Eyeglass Frames for Fat Heads by Fatheadz

Oversized eyeglasses frames are available from Fatheadz Got an oversized noggin? Do regular eyeglasses put the big squeeze on your extra large face?

Help has arrived! FramesDirect.com is pleased to announce the addition of Fatheadz eyeglasses to our growing line of prescription eyeglass frames. Fatheadz are available in several stylish rimless, semi-rimless and rimmed frames.

Read a bit about Fatheadz history in Are You a Fat Head? We’ve Got Your Sunglasses!

And, check out Fatheadz sunglasses, too.

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4 Responses to “Eyeglass Frames for Fat Heads by Fatheadz”
  1. From one of our opticians: How we determine if a progressive lens will fit in a frame depends on different measurements such as, the frame eye and bridge size, PD (pupil distance) measurement, prescription and the segment height of the progressive lens. We use these measurements and calculate the lens blank size to determine if it will cut out correctly in the frame and not interfere with the distance or reading areas. We would be happy to help, feel free to call our customer service line and to speak to an optician. 800-248-9427

  2. Lynne says:

    We went to Walmart and my husband fell in love with fFatheadz. They were the only brand that was comfortable. We ordered our glasses and paid, and two days later we were told that progressive lenses couldn’t go into those frames because they are too wide. What is a man with a large head to do, that needs glasses? Wear progressives in too small frames, or not have the proper prescription in frames that fit? Does anyone know whee to get progressives installed into Fatheadz? Please advise!

  3. Offhand I don’t know which frames those are, but you might want to take a look at Fatheadz eyeglass frames. They’re great for extra large noggins.

  4. Eric Baker says:

    I’m looking for xl frame size of the type of glasses that Drew Carey wears on the Price is Right show.

    Size large does not fit….


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