Vintage silhouettes and details were the inspiration of the Goldfinch Eyewear Collection designed for the stylish and sophisticated modern man.

They provide an image of timeless style and while allowing your individual personality to shine through. The Goldfinch eyeglasses frames combine chunky, handmade plastic styles with metal trim and logo treatments. This collection offers the man of taste a true alternative to today’s uniformity eyewear styling. The Goldfinch Eyewear Collection has fused 1950s and 1960s styling to produce the perfect everyday eyeglass frame. Continuing in the tradition that is as timely today as it was 50 years ago Goldfish has blending the lines of Vintage and Modern.

Image of Goldfinch Eyeglasses logo

Introduced by Tura in 2009 Goldfinch is trend setting collection for vintage inspired styles to come. Tura has believed eyewear was a medical necessity and a fashion accessory. Company founder Monroe Levoy also believed that eyewear was just one part of a bigger wardrobe. Tura, therefore, encouraged buyers to own a wardrobe of glasses to match color schemes in clothing. In 1949, the Levoy family ran an ad for their business which said: “Because women who wear glasses realize that there is no such thing as inconspicuous glasses, spectacle frames assume their logical place as a fashion accessory.” The young company also prided itself on quality, with the first and only all-metal die-cast frames in the industry.

The Goldfinch collection consist of twelve men’s eyeglasses designs. Whether you like the classic thick plastic frames with metal temple details of Buddy or the half rim retro frames of Shepherd; Goldfinch will have a style to fit your personality. You will appreciate the Goldfinch style of eyewear if you are the “Geek Chic” 25-year old trend seeker to the 45-year old discerning male. With styles ranging in price from $100.00 to $125.00 you can find a fashionable style at a great price. Take a step back in time with the Goldfinch Eyewear collection and freshen your wardrobe with a pair of vintage inspired eyeglasses.

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