Sunglasses Celebrities Currently Love

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Celebrities are updating their sunwear, and we have the sunglasses scoop.

First off, a Ray-Ban love fest. Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted in the classic large aviator and Beyoncé in the Clubmaster in brushed bronze. And with young actresses like Dianna Agron wearing the popular round, mirrored sunnies—we’re sure this flashy lens trend will become a summer staple.

Outside the realm of Ray-Ban has been actresses like Jamie King, taking style risks with Prada’s Voice sunglasses in green with blue gems. We love it paired with her classic white dress. Lastly, Reese Witherspoon recently opted for a neutral option with Tory Burch Panama shades in khaki-praline.

These ladies are always inspiring our eye style, and we can’t wait to see which sunglasses they put on next.

Stay tuned!

Get Ready For Summer In Best-Selling Sunglasses

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We’re in the homestretch. Memorial Day weekend is just days away, and hopefully that means you’re lucky enough to score a three-day weekend in the sun. Summer may not officially kick off until June, but that doesn’t mean the lake and pool are off limits. So to get you started, I thought I’d share some of our best-selling sunglasses for ladies.

persolFirst up we have these Persol Sunglasses (Style PP0714). This has been a popular choice because of their clever, foldable design, making the pair the perfect travel companion. (Watch them fold here!) Whether it is in your purse or your weekender—these handmade sunglasses go anywhere you can fit them.

2raybanSecond, we have these Ray-Ban Erika (Style RB4717) Sunglasses. This “rubber” frame has been a go-to pick for ladies because it’s actually a lightweight, hypoallergenic propionate nylon. In other words, it’s resistant to warm weather. The color of the beach also helps tie in the summer vibe and looks great with shades of blue or aqua.

PradaMaybe you’re more of sipping cocktails by the pool kind of lady? Well, these jet-black Prada Sunglasses (Style PR 17OS) could be just what you’re looking for. These glamorous shades add just the right amount of classic with a dash of poolside luxury.  Dolce

Next, we have these Dolce & Gabbana (Style DG4207) Multi-color Sunglasses. A brand known for creating collections with the essence of the Mediterranean, you can feel like you’ve been whisked away on your dream vacation. The flattering shape has just a touch of color on the temples to add a little pop of interest to your ensemble.


Lastly, we couldn’t leave out one of the hottest items on our site—the Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses (Style RB3447). This unisex frame has been seen on celebrities including: Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. It walks a fine line between retro and modern and is sure to be a staple this summer.

Didn’t fall in love with any of these shades? No problem, we have tons more.

Iconic Eyewear Then and Now

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Iconic Glasses Shapes: Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster & Cat-Eye


  • Aviators were invented for US Air Force pilots in the 1930’s who were in dire need of sunglasses that would eliminate glare, while providing the best possible vision through smoke and debris.
  • Developed by Ray-Ban and released for sale in 1937
  • Made to conform to pilot’s helmets, the tear drop lenses mimic the shape of pilot goggles
  • Most Aviators feature a double bridge and adjustable nose pads
  • Large lenses prevent the maximum amount of light from entering the eye
  • In the 1970’s colorful ladies’ versions of the Aviator became popular, many styles were embellished


  • The 1950’s saw many advances in the use of plastics, heralding the invention of Acetate. This mold-able material made it possible for Raymond Stegeman, a designer a Ray-Ban, to create the distinctive trapezoidal frame of the Wayfarer.
  • The Wayfarer shape is popular in both eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Ray-Ban Wayfarers feature metal rivets on the end points
  • They were the standard rock star look for icons like Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan
  • A mid-century design classic that had its first big comeback in the 1980’s
  • Distinctive “shark-fin” contour to the temples
  • Wayfarers were originally marketed to Men but were quickly embraced by Women as well


  • Clubmasters were the most common style worn during the 1950’s and 1960’s, marked by a bold plastic upper part of the frame and a thin metal lower part.
  • Originally manufactured by Shuron Ltd. in 1947
  • Also called Browline Glasses, Clubmasters mimic the way the eyebrows frame the face
  • Primarily popular in the U.S.A, Clubmasters accounted for half of all eyeglasses sales in the ’50s
  • As the easiest route to the “geek chic” look, Clubmasters were rejected by hippies in the 1960’s but embraced by hipsters in the ’10s


  • Cat-Eye glasses were at the height of women’s fashion in the 1950’s, originally invented by heiress and socialite Altina Schinasi
  • Originally called Harlequin glasses, they evoke a retro, playful femininity
  • The rounded frames, upswept at the temples, are reminiscent of Egyptian winged eyeliner
  • Conceived to complement women’s facial features and enhance your coloring
  • Use Cat-Eye frames to achieve the “sexy librarian” look

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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We love our moms. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, we want to knock it out of the park. But shopping for your favorite lady can seem like a daunting task. To help, we created this special Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help narrow down your options. Make her day and find something she’ll love enough to brag about to all of her friends. If you don’t see anything that seems like the right fit here, don’t fret. Shop more brands she’ll love here. She deserves it.


For the free spirited mom who isn’t afraid to express herself.

Shop more boho looks:
Shop these Prada sunglasses:




For the the chic mom who never leaves the house without her lipstick.

Shop more glam looks:
Shop these Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses: 11174842_10153290063272224_8681350565206285490_n


For the polished mom with a penchant for the classic and clean cut.

Shop more preppy looks:
Shop these Tory Burch sunglasses: 603732_10153290063377224_7772684324750925318_nFIT

For the sporty mom who stays active and has energy to spare.

Shop more fit looks:
Shop these Kate Spade sunglasses:

Focus Fashion: Meet Kelsey and Jake Bang

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Name: Jacob and Kelsey Bang

Blog: Kelsey Bang

Instagram: @KelseyBang

What inspired you two to blog together?
When we met, one thing we found we loved to do together was go on adventures and take pictures! Both of us have always been into fashion and found incorporating style into our pictures made it even more exciting for us! Once we started transitioning what we loved to do into a blog, we were hooked! We have so much fun blogging and hope it’s something we get to do for a long time.


Why do you love shopping on
We love shopping at for the awesome selection! We love that we can find all our favorite sunglasses brands and get the sunglasses we want at a great price! The site is also super easy to use to find what you are looking for. We love that I can find a pair of frames I like in unique colors that I can’t find anywhere else.

What fashion trends are you loving right now?
Right now we are so excited for spring fashion! Some of our favorite trends for the season that we are excited to start incorporating into our wardrobe are fringe, colored suede, bold stripes and minimalist athletic wear.

fashion_blogger_shabby_apple_pink_nutcracker_dress_review_style-3Shop Kelsey’s Prada sunglasses here!

Why are sunglasses such an important accessory?
We have been big fans of sunglasses ever since we started a fashion blog. Sunglasses always help complete a look and take it up a notch and help us feel more put together! We feel like sunglasses can take an outfit from looking drab, to fab!

What’s something outside the realm of fashion that inspires you?
Nature! We love the outdoors! Whether it be snowy, sunny or rainy, we love spending time outdoors. We find that being in nature helps us be more at peace and find creativity in every day.

window_pane_navy_topman_suit_menswear_fashion-2Shop Jake’s sunglasses here!

When and where were you most happiest?
Disneyland! We are such Disney fans! Any chance we get, we love to sneak away for a trip to Disneyland! We love all the theme music, amazing food and of course the rides! We love anytime we go back because it reminds us of the happy times we have had there, and the happy times to come!

Focus Fashion: Meet Cristina Facundo

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Name: Cristina Facundo


Instagram: @stylebycristina

What inspired you to become a wardrobe stylist?

Living in NYC surrounded by the arts, the culture and of course the fashion! I was heading home on the subway and passed by FIT. I decided to go in and speak with an advisor and less than a month later, I was enrolled as a Fashion Styling student.


Why do you love shopping on

I love because of their ability to instantly change my look. Similar to getting a new haircut, it’s making a statement without the commitment.

What fashion trends are you loving right now?

I’m loving everything 1970’s, from mules to bell bottom jeans but especially round sunglasses. I already have my eye on those round Ray-bans!

Why are sunglasses such an important accessory?

Not only do they have their place in history, they are easily a statement piece to any outfit.


What’s something outside the realm of fashion that inspires you?

I love visiting botanical gardens, greenhouses, and farmers markets. I find the vibrant colors so inspiring and always leave with new combinations of colors to try in my outfits.

When and where were you most happiest?

I am happiest when I’m surrounded by people, whether family and friends or a group of strangers. I draw so much inspiration from people watching so I love attending music festivals, museums, and parties. And if there’s dancing involved, that’s a bonus!

Shop Cristina’s Prada Cinema PR 12QS Sunglasses here!

Sunglasses Trends at Milan Fashion Week

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Prada Rayban RayBan


 Photos by: Phil Oh for Vogue

Prada Prada RayBan Prada Prada Rayban RayBan

By no means did the street style slow down with the arrival of Milan Fashion Week. From head-to-toe, the fashion elite strutted their style in playful jackets, graphic elements, and touches of 70’s fringe. But of course—our curiosity focused on the sunglasses trends.

Once again, Wayfarers were the chosen Ray-Ban of choice. Which we love because they’re reasonably priced (especially with a promocode). Mirrored aviator sunglasses in gold and silver reflected photographers and editors walking into shows. And the popular trend of mixed acetates with metal details popped up, too. Feeling inspired? Shop our stylish designer page here!

Pantone Inspiration: Marsala

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With spring around the corner, we’ve wanted to warm up our wardrobe with a little color. And Pantone’s 2015 color of the year, Marsala is the perfect hue to ignite our love for color this spring. Described as, “a naturally robust and earthy wine red” this Pantone pick is the perfect shade for an accessory like glasses with its impactful warmth. This color could also be used as a neutral, allowing you set your browns and greys aside for a bit. Shop this rich hue here! And if you love the Burberry glasses above—shop them here!

Sunglasses Trends at LFW

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Photos by: British Vogue

wayfarer round MarcJacobs MarcJacobs cateye MarcJacobs mj toryburch toryburch rayban round wayfarer wayfarer wayfarer wayfarer

NYFW has ended, but the shows are far from over. Currently, London Fashion Week is in full swing, and we’ve been keeping an eye out on the latest street style for you. With new trends like flair jeans and leather fringe skirts—it comes as no surprise that round sunglasses have become the it frame to wear. In fact, these round Ray-Ban frames have already been seen on Sienna Miller. Of course, there is no replacing the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, a frame worn by anyone who wants to instantly add a classic cool element to their ensemble. Also, similar to NYFW, the cat-eye frame is in full force with Havana shades and textured frames. Shop the inspired looks above or check out the latest designer eyewear here!

Glasses at The Oscars

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shop Shuron Kate Spade Prada Cavalli

Photos: Getty Images

There were many big moments at the Oscars last night. From powerful speeches to chic gowns and sharp tuxedos. We watched every single moment (even when it ran long…) And although the Oscars didn’t get as much eyewear attention as The Golden Globes, there was still plenty of standout eyewear. Editor-In-Chief of Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen even tweeted out how much she loved seeing glasses at the award show, “#nerdychic” as she called it.

For instance, Patricia Arquette was wearing beautiful plum glasses with a slight cat-eye when she won Best Actress last night. Best Actor Nominee, Steve Carell may not have took home the Oscar, but he won major style points by wearing the popular trend of clear frames last night. If you’re feeling like it’s time to update your eyewear shop here or shop some similar frames above! You don’t need a red carpet to feel chic!

NEW Michael Kors Collection


Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors Michael Kors

You can’t mention American luxury without thinking of Michael Kors. The award-winning designer has been creating beautiful collections for the runway since 1981. Recently, Michael Kors relaunched his eyewear collection, and we’re thrilled to be carrying this sleek and sophisticated collection on

With Michael Kors, the beauty is in the detailing. Look for refined embellishments like subtle MK logos off the hinges. Color blocking goes one step further with the introduction of mixed materials. Otherwise flat temple arms are given added dimension and angle. Also, many MK sunglasses come with gradient lenses, optimal for viewing the dashboard of the road ahead. These small details bring into view a big picture of smart fashion.

The best part? This latest collection allows you to coordinate your Michael Kors handbag to your new chic sunglasses. They’re perfect for the person who’s ready to feel like the ultimate jetsetter.

Sunglasses Trends at NYFW

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fashionweekPhotos by Phil Oh for

mirrored lens aviators cateye Vera Wang escada rayban rayban randolph cazal

Just because the weather is freezing in New York City—doesn’t mean the street style has been comprised. NYFW attendees have been working their layering magic amidst the snow and wind. But if there is one accessory that we love to see during this fashionable month, it’s eyewear. So far, we’ve noticed three trends dominating the tents at Lincoln Center: cat-eye frames, square aviators, and reflective lenses.

Each make their own statement. Cat-eye sunglasses in particular have been a huge trend for eyewear and will continue to be into the summer. Men have been seen in a more structured aviator, like the iconic Randolph Engineering sunglasses. Lastly, the trend of mirrored lenses isn’t going anywhere. With spring around the corner, we can only see more colors flash by us. Want to be ahead of the trends? Start shopping here!

Feed The Children Donation

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Since the start of their organization in 1979, Feed The Children has become one of the world’s leading anti-hunger organizations, dedicated to creating a world where no child goes to bed hungry. Accredited by GuideStar Exchange and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and given a 4-star rating from Charity hunger, the organization has given over $344 million in food, supplies, medicine and more to over 10 million individuals in the United States and 18 other countries in the fiscal year of 2013.

At, we understand the importance of helping others in need. After looking for a organization to work with, we were happy to find Feed The Children. Recently, we donated hundreds of designer frames with a hope that a brand new pair of eyewear will help enhance the vision and life of another. We encourage you to check out Feed The Children here and take the time to learn about such a impactful organization.