wood glasses superdry depp

Wood Glasses & Wood Sunglasses; Tapping into Nature’s Textures

Wooden accents can no longer be considered a trend when they stick around this long (get it?)  And like a tree that takes a lifetime time to grow to full height, these natural beauties are made to last. Taking advantage of the textures and colors wrought by Mother Nature herself, there is no better way to marry the sleek and fashionable with the earthy and organic.

These Superdry glasses are a great way to kick off our list; they are inspired by Johnny Depp and brought to you by the British brand which is shorthand for cool. A perfect fusion of American, Japanese, and Brit influences, the  stylized bamboo curve to the wooden temples will get you noticed.

Superdry Deppwood glasses superdry depp


Ray-Ban never falls behind the curve, so they’ve come out with wooden Clubmasters in both eyewear and sunglasses. Available in Cherry, Maple, and Walnut, the deep and interesting textures set them apart and have personality to spare.

Ray-Ban RB3016M Clubmaster Wood in Cherry

wood sunglasses ray-ban rb3016M


Ray-Ban RX5154M in Walnut

wood glasses ray-ban 5154M


Prada is known for their artistic flair and edgy fashion-forward designs. The double bridge and marbled Havana temples make these bold square frames showstoppers.

Prada PR 30RS Wood Sunglasses

prada PR 30RS wood sunglasses


What’s in a name? Well Caviar is one of our more exclusive, high-end brands (just like the delicacy they are named after.) If you are looking for precision eyewear crafted like jewelry, then these funky frames could be the ticket.

Caviar 1512 Genuine wood glasses



Black Fly Sunglasses are a West Coast institution, so if you’re a surfer, skater, or just a beach bum at heart – these unique frames can help you hang ten and hang tough.

Black Flys Fly Detector Wood Ltd. Sunglasses in Red Wood



But what if you love the look of wood, but you’re too worried about how the elements may distress your frames? If you’re regularly putting your sunglasses to the test then maybe a wood effect made of Costa’s high-tech weather resistant Hydrolite are more up your alley.

Costa Harpoon in Wood fade with Gray 580P Lenses

wood glasses costa harpoon



Eyewear Trend: Highbrow Style

Retro trends always make a comeback. And recently, we’ve seen a revival in the 1950’s highbrow style. The frames are often semi-rimless with a lightweight acetate across the front of the browline.


Non-prescription glasses, fake glasses, clear glasses…Just for FUN glasses.

Don’t be embarrassed, a lot of people do it – it’s totally normal. Well, totally normal for people like us who are obsessed with fashion, accessories, and eyewear. Of course, we can all wear sunnies regardless of whether our vision is 20/20, and sunglasses are always fun. BUT – the transformative quality of optical glasses (they can make you look smarter, more sophisticated, more serious, – or more serious about looking cute) is on another level.


Behind The Lens: Spring Photo Shoot

With a blizzard blowing in around the country—it’s hard to wrap our heads around the thought of spring. But that’s exactly what we did just a few weeks ago. Although the weather was brisk—we were lucky enough to shoot on a sunny day in Austin. Once again, we wanted to give our FramesDirect.com readers the exclusive behind the scenes seat.


#FDAnswers “What does polarized mean?”

Polarized sunglasses are desirable (and slightly more expensive,) because most people know they can greatly improve your vision in bright sunlight. Polarization, when referring to optics, is more than a buzzword or a marketing term. There is science behind why your eyes feel more comfortable, and you see more clearly, when wearing polarized sunglasses. But what does polarized mean?


Newest Oakleys Now Available in Prescription

Oakley has recently added some new styles to their prescription offering. If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to Rx sunglasses, (or just waiting for the perfect pair to come along to get fitted with your prescription,) take a gander at these sporty styles and be the first in line for your own custom-made pair. Remember, FramesDirect.com is staffed by expert opticians so we’re poised and ready with advice on getting the perfect lenses for perfect vision.

Here are the cool Oakley styles that are now available with prescription lenses…

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.20.41 PM

Get The Look: Inspired by Burberry Eyewear

You know you’re winning at fashion when your outfit looks chic but it only took you a few minutes to put together.

So, what’s the trick?


Top 4 Cutest Sunglasses to Workout In (for women)

Many of the more glamorous shades we’re fond of for fashion’s sake, don’t quite cut it when you’re sweating it out in the elements. Now that lot of us have committed to New Year’s resolutions that involve getting more exercise and fresh air; its the right moment to assess 1) which sunglasses won’t slip down your nose when you sweat 2) which sunglasses are lightweight enough to stay comfy and 3) of those sunglasses, which are still gonna make you look cute…

Here are our Top 4 sporty-yet-cute shades that can be your fit-spiration

Glaucoma Awareness

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

January has been declared National Glaucoma Awareness Month by Prevent Blindness and other leading eye health organizations, in an effort to help educate the public on the disease. Glaucoma is a group of conditions that damage the optic nerve, the bundle of nerve fibers connecting the eye to the brain, and is the leading cause of preventable blindness.


Award Recap: Golden Globe Style

When Maura Tierney accepted her Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globes, we were thrilled. She was the standout female celebrity that left on our favorite accessory during her acceptance speech. Glasses, of course.