Fourth of July Spotlight: Celebrate All that Glitters!

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Fourth of July is upon us, and that means celebration and fireworks! In celebration of Independence Day, and the opportunity to be with family and friends, has compiled our top celebration frames! And what says celebration better than glitter? For those of us looking to mix it up this year, why not choose a pair of frames that will make you stand out no matter where you go. Here is a collection of our shiniest, glittery-est frames!




These beautiful Kate Spade pink, glitter frames perfectly capture the Kate Spade lifestyle. Kate Spade is known for being a funky fashion line that uses bright, bold colors, and cute textures and cutouts. These semi-rimless, pink, cat eyes feature different colored glitter embedded into the pink acetate. Available in multiple colors, these frames are perfect for the fashionista looking to shake it up this season!


dandg glitter


For a more toned down look that still is highlighted with traditional, gold glitter, look no further than these sleek and professional Dolce & Gabbana frames. Perfect for someone looking for just a hint of something shiny, Dolce & Gabbana makes glitter frames accessible and sensible!


gucci one red


These red, Gucci frames feature gold glitter inlaid in the signature, Gucci pattern highlighted on the temples. These beautiful frames are made of acetate, which is durable and easy to clean. The style and fit of the frames work on a variety of face shapes, and because they’re Gucci, you know they’ll be in style for awhile!




Kate Spade’s fun and trendy frames are always out of the box. White acetate frames are overlaid with transparent, gold glitter acetate on the temples and frame front for a stylish and clean look. These sunglasses are perfect for a weekend getaway or just hanging out with friends at a weekend barbecue. Available in different colors, this Kate Spade frame is one of our favorites!




Any collaboration between anyone and Jimmy Choo is bound to be a win in our opinion. Jimmy Choo has been a design powerhouse based in London since the early 1990s, and his collaboration with Carrera Eyewear has yielded these glittery, Wayfarer-style shades. Available in transparent/gold glitter, and black/gold glitter, this revamp of a frame classic is perfect for those looking to update their retro style.

Want to see more fantastic Sun and Eyewear for the fourth? Check out the largest selection of designer frames on


Weekend Style with Kate Spade Sunglasses

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MAC Shoes Bag Kate Spade Sunglasses Kate Spade


You could say that we’re big fans of summer here at

It’s the biggest season for sunglasses (although we’re year-round fans), and if there’s a brand we carry that gets summer style—it’s Kate Spade. Above we put together an outfit that epitomizes summer ease. It’s both simple and chic. In fact, the only layering you’ll be doing for this outfit is layering on your Kate Spade accessories!

For this look, we started with a basic striped dress that’s far from basic. The classic black and white stripes will never go out of style. To add a little pop of color to the look, we added the Cedar Street bag in the color fresh air and a complimentary pink shade for the lips. And because comfort is king, go ahead and lace up our favorite sneakers by Superga. Last, but certainly not least, slide on your Kate Spade sunglasses. The style above is the BRIGIT/S in black/brown with a brown gradient lens. The touch of light brown on the top of the frame will instantly elevates your look. Whether you’re running errands or meeting friends for brunch—this look is sure to be a weekend winner. Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Cameron was founded in 1996, and we still have employees that have been around since the beginning! is all about the family, so we thought we would spotlight one of our longest working employees: Jennifer Cameron.


So can you give a short bio about yourself?

Sure! I was born in Sugarland, Texas and right now I live in Northern California, by Napa, on Travis Air Force base. So, I stayed in the same house growing up, never moved anywhere. Same house as when I was 3 years old, and my parents still live there. Then when I graduated from A&M, my husband and I got married and started moving from then on because he was in the Air Force. Now we have two kids, a little boy, 7, Cooper, and then my daughter, Kinsley is 5.
How did you get started working for

Well, I worked in the office full time for them, the doctors, when I first graduated for almost two years, but I’ve worked here since I was 16, part time seasonally, holidays, and things like that.  I remember filing papers in the small hallway in the Houston office. The doctors that started the company were there at my bridal shower, at my wedding, and they were there when I was pregnant.

I got the job because they were my eye doctors. Ironically, I was in a car accident when I was a senior and I went in because I was having double vision and I couldn’t see, and my head was hurting. They diagnosed me with glaucoma, and all this whiplash stuff […] and they did emergency surgery the next day. So they started out as my eye doctors, because my mother worked in the same building as them.


What do you do for

So, I’m operations manager, essentially I split the role. It’s defined pretty clearly in the sense that I deal more with the fulfillment side as far as making sure the ordering department gets product in, and things like that. So my position more so revolves around the vendor side of things [rather than] customer service.

unnamed (1)So you have longstanding relationships with the vendor reps?

Our old Oakley rep is a really good friend of mine, I mean, he’s not our rep anymore, as long as we’ve moved to Austin, but  he recently moved out to

Cali and we remained friends. You build these relationships with these people and you learn about their kids, and we mail Christmas cards and presents to each other!

What do you like best about working at

Initially, it was working for the doctors, because they were such good people, but there hasn’t been much of a change since the move. I grew up with the company. I really enjoy my job and that I can still spend time with my family. Also, working with all our employees, you really get to enjoy them and get to know them.

unnamed (2)



What’s your fav food?

Bacon on anything is good. I love bacon. I’m a food junkie.


TV show?

I’m a reality show junkie. So anything like that!


Animal Inspired Eyewear

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Welcome to the jungle.

Okay, maybe not the jungle, but one chic eyewear shop that happens to feature the latest animal printed eyewear from your favorite top designer brands. It’s been said that animal print is the new neutral–and we believe this to be true. If you find yourself too intimidated to jump into a full animalistic style, we suggest starting off with a more muted tortoise like this Stella McCartney frame or try a touch of leopard with this Givenchy frame. The print is a bit more subtle, but still offers a touch of edge.

Would you like to tap into your animal instincts at full cheetah speed? Then shop our Top Ten Animal Print Eyeglasses. We can’t wait to see your style roar!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s the time of year to thank dad for all of the broken things he fixed, games he coached, and moments he was there for you when you needed him most. To help you find the perfect gift for dear ol’ dad, we created a gift guide to make shopping simple. If you don’t see anything on this guide, feel free to shop our huge selection at No matter what you find for him this Father’s Day, we’re sure he’ll beam with pride.



For the dad that cheers you on from the sidelines

Shop more sporty looks:



For the dad who thinks he’s George Clooney

Shop more iconic looks:



For the cool dad—that’s actually really cool

Shop more retro looks:



For the wise dad that has all the right answers

Shop more sophisticated looks:



For the dad who taught you it’s okay to stand out in a crowd

Shop more metallic looks:

How to Protect your Eyes from the Sun this Summer

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Typical summer situation by the pool: you and your friends have been lying out all day, using sunscreen, like good, wrinkle-fearing adults, and you have taken every precaution to avoid a sunburn, but what about your eyes? Those plastic lenses that they hand out at Bonnaroo are definitely not protecting you, especially if you have light colored eyes (blue, grey, green, mixed). As Americans, we will pay to have multiple (albeit gorgeous and totally worth it) leather purses, but we can’t seem to find the money to buy ourselves some good, prescription or non, sunglasses?


So, seriously, how bad is it?

According to the new UV Report by the Vision Council “1 in 4 Americans rarely or never wear sunglasses” and Millennials (born 1981-1996) are the least likely to wear them. So to answer your question, it’s bad. If you don’t protect them, your eyes can get sunburnt. Sunburned Eyes or photokeratitis can make you go blind for up to 48 hours and definitely will cause long term damage like cataracts or degenerative eye diseases. Also, eye damage from the sun is cumulative, which means that the other six months of the year that you spend indoors does not make up for not using sunglasses at the beach. But it’s not all degenerative eye diseases and blindness, the Vision Council also reports that, in general, Americans just underestimate the power of UV rays because we are so good at interacting with them on a daily basis.


So when should you be wearing sunglasses?

So to start, UV rays reflect off of the water during rainy days, and can shine through clouds on cloudy days, and that would seem like common knowledge, but just because Americans know about it, doesn’t mean they are changing their habit. According to the report, “2 in 3 leave eyes unguarded on cloudy or rainy days”. Shame Shame. Did you know that 25% of UV rays also can bounce of concrete and dry sand? That’s right, you should be wearing protective sunglasses during sand volleyball and while strutting the streets shopping. Pretty much the only time you should not be conscious of eye protection, is when it’s dark outside, or when you’re inside. is concerned about your eye health, but we know that it’s not just about protection, its also about comfort and style, which is why we offer the largest selection of brand name eyewear, which includes our brand name sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.


For more information on UV rays and your eyes, you can check out this nifty little infographic that the Vision Council put together of its findings!

Vision C

Why Transitions Lenses Don’t Work in the Car

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Transitions® (or photochromic) lenses are one of the coolest inventions in lenses since they were invented in the 1960s. We have all seen the commercial of the attractive executive who walks into the sun and doesn’t have sunglasses (oh no!) until his glasses change and his eyes are now protected (phew) .  But there is one place they don’t perform to their potential, and that is in you car. In this article, we’re going to explain to you why and when it might be necessary to just buy a stylish pair of shades for driving.




First, let’s talk polarized.

  • Basically, regular sunglasses filter a certain type of UV light (UVA and UVB) and not others. Mostly, they just filter the ones from the sun. Polarized lenses filter the ones from the sun, and everything else (glare from other cars, glare from water, etc.) so they’re good to have around at times. So, basically, this has nothing to do with why your Transitions® won’t work with your windshield. Where polarized lenses fail, is when it comes to LCD screens like your phone or your on-board navigation when you’re driving. This is what causes those pretty rainbows everywhere when you’re sporting your polarized lenses.

Transition lenses work by darkening when they are exposed to any kind of UV radiation.

  • Transitions® lenses are called photochromic lenses and they block 100% of all UVA and UVB rays just like sunglasses, which is the point, right? However, this also means that they will react to your office lights that let off some low-powered rays, so that means you’ll get a “hint of tint” for the office, which may not go away. This is important because your windshield works the exact same way. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.


Transitions + Windshield = “Hint of Tint”

  • So, we have Transitions® lenses that block all kinds of UV rays, and we have your windshield that does the exact same thing. This means that there’s nothing to react with the Transitions® lenses to make them want to turn darker, and they aren’t polarized, so they’re not reacting to the glare of cars, water, and snow around you. This is why you end up with slightly tinted lenses in your car, and why they aren’t picking up on the glare of the cars around you, or those really bright headlights late at night.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.21.44 PM

If you don’t spend much time in the car, Transitions® may be your best option, especially since the folks at Transitions® are coming out with newer and better generations each year to get rid of the “hint of tint” and to make them polarized. While Transitions® is on the project, it might be safer to buy a pair of prescriptions sunglasses for the car in the interim, especially if you spend a majority of your day commuting.

We offer Transitions® lenses AND Prescription Sunglasses at amazing, prices.

100 Years of Luxury: A Spotlight on Prada Eyewear


Founded by Mario Prada in the beginning of the 20th century, the Prada name has come to mean more than a last name, but instead, Prada has become synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship.  Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, made the company infamous by marketing her new line of handbags to high end department stores and boutiques, which also made the brand more high fashion and edgy.

Prada pushes boundaries and has created a name for itself with its edgy looks, contrasting colors, and its independent, rebellious style. Its collections are always striving to break fashion precedents, while still playing on classic staples. More famous than Prada lenses, are the traditional Prada handbags with the signature Prada logo. Some lenses are inspired by these handbags. This line is perfect for the shopper who loves a creative twist on anything classic.



Shop all Prada sunglasses and eyeglasses here. It’s only the tip of the luxury brand iceberg.

Behind The Scenes: Summer Catalog

meranddavid(All photos provided are sneak peeks from our Summer photo shoot. Follow the FD instagram for more!)

If you’re on the mailing list—then your mailbox is about to get way more stylish. Our Summer Catalog is hitting homes soon! And inside each page is a selection from some of your favorite brands. Everything from Ray-Ban to Oakley to Tag Heuer to much, much more!


We know we’re lucky to live in Austin, and therefore, have a wonderful team to create such a beautiful end product. We want the eyewear to be the main focus, but we sure do appreciate an entire ensemble. We can’t thank our Wardrobe Stylist and Makeup Artist enough. I mean, look at our model, Meredith (above) and David (below). They look stellar.


Didn’t sign up for a summer catalog? No problem. Feel free to reach out to us here, and we’ll add you to our list. Until then, shop our latest sale and scroll through all of your favorite designer brands here!


10 Statement Shades For Summer

Sometimes when you’re shopping for glasses for work, you have to turn away from the over-the-top frames for something appropriate for the office (yawn). But that’s not the case for sunglasses! This summer take a moment to pick out some statement shades that will show your inner summer style. Here are a few options.


1. Prada PR 27NS- Minimal Baroque Sunglasses

prada baroque


These shades are a best sellers. Prada created these minimal, Baroque-inspired shades that are deceivingly plain. The frame front already appears funky with a big, bubble-like frame-front… until you see the funky temples! They also come in red, leopard, brown, and black with white arms. They are one of the most accessible, but fashion-forward frames we have of Prada’s. These shades are sure to not only protect your eyes, but make you look amazing while doing it.


2. Cazal 9057 Sunglasses

cazal four lenses


Cazal is a high-fashion, eco-friendly glasses brand that looks to make a statement with each piece they produce. This pair is one of our favorites, because you get extra lenses for your peripherals! Why? I think the more appropriate question is “Why not?” Cazal has matched these extra frames with some tasteful embellishments on the temples and all the lenses come available with a gradient tint, so you can look awesome from all directions.


3. Von Zipper Bionacle Sunglasses

von zipper bionacleAt first we thought that these eccentric, innovative frames by Von Zipper were snow goggles, and then we realized, does it matter? Von Zipper is a relatively young company that also designs snow and motorcycle goggles (you can see that inspiration here), but we love that this “sport design” inspiration has spilled over into their sunglasses. These frames are for the trendy, sporty, and spontaneous wearer who is looking for versatility and durability in their sunglasses.


4. Dolce and Gabbana DG4253 Sunglasses 

d and G dg4253


Yes! Dolce & Gabbana always comes through for us. Why try and take care of a plant during the summer when you can have these amazingly big, rose-covered frame?


5. Electric Black Top Sunglasses

electric black top


These cartoon-printed frames by Electric are a part of their Black Top Collection that is geared towards professional skateboarders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snatch up a pair and wear them to every festival imaginable this summer. Built to last and to stay on your face while you’re dancing, these large frames by Electric are just plain cool. They also come in camo and solid colors, but we love the cartoon design of a fierce woman on the temple.


6. Prada PR 29QS Ornate Sunglasses

prada ornate

Leather purses with fringe and studs would be perfect accessories for these studded shades made by Prada. These frames are for the type of girl, who keep a motorcycle helmet in their closet and believes that red lipstick and black leather are staples year round. These beautiful statement shades feature metal studs around the rims and on the temples on a lightweight acetate frame and come in white, and leopard print!


7. Furla SU4291

furla 4291


If you were looking for the next funky step up from the original Ray-Ban aviators, here’s a new style by Furla, the Italian handbag brand. This new style features removable, leather spoilers that take this style from just a regular, double bridge aviator, to a statement shade. The spoilers match the temple tips, and come in orange, pink, grey, and gold beige.


8. Givenchy SGV A17 Sunglasses

givenchy sgv a17


The French designer, Givenchy, is known for its outrageous fashion shows and styles, and is now featuring Julia Roberts in its new collection (off the shoulder look meets Victorian style meets amazingness). In this pair of sunglasses we see some of that outrageous, Givenchy style. The shades are some of the widest that carries, and also some of the tallest. These sturdy frames are a peek into a science fiction future and back. Not for the fainthearted, these frames are a statement in themselves.


9. Gucci GG3737/S Sunglasses

gucci gg3737


These metallic-looking frames from Gucci feature metal spoilers and color coordinated lenses and frames. Do you want to look like an American Apparel model? Buy these frames.


10. Prada PR 21QS Voice Sunglasses

Prada Voice


Whoever said that blue and yellow should never be seen together has never seen what Prada can do. These vintage, retro shades feature large, chunky crystal accents on the endpoints and temples of the frames. They come in every fashion color “don’t” imaginable, and every single one looks amazing because the designers at Prada are always on the edge of style.




Ray-Ban Giveaway with Shalyn Nelson

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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.19.50 AM


Who wants to start the summer off with a brand new pair of Ray-Bans? These shades are inspired by the 60’s—but you don’t have to be a flower child to look great in them. As we’ve mentioned before, this style has been seen on tons of celebrities and fashion bloggers. And with 100% UV protection, you’ll be keeping your eyes both safe and stylish. Well, guess what? We’ve teamed up with Austin photographer, Shalyn Nelson to give you a chance to win them!RayBan

Here’s how to enter:
1. Follow @framesdirect and @shalynnelson on Instagram
2. Go to this post and tag a friend in the comments to enter
3. A winner will be picked tomorrow at 2pm CST, so enter now!


Sunglasses Celebrities Currently Love

Photos by: Splash News

Celebrities are updating their sunwear, and we have the sunglasses scoop.

First off, a Ray-Ban love fest. Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted in the classic large aviator and Beyoncé in the Clubmaster in brushed bronze. And with young actresses like Dianna Agron wearing the popular round, mirrored sunnies—we’re sure this flashy lens trend will become a summer staple.

Outside the realm of Ray-Ban has been actresses like Jamie King, taking style risks with Prada’s Voice sunglasses in green with blue gems. We love it paired with her classic white dress. Lastly, Reese Witherspoon recently opted for a neutral option with Tory Burch Panama shades in khaki-praline.

These ladies are always inspiring our eye style, and we can’t wait to see which sunglasses they put on next.

Stay tuned!

Get Ready For Summer In Best-Selling Sunglasses

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We’re in the homestretch. Memorial Day weekend is just days away, and hopefully that means you’re lucky enough to score a three-day weekend in the sun. Summer may not officially kick off until June, but that doesn’t mean the lake and pool are off limits. So to get you started, I thought I’d share some of our best-selling sunglasses for ladies.

persolFirst up we have these Persol Sunglasses (Style PP0714). This has been a popular choice because of their clever, foldable design, making the pair the perfect travel companion. (Watch them fold here!) Whether it is in your purse or your weekender—these handmade sunglasses go anywhere you can fit them.

2raybanSecond, we have these Ray-Ban Erika (Style RB4717) Sunglasses. This “rubber” frame has been a go-to pick for ladies because it’s actually a lightweight, hypoallergenic propionate nylon. In other words, it’s resistant to warm weather. The color of the beach also helps tie in the summer vibe and looks great with shades of blue or aqua.

PradaMaybe you’re more of sipping cocktails by the pool kind of lady? Well, these jet-black Prada Sunglasses (Style PR 17OS) could be just what you’re looking for. These glamorous shades add just the right amount of classic with a dash of poolside luxury.  Dolce

Next, we have these Dolce & Gabbana (Style DG4207) Multi-color Sunglasses. A brand known for creating collections with the essence of the Mediterranean, you can feel like you’ve been whisked away on your dream vacation. The flattering shape has just a touch of color on the temples to add a little pop of interest to your ensemble.


Lastly, we couldn’t leave out one of the hottest items on our site—the Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses (Style RB3447). This unisex frame has been seen on celebrities including: Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. It walks a fine line between retro and modern and is sure to be a staple this summer.

Didn’t fall in love with any of these shades? No problem, we have tons more.