Pupil Distance & How It’s Measured

Pupil Distance & How It’s Measured


Pupil distance is the distance (measured in mm) between the pupils of your eyes when looking far away in the distance.

When prescription lenses are cut for the frame you have selected, our edging computers are programmed with your pupil distance so that the exact centers of the lenses are directly in front of your pupils.

Why is this measurement important?

If the prescription lenses are not set at the same distance as the distance between your eyes, then an unwanted prism is induced which may cause eyestrain.

In lower prescriptions, the amount of prism induced will be of no consequence and will not cause eyestrain. For prescriptions over (+) or (-) 2.00, knowing your P.D. is important.

How Pupil Distance is measured in mm

How do I get my P.D. measured?

Ask your eye doctor to take the measurement at the time of your eye examination.

Call the last place that made your glasses for you and they should be able to tell you what it is.

Go into any Optical facility and ask them to measure it for you. It will take only seconds to do and they shouldn’t charge you for it.

Use the new PDCaptureSM: FramesDirect’s Pupillary Distance Measurement Service.

Monocular or Binocular?

Pupil distance can be measured in one of two ways. The first is monocular measurement, which will result in values somewhere between 26-36 mm.

The second type is a binocular measurement, in which case the number will typically be somewhere between 54-72mm. A binocular measurement is the exact total distance between your eyes, but if your face is not perfectly symmetrical, then this number may not be split equally between both of your eyes.

What if my Pupillary Distance is written 66/63?

The first number is the P.D. number we require to make your lenses. The second number (63) is the near pupil distance. This number is only needed when reading glasses are required.

It you still have questions or concerns about your P.D. measurement, please call 1-800-248-9427 and one of our highly trained operators will be able to help you.

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Contact Lens Safety Tips

CooperVision Expands Offerings for Proclear 1-Day Contact Lenses

Plus sphere powers and a new 30-day lens carton offer more options for patients and practitioners

Proclear 1-Day 90 Pack Contact LensesFairport, N.Y. – CooperVision has expanded the sphere powers of its Proclear 1-Day contact lenses. A new plus sphere power range up to +6.00D allows even more patients to experience the health, convenience, and comfort of the daily disposable modality. Additionally, CooperVision is now offering Proclear 1-Day in a 30-lens revenue carton.

“CooperVision is committed to continuously evolving our portfolio of premium contact lenses, thus providing a greater selection to patients and practitioners alike,” said James Gardner, director of marketing, CooperVision. “With the addition of new sphere powers and a smaller carton option for Proclear 1-Day, we have created even more opportunities for patients to experience exceptional levels of comfort and health, along with the convenience they have come to expect from daily disposable lenses.”

The plus powers offer eye care practitioners more fitting options in a modality that has a patient compliance rate of 94 percent*, the highest rate of any modality. This often means that the patient is more likely to return for the next annual supply on the anniversary of the initial dispense.

In addition, Proclear 1-Day lenses allow patients to benefit from the health and convenience of a daily disposable lens without spending more. An annual supply costs approximately the same as a two-week premium silicone hydrogel lens plus solutions.

“The new 30-lens carton is ideally suited for the occasional wearer, and affords the opportunity for practitioners to move patients into a more convenient modality with outstanding health benefits and a high rate of patient compliance,” Gardner added.

As part of CooperVision’s PC Hydrogel family of lenses, Proclear 1-Day lenses are the only recent daily disposable to introduce an entirely new lens material to the modality – one that doesn’t require additives or wetting agents. Proclear 1-Day lenses are manufactured with CooperVision-patented PC Technology, which keeps them moist and comfortable throughout the day. Proclear 1-Day lenses are made with omafilcon A material, the only lens material with an FDA-cleared indication associated with improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.

Proclear 1-Day lenses feature aspheric front surface optics, which correct for lens and theoretical corneal aberrations, resulting in crisp, clear vision. The optimized lens design and handling tint allow for easy lens insertion and removal, while the patented molded round edge reduces conjunctival interaction, resulting in continuous wearing comfort. Proclear 1-Day lenses are also as healthy as they are comfortable because they are replaced every day, reducing the time for deposits like proteins and allergens to build up on the lenses.

In addition to the new sphere power ranges, Proclear 1-Day lenses have a center thickness of 0.09mm at -3.00D, a Dk/t of 36.6, a 60 percent water content, an 8.7mm base curve, and a 14.2mm diameter.

*Source: “Compliance and Contact Lenses”, Review of Cornea and Contact Lenses, March 2006.

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Sable WaterOptics: Performance, Comfort, Style

Sable Water optics Prescription GogglesSable WaterOptics goggles are the choice of Ironman 70.3 World Champ 2006 Samantha McGlone, the High Performance Elite team of Olympic Gold Coach Barrie Shepley, and West Point Tri Coach Lou Tharpe in the New York Times.

Pro triathletes and swimmers from all over the world are discovering the streamlined performance and clarity of Sable WaterOptics, which are available with or without a prescription!

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Eye Exam Coming Up - Read On

Eye Exam Coming Up – Read On

Contact lens and eyeglasses exams are getting easier and easier. New advances in eye examination procedures provide the doctor with a starting point on the eyeglass prescription and a detailed analysis on the shape of the front of the eye. One such instrument is the autorefractor, a computer that estimates the prescription of the eye within a few seconds.

The glaucoma test is often done using an instrument that blows a puff of air in your eye to determine your eye’s internal pressure. The test is helpful in detecting glaucoma but is not conclusive in ruling it out. Eye pressures can fluctuate during the course of a day and ideally pressures should be measured in the morning and again in the afternoon when there is concern about high pressure.

Dilation of the eye is a procedure that allows the doctor to temporarily open the pupil in order to view the back of the eye. This procedure is helpful in evaluating for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, retinal detachment and many other diseases.

Visual Field testing is a sophisticated computerized instrument which allows the doctor to test the sensitivity of the retina and optic nerve. This is valuable in assisting the early detection of many eye diseases including glaucoma, optic neuritis, macular degeneration and some neurologic lesions.


You need to do more than just make an appointment for an eye exam. You also need to gather information that will help your optometrist assess your eye health and vision, and provide you with good vision for your varied lifestyle. Write down your answers to these questions and give the information to your optometrist when you go for your exam.

– What chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or allergies do you or any close family members have? Your eyes can be affected by your general health.
– What eye health problems, like glaucoma, run in your family?
– What prescription and non-prescription medications are you taking? Drugs sometimes can affect your eyes and vision.
– How do you use your eyes for work? Make note of the tasks that you do, how long and how often you do them, the distance between your eyes and each task, and details about your work environment. Such information helps the optometrist determine the exact prescription and any special lens design needed to give you sharp, comfortable vision on the job.
– What are your hobbies and sports? Your optometrist can help you decide whether or not you need a special pair of eyeglasses or safety glasses for your hobby or sport.
– What problems are you having with your eyes? Some symptoms are blurred vision, difficulty changing focus from far to near and visa versa, squinting, double vision, seeing floaters or flashes of light, headaches, difficult seeing at night or in dim light, burning or itching or tired eyes.

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