Name: Cristina Facundo


What inspired you to become a wardrobe stylist?

Living in NYC surrounded by the arts, the culture and of course the fashion! I was heading home on the subway and passed by FIT. I decided to go in and speak with an advisor and less than a month later, I was enrolled as a Fashion Styling student.


Why do you love shopping on

I love because of their ability to instantly change my look. Similar to getting a new haircut, it’s making a statement without the commitment.

What fashion trends are you loving right now?

I’m loving everything 1970’s, from mules to bell bottom jeans but especially round sunglasses. I already have my eye on those round Ray-bans!

Why are sunglasses such an important accessory?

Not only do they have their place in history, they are easily a statement piece to any outfit.


What’s something outside the realm of fashion that inspires you?

I love visiting botanical gardens, greenhouses, and farmers markets. I find the vibrant colors so inspiring and always leave with new combinations of colors to try in my outfits.

When and where were you most happiest?

I am happiest when I’m surrounded by people, whether family and friends or a group of strangers. I draw so much inspiration from people watching so I love attending music festivals, museums, and parties. And if there’s dancing involved, that’s a bonus!

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