• Youreyesite
    May 14, 2009

    If you have not been in for a contact lens check-up within the calendar year, we hope to help you understand the importance of regular eye care and risks associated with long term contact lens use.

    The contact lens sits directly on the cornea. If the lenses have become warped, if protein has built up, if you wear lenses longer than you should before properly cleaning them, they may be causing problems that you are not aware of. If you are experiencing blurred vision or any unusual discomfort, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. To maintain good vision and healthy eyes it is imperative to have regular check-ups. It is possible that by not following the recommended wearing and cleaning procedure you can cause yourself to be unable to wear lenses in the future and you can damage your eyes.

  • Shady Grove Eye Vision Care
    May 4, 2009

    Lenses should be replaced as discussed with the doctor. Lenses schedules are implemented at the recommendation of the Food and Drug Administration, as they have studied the lens and approved a wearing schedule that makes wearing of the contact lens compatible with maintaining good eye health and hygiene. Wear longer than recommended schedule puts you at risk for certain eye infections, inflammations and even corneal blindness.

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