Valentine’s Sunglasses for Her

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Gucci lace Prada Rayban Kate Spade Kate Spade

Love is in the air or at least it will be soon. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and what better gift to give than a brand new pair of sunglasses. All orders must be placed by February 6th, so the time to shop is now!

As the style editor, I’ve curated the sweetest frames for our Valentine’s Gift Guide. My personal favorite is the Bernadette sunglasses that were seen on Anna Kendrick in “The Waiting Game” video for Kate Spade. They’re both charming and fun, but if they don’t seem like a good fit, we have tons to choose from (some are pictured above). Check out the Valentine’s Gift Guide here, and feel free to buy a little something for yourself. We won’t tell.

Glasses for Your Personality Type

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Everyone loves a personality test. It gives us the opportunity to be introspective, think about who we are, our hopes, our dreams…our style. Personality traits influence fashion preferences – what you feel comfortable in, and what suits you. And although there are a lot of variables that go into choosing the right pair of glasses – face shape, bone structure, prescription – here at we thought it would be fun to pair our top 16 brands with their complementary personality type.

One of the most thorough and pervasive personality tests is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, inspired by the archetypes of Carl Jung. If you already know which of the sixteen personality types you are, skip on to the eyewear recommendations below. If you don’t, simply Google “Myers-Briggs free personality test” and take one that appeals to you, there are tons available on the web.

Now that you know who you are, it’s time to find out how that translates into what you should wear:

If you’re an ISFJ (Nurturer)

You should wear: Tory Burch

You’re a dedicated friend and employee, and protective of those you love. Since you embody warmth and empathy while also valuing time honored, classic taste, Tory Burch’s preppy-boho fusion is perfect for you.


Tory Burch TY2030


If you’re an ISFP (Artist)
You should wear: Prada

You’re charming and creative with a highly developed aesthetic sense. Like Miuccia Prada, when she inherited the fashion house in 1978, you want to create something original. Prada frames will give your look a touch of the quirky and avant-garde, befitting a true artist.


Prada PR 28PS


If you’re an ESTJ (Guardian)

You should wear: Kenneth Cole

As a hardworking person with unsurpassed management and organizational skills, you will appreciate Kenneth Cole. He has never let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. Kenneth went from selling shoes out of a trailer on the streets of New York to building a global brand. His designs echo this adaptability and versatility, giving you style that translates whether you’re organizing soup kitchen volunteers or running a political campaign.


Kenneth Cole KC0199


If you’re an ESTP (Doer)
You should wear: Ray-Bans

You like to live on the edge – just like the fighter pilots that originally inspired the very first Aviator style sunglasses in 1937. Smart, energetic, and looking for quick results, you’re a rebel like James Dean in his Wayfarers. With a storied history, and the most popular brand of sunglasses of all-time, Ray-Bans are the choice for a doer on the move.


Ray-Ban RB8041


If you’re an ESFJ (Caregiver)

You should wear: Kate Spade

You’re popular, energetic, and live to be of service to others. People are already attracted to your upbeat, caring energy. Reinforce that message with colorful, yet sophisticated Kate Spade eyewear. It’s as much fun as you can have while still being the responsible one.


Kate Spade LYSSA


If you’re an ESFP (Performer)
You should wear: Versace

You’re spontaneous, energetic and love to be the center of attention – what brand other than Versace can really help you show off? An Italian luxury brand known for their glamour and sex appeal, Versace frames are never boring, just like you.


Versace VE4237B


If you’re an ISTP (Crafter)
You should wear: Oakley

You’re a master of tools, instruments and machines, and you’re prone to some bold risk-taking behaviors. With their dedication to cutting edge, experimental technology, and with roots in motocross, Oakley is the obvious choice for you.


Oakley Carbon Plate


If you’re an INFJ (Protector)
You should wear: Gucci

You’re a powerful person, but don’t have to raise your voice to be heard. Your brand is Gucci. Like you, they are enigmatic and individualistic. There’s no one else quite like you, and no brand quite like Gucci – which is why their products spark endless knock-offs. But stocks the genuine article, for all you unique snowflakes.


Gucci GG4246/S


If you’re an ISTJ (Examiner)

You should wear Burberry

You’re a no-nonsense person who always fulfills their duties. Your practical, reliable nature means that you value tradition. There is no brand that exemplifies traditional values like Burberry. Established in 1865 in England, originally specializing in outdoor attire, they invented that staple we know as the trench coat. In the 21st century Burberry is a full service luxury fashion house, known for their trademark tartan.


Burberry BE2161Q


If you’re an INFP (Idealist)

You should wear: Maui Jim

You have a poetic soul, and your gentle nature senses the possibilities all around us. Possibilities like when a small sunglasses company can grow from a tiny operation on the beach in Hawaii to a top-selling brand. If you feel sometimes the modern world moves too fast for you, embrace the Aloha spirit and kick back in your Maui Jim shades. You can save the world tomorrow.


Maui Jim Sand Island-253


If you’re an ENFP (Inspirer)
You should wear: Persol

You are magnetic, enthusiastic and able to do anything you set your mind to. Your brand is Persol, one of the worlds most respected and sought-after eyewear brands. Like you, they are creative and innovative. Over the years (since 1917) Persol’s handcrafted glasses have come to embody the intersection between fashion, design, and technology.


Persol PO9714VM


If you’re an INTJ (Scientist)
You should wear: Costa

You’re imaginative and strategic, turning theories into action. So were the founders of Costa sunglasses, who needed a better polarized lens for fishing, and decided to invent their own. Your high standards will be met by their premium lenses, specialized for any environment, to eliminate glare and allow the precise correct amount of light in.


Costa Cocos


If you’re an ENFJ (Giver)
You should wear: Polo

Like one of the most iconic all-American brands, Polo, you are a born leader. You inspire others with your charismatic and alluring personality. Ralph Lauren and his brand, Polo, have been turning trends into timeless classics since 1971. Someone with your ability to be influential has the power do the same; can we suggest starting with your eyewear?


Polo PH2047


If you’re an ENTP (Visionary)
You should wear: Serengeti

You’re smart and curious and love an intellectual challenge. Serengeti is the perfect brand for people like you, interested in going deeper than the surface. The line is elegant and fashion-forward, but the true star of Serengeti eyewear is the lens technology. They are designed for exceptional clarity with drivers and pilots in mind.


Serengeti Aerial


If you’re an INTP (Thinker)

You should wear: TAG Heuer

You’ve heard about the precision of Swiss watches. Well, what better eyewear brand for a logical, inventor-type like you, than Tag Heuer? The Swiss manufacturing company, established in 1860, applies the same painstaking attention to detail necessary for watch-making to every pair of frames.


TAG Heuer Spring Rubber 0341


If you’re an ENTJ (Executive)

You should wear: Emporio Armani

Like Giorgio Armani himself, you are a bold leader and an imaginative problem-solver. Known for clean lines and contemporary design, Emporio Armani’s eyewear line is perfect for the boardroom or the high powered business lunch.


Armani EA3019


Quick FSA/HSA Facts

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We thought we’d share some FSA/HSA facts with you. With new FSA funds available, it’s the perfect time to start shopping for a stylish new pair of prescription eyewear for 2015! We understand this topic can be a bit confusing, so please don’t hesitate to call 800-248-9427 to speak with one of our expert opticians! We’ve also provided answers to some of the most commonly asked FSA/HSA questions here.

FSA Facts:

  • All of your FSA funds for the entire year are available January 1st.
  • FSA funds usually expire at the end of each calendar year.
  • You may be able to carry $500 of unused FSA funds from the previous year depending on your employer.

HSA Facts:

  • HSA funds are accrued throughout the calendar year.
  • HSA dollars never expire and will remain in your account until they are used.
  • lf you don’t use your HSA funds in a given year, the unspent money will roll over into your account for next year.

HSA/FSA Facts:

  • FSA/HSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyewear and/or frames.
  • FSA/HSA funds can be used whether you have vision insurance or not.


Glasses at the Golden Globes


TedBaker RayBan Persol Gucci

Photos: Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Michael Tran/FilmMagic, Hollywood Reporter, Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The Golden Globes may be over, but let’s not forget about the eyewear that stole the show. We’ve collected four looks of the nights most talked about accessory. First up, Lupita Nyong’o’s chic glasses that earned themselves their very own Twitter account. She selected a classic black frame with a touch of gold on the temples. We picked these Gucci frames because they are a close match to Lupita’s beautiful style. Second is Benedict Cumberbatch in the Persol frames above. It seems the actor enjoys wearing a frame that is not only handmade in Italy, but is timeless in style. We think Sherlock would totally approve.

Next is everyone’s favorite Office boss, Steve Carell. Nominated for his role in the ‘Foxcatcher’, he arrived at the Golden Globes in a beautiful square frame with a striped tortoise detail. The Ray-Ban frames above are eerily similar to the frames we saw walk the red carpet on Sunday. Lastly, we have the incredible Meryl Streep. An avid fan of eyewear, we were not surprised to see her flawlessly sport a wearable metal frame. The Ted Baker frame above is a similar look to the eyewear worn by one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses. Looking for more eyewear to elevate your look? Shop more here!

Holiday Catalog: Tag Heuer Eyewear


tag tag tag tag Tag

It’s time to put your style into drive with Tag Heuer. Not only do they offer modern designs, each pair of glasses embodies a powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, and ergonomic engineering. Tag Heuer is a brand that consistently delivers eyewear that remains unrivaled in performance and patented innovation.

Tag Heuer sunglasses feature stylish, contemporary design that blend performance and protection. Meanwhile, Tag Heuer eyeglasses are tested for many resistances, like hair products, oil, sweat, impact and more. In fact, each frame undergoes 20 tests before passing inspection. The brand known for advanced design, materials and ergonomics, has received many design awards and is considered by many to be the ultimate sports luxury brand in the world. Shop more Tag Heuer eyewear here!

Gifts Under $200 For Him And Her


Holbrook Clubmaster Randolph Dolce Kate Spade Tory

Still looking for the perfect gift for someone this holiday season? Well, we’re keeping the spirit of gifting going by providing you with more ideas for him and her. All under $200.

Women have been loving metallic touches on sunglasses, and it doesn’t seem like this shiny trend is going to grow dull. The Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses (above) with gold flecks is the perfect gift for any woman who loves to stand out. Men have been drawn to sunglasses with clean, classic lines. For instance, Randolph Engineering aviators have been a popular item among male shoppers. These frames have been seen on Jon Hamm as Donald Draper on Mad Men, so you know they’re timeless. Need more ideas? Don’t forget to check out our holiday gift guide for him and her.

Holiday Catalog: O’Neill Eyewear



Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil Oneil

You don’t have to live near the beach to enjoy O’Neill eyewear. What once was a surfing brand has expanded into a leading lifestyle brand that captures the spirit of the surfer. O’Neill carries everything a snow or water enthusiast could want.

Frames like the Cali eyeglasses (above) capture the hues of the beachside wilderness with tropical violets, seafoam blues and driftwood browns. The metal construction as seen on the Webber (above) is a handcrafted acetate frame with high gloss or smooth matte finishes. Check out more O’Neill eyeglasses/sunglasses or peruse the rest of the Holiday Catalog here!

Inspiration: Holiday Gifts For Him

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Rayban Persol Persol wayfarer aviator aviator Rayban Rayban

Photo Source: Goran Cizmesija for Street Style Seconds

It’s the time of the year to think of the special men in our lives. From dad to brother to significant others, we always try to gift them with something they are sure to love all year long. That’s why sunglasses are always on top of the shopping list. Our style editor collected the top four frames that men tend to gravitate towards buying. Each frame is a classic.

Take for instance, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Aviator, they are both timeless and wearable sunglasses. And for the men who truly appreciate handcrafted workmanship, Persol frames are the quintessential mans-man sunglasses, worn by actor Steve McQueen himself. So whether you’re buying for the ones you love or getting yourself something special this holiday season, you can find just what you’re looking for here. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the ladies. Check out this post for style inspiration for her!

Inspiration: Holiday Gifts For Her

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holidayPhoto Sources: 1/2/3/4/5

Prada Prada Aviator Aviator Wayfarer Wayfarer Clubmaster Clubmaster

In lieu of the upcoming holiday, we thought we’d share the latest “It” frames with you. And because ladies go first, we collected sunglasses that have been worn by some of the most fashionable and famous women today. Ray-Ban, of course, lead the stylish pack. The Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Aviator were all seen on magazine editors and major fashion bloggers this year.

Another notable “It” frame would be the Prada Cinema sunglasses. Worn by celebrities like Beyonce and fashion blogger, Blair Eadie, this style exploded in popularity. The retro/modern style of the frame made them an instant classic.

Any of these sunglasses would make the perfect gift for her (or yourself!) this holiday season. If you’d like to see a bit more inspiration, check out this holiday gift guide or talk to one of our opticians. They’re always happy to help guide you!

Holiday Catalog: Oakley Eyewear



Oakley Oakley

If you’re looking for frames with streamlined and innovative design, Oakley’s CrossLink Pitch and Junket frame will deliver. The CrossLink Pitch is a popular frame among men with their lightweight, durable O Matter® material and interchangeable temples. They are both sleek and versatile. The Junket is a favorite among women with a light acetate frame in a variety of colors. If you’d like to read the entire catalog click here or shop Oakley eyewear here!

The Holiday Catalog Has Arrived

Our Holiday Catalog has officially arrived! To celebrate, we’ll be sharing the hottest styles from inside the catalog pages, so you can take a closer look at popular brands like Oakley, Under Armour, Maui Jim and more.

The cover photo features the Oakley CrossLink and Short Cut eyeglasses. Both pairs have become customer staples with their streamlined yet sporty look. If you want to read and shop the entire catalog now, click here!

The Innovation Of Oakley Eyewear

In 1975, a man named Jim Jannard started Oakley with $300. His quest was driven by pushing the limits of industry standards and creating products that work better. He first developed a motorcycle handgrip in his garage lab and quickly pros noticed the new design and its material that increased grip with sweat. Today, Oakley creates products for action and traditional sports, as well as lifestyle with a unique point of view. What began in a garage lab has grown to three decades of innovation for consumers, including 1000+ athletes who depend on their products in competitions. The fresh technologies continue to grow and change, constantly enhancing athletic performance.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.17.01 PM

Shop All Womens >> 

The technology innovation is not only the ethos behind the brand, but it’s their continual passion that leads their mission to disrupt and drive the desire to innovate and solve problems in ways that have people have never seen before. How do they do this? With technology injected into products. For instance, Oakley lenses are designed for men and women to perform better than any other lens on the market. The patented technologies like High Definition Optics (HDO) give buyers a sharp and more accurate vision. It eliminates distortion that tends to appear in high wrapped sunglasses. Oakley True Digital (OTD) offer prescription sun lenses clear, crisp vision. Designed to give users a wide peripheral view. Oakley also offers progressive prescription sun lenses that optimize for a variety of sports like: fishing, golf, and cycling. And HDPolarization is the best polarized lens because the technology elimiantes the need for glues and films to distort your vision. It’s the clearest Polarized lens you can find.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.19.03 PM

Shop All Mens >>

But Oakley also goes beyond clear vision. They go to great lengths to ensure that they customer’s eyes will be protected behind their sunglasses. Lenses are tested under extreme circumstances with a lens material and frame geometry that provides protection against high velocity or mass impact. If a mountain biker was riding down a single track and branch hit his face–the lenses would help protect his eyes. Oakley’s secret to such high impact protection is Plutonite, a optically pure lens that is incredibly durableScreen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.09.22 PM

Shop All Sunglasses>>

And of course, Oakley cares about comfort. Their Three-Point Fit ensure each frame is comfortable with our without activity. A pair of frames that slide off your nose can be distracting, so Three-Point Fit was designed to ensure that each frame makes contact only at the bridge of the nose and behind the temples to eliminate the discomfort.

Oakley’s innovation is boundless. With so many lenses and materials there is something from everyone. Take a closer look into the lenses here and shop all Oakley styles here.