Costa Del Mar Fathom (RXable) sunglasses with blue mirror lensesIn the Outside Summer Gear Guide, a supplement to Outside Magazine, Costa Del Mar sunglasses blue mirror lenses are mentioned as being perfect for fly fishing in the Caribbean because reflective coatings repel their color wavelength (as opposed to tints that filter light).

The frameless, ultra light weight Oakley Nanowire 3.0 sunglasses are also mentioned as being “about as hi-def as polycarbonate gets” and as eyewear that is “so bold yet elegant.”

Revo 3065 sunglassesThe polarized, optically ground glass lenses of the Revo 3065 sunglasses are cited as being perfect for “convertible cruising, beach bumming, alfresco dining” with stylish wide temples.

Referred to as the “Ultimate Anglers” by the magazine, the Costa Del Mar Grand Catalina sunglasses feature shatter-resistant optically ground lenses with a polarized copper tint that eliminates surface glare, making shallow swimming fish clearly visible. And, these shades are available with prescription lenses.

Serengeti Maestrale sunglassesHonors for driving sunglasses go to the Serengeti Maestrale sunglasses with their polarized lenses available in a reddish tint, appropriately called Driver.

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