James says:

    I had a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses that I would dearly love to replace. I bought them around 2001 I think. I believe the number was 3514. They are very similar to 3119 Olympians except that they are half frames. The top metal, gold, bar is identical to the 3119s but the lenses are held in with monofiliment around the bottom. Do you have any information regarding these sunglasses. The number may be different than I have recorded. I called the optician where I originally bought them and that was the number they gave me. I had the lenses replaced once with ray ban original lenses in 2004 and the frames were still available at that time. I subsequently had prescription lenses installed but now I have misplaced them and would love to get another pair. Any thoughts? I am pretty sure they were stamped “made in Italy”.

  105. Becky at Luxottica confirmed the Ray Ban logo is not stamped on the top of the frame front. If it is authentic the logo will appear on the XLT glass lens and temples of the frame only.

  106. We contacted Luxottica, the manufacturer of Ray Ban, and asked them. Offhand, they are unaware of any frames that have the logo stamped on the top center, but are going to research it. We hope to get a response soon.

  107. gary schmidt says:

    hi richard
    my question was do the FRAMES have the logo STAMPED on them top center like the ones manufactured up to 2001 ,I have 3 old frames and all have the logo top center .Lens I use are prescription ,I am only interested in the frames authenticity
    thank you
    G Schmidt

  108. Here’s what our Ray Ban expert tells me:

    All Ray Ban sunglasses providing the lens that have the XLT material (extra light glass) will have the logo etched into the right lens. Not all Ray Bans have the logo etching due to the different lens material used, for example: plastic, polycarbonate and APX material will not have the logo.

  109. gary schmidt says:

    Does the Ray Ban 3044 Small Metal Aviator still have the Ray Ban name stamped on the top of the frame? I have been wearing that style for 40 years and all the previous frames have had the name on it. I have since been trying to purchase a new one but was shown some frames which had no name stamped on it by a store which advertised itself as a Ray Ban authorized dealer. Has the manufacturer stopped stamping the name on the frames?

    Thank you

    G Schmidt

  110. Unfortunately, the combination you are looking for (blue and mirrored lens) is not available through Ray Ban. The Ray Ban 3044 Small Metal Aviator comes in a silver frame and blue lenses (W3177) but no mirror coating or cable temples. Also, the Ray Ban 3025 Large Metal Aviator comes in a silver frame and blue lenses (W3171 and W3237) but no mirror coating. As for the cable temples, they can be requested for an additional charge.

  111. frankjames says:

    I have been looking for a pair of Ray Ban aviators with blue mirrored lens, does such a model exist? ideally they would have temple cables.


  112. We contacted Ray Ban and they tell us that those numbers don’t correspond with any of their eyewear.

    Would it be possible to post a picture somewhere? We could try to identify the frames that way.

  113. Mike says:

    I have a bit of a problem, my dad gave me these sunglasses, which I think he found and they are Ray Ban for sure because it says it in white writing top right. I look on the arms of it and I saw a number that says ATA-8759. I tried looking it up and I find nothing, can you possibly tell me how much this would cost and if you do have the link, can you post it up<

    Thank you

  114. Unfortunately, that would not be covered by the warranty. does not sell parts, however you can contact Luxottica’s consumer service at 800-343-5594 and ask about replacement lenses.

  115. Ronald says:

    I purchased a Ray Ban RB 3179 Topbar 006/71 about six months back. Unfortunately by baby broke both glasses before I could even wear it once. I was wondering that is there any possibility to get a pair of its replacement glasses?

  116. According to April, our Ray Ban specialist, the Ray Ban 3190 Flight Rectangle sunglasses are still available in colors 009 Matte Black/G-15 XLT lenses and 005 Steel Grey/Grey Polarized lenses. The G-15 XLT lens is Ray Ban’s signature Grey/Green lens in light glass.

    Frames Direct does not sell parts, however you may contact Luxottica’s consumer service at 800-343-5594 for assistance.

  117. Tom King says:

    Are there any other ray Ban lenses that will fit 3190. I have a broken right lens (Green) and Ray Ban does not make thes lenses anymore

  118. As mentioned above, we don’t carry replacement parts. If the sunglasses are still under warranty, you can contact Ray Ban directly to see if they can help you find a replacement. Otherwise, you might check with a local optical shop or look at our Eyewear & Vision Resource Directory for phone numbers and other eyewear repair options.

  119. Gerardo Castro says:

    My wife has Ray Ban RB 3217, 004 82 polarized, 62015. One of the arms broke at the hinge.

    Is it possible to get a set of replacement arms?

    Thank you.

  120. Even without warranty coverage you might want to contact Ray Ban directly to see if they can help you find a replacement lens. Unfortunately, we do not handle replacement parts. Otherwise, you might check with a local optical shop or look at our Eyewear & Vision Resource Directory for phone numbers and other options.

  121. Brett says:

    I just had one of my lenses smash on my Ray Bans 3026. The lens on the right eye smashed, now I bought them from ebay and have no warranty. But where would I be able to get a new lens? And would I have to buy two new lenses even if just one broke? And roughly how much should this cost on average?

  122. If they are under warranty, Ray Ban should be able to help you. Otherwise, you’ll need to find an independent repair facility. Take a look at our Eyewear Resource Directory.

  123. Sam says:

    I have a pair of RB 4026 Shot 642-S/47 – the matt turtle style, however I broke the arm and can’t seem to find a replacement anywhere?

    I really like these glasses, would you have anyidea where I could get a replacement?

  124. Luxottica, current maker of Ray Ban eyewear, tells us, by the information you provided, that your Ray Ban sunglasses sound authentic, although the only way to know for certain is by purchasing them from an authorized Ray Ban dealer.

  125. Leo says:

    Hi!!!! I would like to know if my Ray Ban Aviators 3025 are real? The right lens says “Ray Ban P3″ (P-cubed) and the left lens has “RB” etched. On the bridge it says “B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A” on the top and bottom. The left leg says “RB 3025 AVIATORL W3277 63014″ and the right one says “Ray Ban (in cursive) MADE IN ITALY CE”. Also the nose pads say “RB”.

    I know the description is long but I just want to make sure if they are real or not. The part where the legs are screwed seems to be plastic and so I wasn’t sure if that was right or not.
    Please and Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Each and every one of the Ray Ban sunglasses are UVA, UVB & UVC protected at 100%. The Ray Ban 3026 Large Metal Aviator is a good choice for the ultimate protection from the UV rays. Frames Direct is an authorized dealer for RayBan and guarantees 100% authenticity of this product.

    If the prices you are seeing are too good to be true, they probably are. You might want to read Consumers Should Beware of Non-Authorized Eyewear Dealers.

  127. Feargal says:

    My son is heading to a very sunny place (Greece) on a school tour and has been told to get sunglasses which have UV protection. It’s not clear to me from the Ray Ban website which models, if any, provide what level of protection. He’s considering model RB 3026.

    Also, I see that these are for sale on certain websites for as little as 15 Pounds Sterling. Can these possibly be genuine? I would find it hard to believe that they are.


  128. According to Luxottica, makers of Ray Ban Sunglasses, the “P” is for polarized.

  129. Maureen Marano says:

    I just purchased a pair of Ray-Ban New Wayfarers RB2132. The name etched on the lenses say “Ray-Ban P”. What does this mean? The glasses appear to be authentic in every way.

  130. Your best bet is to contact Ray Ban (Luxottica) directly. You can try 0800 435945. Other phone numbers for the USA, Canada and Mexico are in comments above.

  131. andrew says:


    Have enjoyed reading the help. I have Rayban Predator rb3194, purchased in California bout 18 months ago in a mall whose name I’ve forgotten. Unfortunately the ‘ear’ covers at the ends of the arms have cracked, disintegrated and leave them unwearable.

    Any advice or solutions?


  132. The only difference in the Ray Ban 3025 and Ray Ban 3026 sunglasses are sizes and colors. The RB 3025 is available in eye sizes 55,58 and 62mm. The RB 3026 is only available in the large eye size of 62mm. We would consider the RB 3025 55mm eye size to be medium.

  133. Leo says:

    I was wondering if a pair of Ray Ban 3026 was to big? Or do they still look good? I believe I’m size medium on the 3025s.

  134. Todd Bohannon says:

    I have a pair of RB 3194 sunglasses that have not been worn for about a year. I put them away for the winter and took them back out in the spring only to realize that the ear socks (pads) had completely disintegrated. Is this a common Ray Ban problem, or is it limited to this model? I have found a couple reviews that tell me I am not alone.

    Thanks! Todd

  135. Joanie -

    According to Luxottica, the Ray Ban 4115 sunglasses gray/green lenses are made in polycarbonate material. The G-15 XLT lenses are gray/green made with glass material. As a result the polycarbonate lens may be lighter.

  136. Bausch & Lomb manufactured Ray Bans until 1999, then “Luxottica Group” an Italian company purchased the Ray Ban line. The Ray Ban 5022 is a Vintage Wayfarer that B & L sold and is no longer in production. We would recommend looking at the Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer for this is also a classic.

  137. Joanie Kravitz says:

    I just bought the RB 4115 with ” gray -green” lens to replace a pair of oval Rituals I lost. The lens seems to be a very slightly lighter tint.
    Is this my imagination or is it lighter, and if so is it different from the G-15 signature lens?

    Thanks, JP

  138. Holly says:

    I am trying to determine the age of my Ray bans that I bought at a local market. They are non shiny black, heavy with L2008 YRAW on the left side of the arm and B&L 5022 etched above the inside above the right lens. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  139. As mentioned above, we don’t carry replacement parts. See comment #4 above for the phone number for Luxottica, the makers of Ray Ban eyewear. They might be able to help you.

  140. Peter Bailey says:

    Can i get a replacement lens for RB4057 polarized.
    Any idea how much

  141. Alex – According to Luxottica the Ray Ban 3162, color 005/40 is a silver frame with G15, silver mirror lenses. The lenses are 100% UV protected. However , this frame has been discontinued.

  142. John -

    We don’t sell replacement parts, but you might want to call Luxottica at (800) 343-5594. If they are under warranty you can return them for repair.

  143. Simon -

    For Ray Ban warranty repair call Luxottica at (800) 343-5594.

  144. Simon Herbert says:

    Hi I wonder if you could help. I brought a pair of Ray-Ban glasses and they have broken thus I need to return them. Do you know of the return address.  Many thanks regards.

    Simon Herbert.

  145. john griffin says:

    I broke the right arm of my Ray Ban sunglasses model rb4026 601. If I can purchase an arm I can repair myself. How can I do this”?

  146. Luxottica tells us that the RB 2140 Wayfarer with the G15XLT does indeed have the R-B etched into the left lens. The reason that all models are not etched with R-B in the lenses is due to the type of material. The lenses could be polarized, polycarbonate etc.

  147. Jenny says:

    I recently got a RB2140 wayfarer. The lens had a Ray-Ban sticker with G-15 lens written on it. The left lens has an etched R-B. It doesn’t come with a certificate of authenticity. I am just wondering if this is authentic or not.

  148. Pat says:

    Just got my new RAY-Bans from FramesDirect. They look great, got a coool T-shirt, along with great service. Thanks guys, and remember, when your cool, the sun shines on you 24hrs a day!!! :)

  149. The RayBan 4002 Daddy-O Sunglasses have been discontinued through the manufacturer and no parts (lenses) are available. However, we would be happy to replace your lenses for you at Frames Direct. You would need to send the sunglasses to our new order department. Please feel free to give April a call if you have further questions. 800-248-9427 Ext.233.

  150. elsie tarbell says:

    I have Ray Ban RB4002 Daddy-o 604/84 polarized. The lens is peeling off. Where can I get them either repaired or replaced?

  151. aestill says:

    I recently bought a pair of Ray Bans – model RB3162-005/40. Can you provide specs on the lenses? From the front they are dark gray w/ mirrored surface, and have a greenish hue when worn. Are they G15? Polarized? Do they provide UV protection?


  152. Well here’s a hiccup in our system. The RayBan 4088 sunglasses, come in the 660 color, which is a transparent dark frame/ G-15 XLT lenses (grey-green glass lenses) and the 601/58 color is a black frame/ grey polarized lenses (glass).

    We’ll get that fixed pronto!

  153. Pat Lowe says:

    Ray Ban model 4088 transparent dark red with crystal green lens. These do not come polarized. I want to know what the lenses are made of, and what quality they are?

  154. Pat -

    RayBan 4088 is only available in a 60mm eye size.

  155. Pat Lowe says:

    I’m narrowing my choice between two Ray Ban models. Can you tell me if Ray Ban model 4088 comes in a smaller lens size than 60 mm?

  156. G-15 XLT is Ray Bans signature tinted lens. The color is green-gray and the material is extra light glass. Although darkly tinted sunglasses may reduce brightness, they do not remove glare like a polarized lens. Polarized lenses reduce reflections and enhance visual clarity. They are great for driving, fishing and skiing. Ray Ban offers many polarized lenses and is well worth every penny!

  157. Pat Lowe says:

    I have a pair of broken Ray Bans, but don’t trust sending them in for repair. Tell me plain & simple, is it worth spending the extra money for polarized? I see the G-15XLT option when chosing a new pair also, Im just wearing them around town and for driving. Which lenses do you recommend?

    Thanks, Pat

  158. The only difference in the Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses and the Ray Ban 3026 sunglasses are the size availability. The largest eye size in the 3026 Large Aviator II and Ray Ban 3029 Outdoorsman II Aviator Sunglasses is 62 mm.

  159. Zlatan says:

    Please, explain to me the difference between models 3025 and 3026. Also, what is the largest size in 3026  (Large Aviator II). I have an old pair that seems to be 64 eye piece, but i’ve been told that the size has been discontinued. Same question for model 3029 (Outdoorsman II). Thank you.

  160. According to the manufacturer, the “Ray Ban 3025 Sunglasses” do not come in color L0556. However, color L0205 is the Arista(gold) with the G-15XLT(green-grey, light glasses lenses). Please find the RB3025 at:

  161. Aatish says:

    I just bought RB3025 L0556 (as marked on the left arm). Can you tell me whether they have g15 lenses; they are greenish gey in color.

  162. Delores says:

    I’m looking for a replacement on the rayban logo that was on the left arm of my vintage ray ban rituals W3067. It popped off a long time ago and I’ve had a terrible time trying to locate this part. Can you please help?

  163. Augusto -

    We suggest you take them into a local optical shop and have them adjusted.

  164. The 2140 comes in a 50 which is typically an OK size for a woman. We would need to know your Pupil Distance (PD) to confirm a fit.

    And, yes, there is a Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses model available.

    Please feel free to call Candace with any questions that you may have at 800-248-9427 ext 221.

  165. Augusto Tenorio says:


    I just bought a pair of gunmetal RB 3293‘s and was wondering if I could widen them just a tad myself without any risk to the glasses. The black ones I tried on were perfect fit, couldn’t even feel them on… but my gunmetal pair are a bit on the tight side…

    There are tiny screws where the hinge part meets the frame… I was wondering if that was the way to go? Or should i just bend the arms a bit….. Or will they ease out over time?

    Thanks a bunch!

  166. nashira says:

    The Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarers are stated as men’s design in this website but I have seen many female celebrities sporting it so I am confused. Is it a male or female design and if I order here can I get it with my prescription in?

  167. Mike says:


    I need replacement arms for an original pair of Wayfarer Sunglasses I own. I sent them to Luxottica Group and they returned them without new arms. Is there anyplace else I can find them? I have looked all over the net to no avail.


  168. Oakley’s polarization is built into the lens material and is not a laminate between the two materials.

  169. sariksha kawlessur says:


    What makes Ray Ban polarized lenses different from Oakley polarized lenses? What is the features of Ray Ban polarized lenses?

    This question has been on my mind for quiet a while now and I would like to expand my views on your product.

    Thank you

    Sariksha Kawlessur

  170. Flex is a spring hinge. If you want durability then this is a great feature as it saves wear and tear on the temples. They spring back into place when putting on or taking off.

  171. Jeff Lee says:

    Regarding the “RayBan Prescription RX RB 2113 Wayfarer With Flex“: Is there any reason why I might _not_ want the “flex” feature? I’m looking for durability.

  172. Again, call Luxottica (makers of Ray Ban sunglasses) and contact the consumer department at 1-800-343-5594 9-5 Eastern time. They should be able to help you.

  173. GERALD says:


  174. We called Luxottica, the manufacturer of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and gave them all of this information. They did some research and came back to us today and said that this is not one of their frames.

  175. Arthur says:

    Dear Richard,
    I purchased a pair of Ray-Bans and I’m concerned about its genuinity. I cannot find the model or number on the Ray-Ban website, and it’s marked as follows:
    right temple: Ray-Ban MADE IN U.S.A. CE
    (arent’t Ray-Bans made in Italy now?)
    left temple: L-7319

    Left lens: RB
    Right lens: Ray-Ban
    (both engraved)

    And you can read “LEI PENG sunglasses” on the tag attached to the frames. What is Lei Peng?

    Could you please tell if this is a fake or some authentic discontinued model?

  176. Discontinued in 55 but 58 available.

  177. Hi,
    Do you have Ray Ban aviators RB3025 014/83 55?

    Has Ray Ban discontinued this specific version?

    Thanks in advance!


  178. Here are some examples of bridge sizes in Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses:

    Ray Ban Aviator styles in order of smallest to largest bridge size:
    Ray Ban 3138 comes in a 9 bridge and the eye size is a 62.
    Ray Ban 3293 comes in a 13 bridge and the eye size is a 67.
    Ray Ban 3025 comes in a 14 bridge and the eye sizes come in 55, 58 and 62.
    Ray Ban 3026 comes in a 14 bridge and the eye size is a 62.
    Ray Ban 3214 comes in a 14 bridge and the eye size is a 59.
    Ray Ban 3340 comes in a 14 bridge and the eye size is a 66.
    Ray Ban 3213 comes in a 15 bridge and the eye size is 56.

  179. Vic says:

    I am an adult male looking for a pair of Aviators. I do have a very small nose bridge it seems. What sizes do the Aviators come in in terms of bridge size for adults?

  180. Luxottica took over the rights to the Ray Ban brand 8 years ago. The previous supplier was B&L, Bausch & Lomb. This model that you have purchased is a model that was once carried by B&L. The Ray Bans you purchased are authentic, but they are a discontinued model. Luxottica did not carry over this model when they bought Ray Ban from B&L 8 years ago.

  181. Pearl says:

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a pair of used Ray Bans and I was wondering if anyone could provide any information on it, though I am mostly looking for its year and confirmation on its authenticity. They’re Wayfarers, which is etched on the inside left arm, along with “W0487 WTAS” and on the other arm it says “B&L RAY-BAN U.S.A.”. There are also little “BL”s on the lenses.

  182. The Ray Ban RB 2113 Wayfarer With Flex sunglasses have the flex hinge, while the
    Ray Ban RB 2140 Wayfarer sunglasses don’t. That’s basically the difference between the two.

  183. Taran says:

    What’s the difference between the Wayfarer 2113′s and the Wayfarer 2140′s?

  184. Glenn Miller says:


    First let me say that I am VERY impressed with your willingness to help! I have never dealt with a company whose representative was as helpful as you have been, particularly when they had no idea whether I was going to be a “paying customer” or not. GREAT customer service is somewhat difficult to come by these days, thank you for being one place where it still exists! I will recommend Frames Direct to everyone I know, and will always use Frames Direct for my eyewear needs.

    I found the same pair of glasses on E-bay and unfortunately they are not the ones I had. :( I kind of figured I was going to be out of luck, so I have already ordered a new pair of aviators from you. I expect delivery today or tomorrow.

    Thank you again for your assistance. You have helped create a loyal customer!

    Glenn Miller

  185. Glenn Miller says:

    If only I could provide you that information. The frames have long since been discarded. My 9 month old (at the time) Labrador Retriever (that is now 9 years old) tired to eat the frames. Fortunately he was unsuccessful! They were however unwearable after his taste test. All I have is the lenses. The only thing unique about the lenses is that they have the “Diamondhard” logo under “Ray-Ban” on the lense,and on the case that I still have.

  186. Jennifer says:


    I will most certainly try to help you in any way that I can, but I need a little more information from you if possible. Are there any numbers inscribed on the inside of your temple piece, which is the piece that runs from your temple to you ear? If so, what are the numbers? Do you have a photo of the frames?

    If you can send me any of that information, that will be a great start and I will see what I can do or find out for you.


  187. Glenn Miller says:

    I have a set of “Ray-Ban” aviator style lenses that have the “diamondhard” coating on them. To their credit the lenses have outlasted the frames. I sent the lenses to Luxottica and was told that frames were no longer available. I suspect they were referring to the original frames.

    I am not opposed to buying a new pair of glasses if I can use the frames.

    Since most retailers won’t allow me to disassemble a pair to see if the frames will accept my lenses, how can I go about determining the size of my lenses?? I suspect they are close to 62mm and are classic aviator\outdoorsman style. I am learning that these lenses are rare and REALLY hope to find authentic frames for them. HELP!!!!

  188. Ted Basile says:

    Regarding: replacement parts for your Ray Ban sunglasses

    I called this number (800-343-5594) that got me into the customer service department of Luxottica and was able to order the replacement parts ($45) vs buying new glasses ($200)

    Luckily, the model# (RB3162) was stamped and still visible inside the temple piece for my glasses. The bad part is I have to wait 2-4 weeks for these parts to be shipped to me from Italy.

    Good luck!

  189. As mentioned above, we don’t sell replacement parts, but Luxottica (makers of Ray Ban sunglasses) should be able to help you. Contact Luxottica directly at 800-422-2020 in the USA. In Canada, call +1.(0)905.564.2400 and in New Zealand: 08 00 000 162.

  190. eliza says:

    I purchased a Ray Ban sun glasses, RB-3176 silver, about 2 years ago. Since then I have been trying to get on contact any sponsor but nobody been help me. To get replaced the right side arm or ear. Am willing to paid for. thank you

  191. Deborah says:

    Thank you VERY much for including info about Ray Ban repair! The nose piece tore on my favorite pair of sunglasses 2 wks. shy of a trip to Hawaii. More specifically, here is non-warranty repair info from the RayBan Web site: ship glasses to Luxottica Group, PO Box 304, Roslyn, NY 11576, send insured, specify product repair not warranty. They will determine charges to fix and contact you for payment in advance. For questions, call 1-800-343-5594 (US). Also, somebody said warranty is 2 yrs. but according to Ray Ban Web site, it’s only 1.

  192. Jennifer says:

    As for the RB 4058, unfortunately it only comes in a 54 eye size. I called the manufacturer to double check with their overseas warehouse and they confirmed that it is only made in one size. If you are interested in other Ray-Ban sunglasses in a smaller size, I would suggest the following:

    RB 2127, 52 eye size.
    RB 2128, 51 eye size.
    RB 2129, 51 eye size.
    RB 4067, 53 eye size.

    Have a great day!



  193. nimi says:

    Hi! I bought the rb4058 642/57. I find it a little large on my face. I would like to know if there is smaller frame on this model.


  194. Felix -

    Let’s see if we can help you with some of your questions.

    EN1836:2005 is a standard for health and safety applied by European Union Countries to check that sunglasses conform to the health and safety requirements laid down in The European Directive 89/686/EEC. Simply run a search for “European Directive 89/686/EEC” in Google and you will find lots of informative links.

    As for the “TV8+18%” that you mentioned, it’s not anything we are familiar with, so we can’t comment.

    The Lens Rating for sunglasses refers to the following:

    0 – Dimmed Brightness
    1 – High Contrast Brightness
    2 – Medium Brightness
    3 – High Brightness
    4 – Exceptional brightness (not suitable for driving)

    N = Normal lens material
    P = Polarizing
    F = Photochromic

    So 3P would be a polarized lens that can be used in High Brightness conditions.

  195. The Ray Ban 2140 sunglasses frame is a man’s frame and thank you for catching that error. We have made the change to our website.

    As for the 47 eye size you are inquiring about, this frame is not available in the 47 eye size in the USA. The only sizes available are 50 and 54. We called the supplier, Luxottica, and they stated that the 47 eye size is not available for purchase in the United States, but is available overseas. What we can do is order the 47 eye size as a special order frame, but it can often take 6-8 weeks to get delivered to our office location. It is important to know that if we do place it on order for you, it is non-returnable, cannot be exchanged and once it is ordered with the supplier, it cannot be cancelled for any reason. These rules only apply to special order frames.

    This policy comes directly from the supplier and not from We’d be happy to help you out as long as you understand the policy and restrictions for this special order.

  196. Nils Johansson says:

    I am interested in buying a pair of sunglasses Rayban Wayfarer original (2140) with polarized prescription glasses.
    I have two questions: 1: These glasses are not considered as womens sunglasses, but at your site they are marked as womens style. How come?
    2: I am interested in the smallest size (47), but you only have 50 and up. Is it possible to obtain it in size 47, and how do I order it?
    Nils Johansson, Sweden

  197. Felix says:

    I am having a lot of difficulty getting precise specifications on specific models. The information packet refers me to the EN1836:2005 standard. I don’t know where to get this. My lenses have a 3P code. The packet then tells me this corresponds to “TV8+18%”. I have no idea what this means. All I know is that my lens are polarized, which I can already tell just by looking through them. How can I get more information about the specifications for a particular lens?

  198. Meeshall -

    While I can not give you any information about that company, I can tell you that Luxottica is the manufacturer for Ray Ban sunglasses and you must be an authorized dealer to sell their product. You may want to contact Luxottica with the questions that you have. Here is the phone number for Luxottica in New Zealand: 08 00 000 162.

  199. Doug -

    You are correct. This pair has long since been discontinued by the manufacturer. Since we only buy direct from the manufacturer, we would not be able to advise you on where you can find this particular model. Sometimes, the manufacturer will have discontinued models in their warehouse, but in this case, the manufacturer has nothing left. Your best bet is to find it sitting in some local optical or sunglass store.

  200. Meeshall says:

    I recently bought a pair of Ray Ban optical frames (RB5076) from a site called However I have good reason to believe that they are selling fakes, as I have noted differences in both the construction and markings to the real thing. Vision Direct say their products are genuine, and their website shows pics of the real thing, but the glasses they sent are different to their photos. Have you heard anything about this company, but more importantly do you know who I could talk to to confirm if these are fakes? Many thanks.

  201. For our customers who have chosen this frame, approximately 2/3 choose the 64-13 size.

  202. Robert Komatsu says:

    I would like to purchase some Ray Bans 3267 003/8G. But I don’t know which size to get. 64-13 or 69-13. What do most people order?

  203. Doug SurfinGator says:

    Can you or anyone else tell me where I can find a pair of RayBan Cutters 2046 or 2047? To me the best pair of shades ever made. RayBan discontinued them two years ago and now they have dried up even on Ebay.

  204. As I mentioned in a previous comment above, we don’t sell replacement parts, but Luxottica (makers of Ray Ban sunglasses) is one of the few manufacturers that actually deals with the consumer. Contacting Luxottica directly at 800-422-2020 is your best bet.

    Any repairs and warranty defects for the following Luxottica sunglasses must be handled directly with the Luxottica Group: (see address below)

    Anne Klein
    Brooks Brothers
    Killer Loop
    RayBan Juniors
    Salvatore Ferragamo

    Send your product via a trackable courier along with proof of purchase, a brief description of the problem, your name, address and daytime phone number plus a USD 12.50 processing fee to:

    Luxottica Group
    ATTN: Consumer Returns Department
    P.O. Box 304
    Roslyn, NY 11576

    Telephone: 1.800.343.5594 M-F 9-5 pm EST

  205. The “W” refers to color and the numbers are the model number. These are older model specifications that aren’t used these days.

  206. wes stilley says:

    I have had several Wayfarer and Cats Aviator sunglasses over the last 40 years. What does the W number mean, as W2175?

  207. mary bernard says:

    i am looking to get arm replaced on my husbands shades (ray ban) as the ear broke. so now i need to find somewhere where they can replace the arm. the shades are about 3-4 yrs old. any help would be great thank you.


  208. Take a look at our page on Transitions® Lenses and DriveWear Lenses. You’ll find information on both of these lenses as well as an informational video.

    They are available in most types of lens materials and designs – from plastic to shatter-resistant materials like polycarbonate and Trivex® materials, and from single-vision lenses to bifocals, multi-focals and progressive lenses.

  209. jade says:

    I am interested in the technology used to make the glasses that tint automatically based on the amount of light that shines through them.

    Could someone please tell me the what these glasses are made of?

    Thanks a lot!

  210. Interesting. Try this one -

    Luxottica Canada: +1.(0)905.564.2400

    They are in Ontario.

    Hope that works for you.

  211. Shawn says:

    Unfortunately your source is not correct. That number is not available for callers in Canada either. At least callers in Toronto.

    Do you know of any other numbers that I could try?

    Thanks for your assistance. Hopefully, with your help, I will be able to get some resolution.


  212. Shawn -

    I am told that 800-422-2020 should work for you.

  213. Shawn says:

    I also have a pair of Ray Ban RB3179 top bar ovals and the right arm has come off of the small piece of metal that is attached to the screw. Its almost like the glue used has dried up and let go.

    I am trying to get someone from Luxottica to contact me via email with no results and all of the phone numbers you give do not work if you live in Canada.

    Do you have a phone number that works in Canada?

    How do I get someone from Luxottica to respond to my emails for help?

    Is my final option to throw away these $200.00 sunglasses because of a lousy web site, no communication and a lack of support?

    If that is the case, I may try crazy glue first.

    Your help would be appreciated.

  214. You can purchase a new pair of Ray Ban RB 3179 Top Bar sunglasses on our site, but we don’t sell parts at all.

    We spoke to James at Luxottica and you would need to contact the consumer department at 1-800-343-5594 9-5 Eastern time. You would have to mail in your sunglasses to Luxottica to have the arms replaced.

  215. Gerardo Ordoñez says:

    I have a the following Model RB 3179 Top Bar and one of the arm’s spring broke and i need a set of arms to once again make them useful., I am in Mexico but am having a relative visiting the States.( Downey CA ) could i have this delivered at a US address and what would be the lead time to have them delivered.

  216. RB 3267 and RB 3311 do have R-B etched in the left lens. Not all models do but that does not mean that they are not authentic.

    Luxottica tells us that the R-B and a 4-digit number will be stamped on the left hand side of the arm of the sunglass. This would make the model authentic and not fake. Most of the imitation models do not have the RB and model number stamped on the left. The reason that all models are not etched with R-B in the lenses is due to the type of material. The lenses could be polarized, polycarbonate etc.

  217. Matt says:

    Hi! Just wondering if all Ray-Bans have the R-B etched on the left lens? Reason is I recently bought an RB3267 and an RB3311 from a Ray-Ban store in a mall. And I noticed that there are no etch marks, though the clerk said they were genuine. I looked at some of the other sunglasses and some have them, others don’t. Even some of the more expensive ones don’t have them. Any comments on this? Thanks!!

  218. Norman –

    The light polarized lenses are just lighter in weight than the regular polarized lenses.

    Here are some RayBans that we offer with light polarized lenses:

    RayBan 4057 sunglasses colors 601/58 and 642/57

    RayBan 4058 sunglasses color 601/58

  219. Norman Esch says:

    Just wanted to ask where the difference between the “ordinary” polarized lenses and the “polarized lite” lenses is.

  220. jennifer says:

    I just want to PURCHASE a pair of raybans and I DO NOT want to have to go to a mall.. I know what I want! How does someone go about even purchasing a pair of them besides the old sunglass hut?! The rayban website is ridiculous! I just want to buy a pair of raybans and I want to know how to do it! NOW!

  221. Erica says:

    I once had a Silhouette customer service rep tell me that weight of their Silh 1960 chasis (which is plastic) weighs about the same as 3 paper clips.(this is the same for their titanium) What is that? 1 or 2 ounces?

    As for the polycarb, that you are referring to… I could only assume you mean prescription lenses. The weight of the lenses is determined by the prescription, but even some of the higher prescriptions in polycarb are usually no more then 3 or so ounces I would guess.

    Any frame that is made of a titanium metal or the SPX plastic like Silhouettes, along with the combination of Rx Poly lenses, will weigh a little less then 8 ounces…even less.

    I would say a typical plastic frame weighs about 4-5 ounces.

    I hope this helps.

  222. Gae Seal says:

    How can I determine the frame’s actual weight?

    I want to get away from “nose pads” but those are the lightest of all frames.

    Does anybody make a plastic frame (with polycarb) that is as light as Silhouette?

  223. Lewis says:

    Would you please expand on the differences/pros and cons of the G-15XLT vs. the polarized lens?

    G15 is a lens tint that is designed for better color perception. This lens tint is great for general purposes and all around use in the sun. The G-15XLT is a lens material specific to Rayban sunglass lenses. The XLT stands for Xtra Lite. Rayban has developed a glass lens that is truly lighter in weight than traditional glass lenses.

    The G15 is a color that the lens can be tinted, and the polarized lens is a physical attribute to the lens itself. Polarized lenses have a filter on the front of lens that will reduce the amount of reflected light that is passed through the lens. Polarized lenses are made in a variety of different lens tints, brown, grey, photo chromic and G15. Due to the reduction of reflected light, polarized lenses are great for use on the water, skiing – water or snow, and for sporting events.

    Aside from polarization what is the optical quality difference?

    With a non-prescription sunglass, there is not any noticeable differences between the optical quality of a lens tinted G15 or a polarized lens. Prescription sunglasses are more likely to have noticeable distortions. HOWEVER, this is not related to the G25 lens or the polarization of the lens. This distortion is related strictly to the prescription, the lens material, and the curvature of the frame the lens is inserted.

    Please note: The statement about “there is not any noticeable differences..” Please take into consideration the quality of the manufacturing process. Some manufactures are better at producing lenses that are of superior quality that offer no visual distortion due to the wrap of the sunglass or lens tint or lens features. Others do not produce as high of a quality product and the chance that there are lenses that can be purchased with distinct differences due to the lens attributes increases.

    What is the durability difference?

    By tinting a lens or offering a polarized lens typically does not change the durability of the lens. The durability is effected by the lens material. If you were to list the main lens materials in order of most durable to least durable, your list would like something like this: glass, CR-39 plastic, high index plastics, and polycarbonate. Glass is the only lens that does not have a scratch resistant coating. Glass is chemically hardened and will be the most durable lens material.

  224. ben says:

    Would you please expand on the differences/pros and cons of the G-15XLT vs. the polarized lens?

    Aside from polarization what is the optical quality difference?

    What is the durability difference?

    Thanks :)

  225. Erica says:

    The Rayban 2015 model sunglass is manufuactured with 2 types of lenses, polarized and non-polarized.  The polarized lenses, which are available in Brown or Grey color, are made of glass material, with polarization filters to reduce the amount of glare one experiences while in extreme sunglight.  The non-polarized lens, which is available in the G-15XLT  color,  is made of a polycarbonate material (high impact resistant plastic) . This color is best described as a green-grey color.  This color is considered a  “classic” lens color for Rayban sunglasses.  I own a pair of  Raybans with G-15XLT lenses  and have been quite happy with them.

  226. Claire says:

    Hello, I am considering purchasing a pair of RB2015 sunglasses but don’t know the difference between the polarized glass lensess and the G-15XLT lenses. Can you help explain?


  227. Lewis says:

    Luxottica has an extensive warranty on their sunglasses and may cover the replacement of the lenses, if they feel that there is a factory defect. You can reach their warranty department at 1-800-343-5594. They require you to send the sunglasses to them, and they will analyze the issue. They may replace them at no charge if deemed defective, or require a replacement fee.

    The warranty period for Rayban sunglasses through the manufacturer Luxottica is 2 years.

    My suggestion would be to contact their warranty department, discuss the situation in detail and follow their recommendations.

  228. ben says:

    I brought a pair of Ray Ban RB 3237, about a year or so ago and they have been great! However, recently the glass color seems to be fading…this is not normal. How can I get a replacement or can I? I think they have a life time waranty? Thank you.

  229. Unfortunately we don’t sell replacement parts, but Luxottica (makers of Ray Ban sunglasses) is one of the few manufacturers that actually deals with the consumer. Contacting Luxottica directly at 800-422-2020 is your best bet.

  230. Phil Gatensby says:

    I have a pair of RB 3194 glasses where the spring in one of the arms is broken. I would like to order 2 new arms but I have no idea of where to order them from. I live in the Yukon so only one store carries Ray Ban and were not helpful at all. Can anyone help me with this?


  231. Erica says:

    The polarized lenses for the Rayban 3183 have AR coating only on the backside of the lens. The lenses are made with a polycarbonate material which not only makes the lenses thinner and lighter in weight than traditional plastic lenses but, the material also offers ultraviolet (UV) protection in addition to being considered impact resistant.

  232. Ed Raymond says:

    I am interested in the model 3183. I know they are polarized, but are they coated with anti-reflective material on both sides? Also, I assume the lens are polycarbonate, and how breakable are they?

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