Wooden sunglasses and glasses frames accents can no longer be considered a trend when they stick around this long (get it?) And like a tree that takes a lifetime time to grow to full height, these natural beauties are made to last. Taking advantage of the textures and colors wrought by Mother Nature herself, there is no better way to marry the sleek and fashionable with the earthy and organic.

These Superdry glasses are a great way to kick off our list; they are inspired by Johnny Depp and brought to you by the British brand which is shorthand for cool. A perfect fusion of American, Japanese, and Brit influences, the stylized bamboo curve to the wooden temples will get you noticed.

Superdry Deppwood glasses superdry depp


Ray-Ban never falls behind the curve, so they’ve come out with wooden Clubmasters in both eyewear and sunglasses. Available in Cherry, Maple, and Walnut, the deep and interesting textures set them apart and have personality to spare.

Ray-Ban RB3016M Clubmaster Wood in Cherry

wood sunglasses ray-ban rb3016M


Ray-Ban RX5154M in Walnut

wood glasses ray-ban 5154M


Prada is known for their artistic flair and edgy fashion-forward designs. The double bridge and marbled Havana temples make these bold square frames showstoppers.

Prada PR 30RS Wood Sunglasses

prada PR 30RS wood sunglasses


What’s in a name? Well Caviar is one of our more exclusive, high-end brands (just like the delicacy they are named after.) If you are looking for precision eyewear crafted like jewelry, then these funky frames could be the ticket.

Caviar 1512 Genuine wood glasses



Black Fly Sunglasses are a West Coast institution, so if you’re a surfer, skater, or just a beach bum at heart – these unique frames can help you hang ten and hang tough.

Black Flys Fly Detector Wood Ltd. Sunglasses in Red Wood



But what if you love the look of wood, but you’re too worried about how the elements may distress your frames? If you’re regularly putting your sunglasses to the test then maybe a wood effect made of Costa’s high-tech weather resistant Hydrolite are more up your alley.

Costa Harpoon in Wood fade with Gray 580P Lenses

wood glasses costa harpoon