ADIDAS a150/00 Supernova L sunglasses from Silhouette OpticalDon’t forget the right eyegear. Cyclists need and want eyewear with all the bells and whistles. Cycling eyewear that protects them from wind and debris . . . that’s extremely lightweight and comfortable and keeps them at peak performance in all conditions. And they love a sleek, streamlined design that’s as aerodynamic as their helmets and bikes – a design that makes them look cool and see even better.


* Shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses
* Excellent peripheral vision
* Enhanced vision in all light conditions (interchangeable lenses: yellow and amber are ideal for low light situations)
* RX adaptability
* Venting/anti-fog systems
* Head-hugging design that fits comfortably with helmets

Cycling sunglasses: V-TI from Smith Optics, REVOLVR from Wiley X Eyewear

From left: V-TI from Smith Optics; REVOLVR from Wiley X Eyewear.


Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine

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