As the weather gets warmer, music festivals begin popping up all over the country. If you live in one of the lucky towns with these festivals, you may notice a swarm of hipsters crawling around your city, nature calling them to their natural habitat.

There are multiple ways to spot a hipster: messenger bag, skinny jeans, cans of PBR in hand, and most importantly, some sort of eyewear.

Von Zipper Spazz Sunglasses

Von Zipper Spazz Sunglasses

If you want to know for sure that you are in the presence of a hipster, we have compiled a list of eyewear you can use to compare. Or, if you dare to venture out to the music festival and immerse yourself in the hipster subculture (for academic purposes of course), you may want to outfit yourself with one or two of these frames.

Top 6 Hipster Sunglasses

  1. The RayBan RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses are a hipster favorite. We’re not sure how Ray-Bans became so popular among hipsters – maybe it’s because early Ray-Bans were first designed for military personal, and that history was too ironic for hipsters to pass up. Available in all types of colors and prints, 50% of hipsters will surely be wearing these types of shades.
  2. Another classic hipster style is the clubmaster, for example the Shuron Escapades Sunglasses for men. Known for their retro-style frames, Shuron doesn’t disappoint with these sunglasses. The Mauve version with flower details on the frame front and temples in particular completes the skinny jeans look.
  3. Thought you saw someone wearing a nice pair of 3D glasses? They were probably just the Electric CB4 Sunglasses, which are almost a costume-like pair of frames. Of course, don’t mention they look like 3D glasses – the hipster will give you a detailed explanation about the problem with 3D movies based on an article she read in The New Yorker.
  4. For some bright neon color, try the Yipes Crystal version of the Von Zipper Spazz Sunglasses for women. In the form of an oversized, modified cat-eye, these sunglasses give the wearer personality and character. Even though a hipster will wear them, she won’t spazz out about them because she’s too cool to get excited about anything.
  5. D&G DD3060 Sunglasses

    D&G DD3060 Sunglasses

  6. When not wearing t-shirts with ironic sayings or their favorite band, hipsters adorn the plaid uniform. With the Check on Brown version of the D&G DD3060 Sunglasses for men, the plaid theme can appear on their eyewear as well. Don’t let the hypnotizing lines of the plaid distract you though – you don’t want to miss the hipster telling you about the latest album he got on vinyl.
  7. Aviators are another sunglasses style hipsters like to pretend they knew about before they were cool. Carrera presents a slightly modified aviator in the form of the Carrera 15/S Sunglasses. The electric blue hues of these frames draw hipsters to them like their iPhone is drawn to the Instagram app.

Top 6 Hipster Eyeglasses

  1. Bright orange is the theme of the Mikli ML0946 Eyeglasses. Not only does the color stand out but so does the pattern, giving the acetate a textured look. Don’t ask about them though – the hipster will be offended that you didn’t read about them on her Tumblr.
  2. Boxy, oversized eyeglasses that look like they came out of a photo from the 70s are another sign of a hipster. If you didn’t know the frames were the Von Zipper Beg Borrow Steal Eyeglasses for men, you might assume that the hipster borrowed them from his father. In fact, you could probably compare photos from then and now, and they would probably be pretty similar, down to the thick mustache.
  3. Shuron also made this list with the Shuron Nulady Clear Bridge Eyeglasses for women. Coming in flirty pinks and beiges, these cat-eyed frames are very distinct with the unconnected brow on the top of the frame front that extends to the temples. Heads of hipster boys will turn as the hipster girls ring their bike bells, riding past in the boys in these sweet frames.
  4. For the hipster about to perform in a festival show, small rectangles are the easiest style to prove he isn’t trying too hard. The John Varvatos V336 Eyeglasses for men provide simplicity with their thin, textured temples. John Varvatos, known for the fashion of musicians, makes them ideal for complimenting a banjo, tuba and tap shoes.
  5. Ray-Ban RX RX6049 Eyeglasses

    Ray-Ban RX RX6049 Eyeglasses

  6. Of course Ray-Ban also made our eyeglasses list with the Ray-Ban RX RX6049 Eyeglasses. These wire-rimmed frames, a different take on the classic aviator sunglasses style, give hipsters another option for a pair of oversized frames. In these frames, the hipster can stereotypically judge others with her knowledge of some obscure band no one else has heard.
  7. Nothing says hipster like an old, faded t-shirt from Goodwill complimenting a high-quality pair of eyeglasses like the Persol PO3007V Eyeglasses. Ask the hipster about the frames and, in the most pretentious way possible, he will spout out a whole explanation about the Meflecto system on the temples of the frames, which is Persol’s patented technology for eliminating temple pressure. In addition, these eyeglasses come with the option of a clip-on, so you might see him taking the Persol PO3007C Clip-On on and off when he goes in and out of music venues.

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