Use it or Lose it by Tomorrow; Flexible Spending Facts

Tomorrow is the end-of-year deadline to use those tax free Flex Spending dollars. At we encourage you to make the most of your money by getting a pair of prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, frames without lenses, or contacts. You already know that FSAs are a great benefit (offered by around 90% of employers) but below are some FSA facts you may not know.

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Five Glasses To Use Your Flex Spending Dollars (FSA) On

Are you still snacking on pie? We are, too.

But with the Flex Spending (FSA) deadline just four days away we thought we’d share five frames that were customer’s favorites in 2015.

Just in case you need a little eyewear inspiration…

Happy Holidays from!

Did anyone on your list get Eye Doctor Barbie?

#FDAnswers “What size glasses do I need?”

Wondering what size glasses to buy? You may not have even realized that glasses come in different sizes; but it’s important to know the range of sizes that will work for your face and your prescription…

Your FSA Reminders Start Now

It’s a busy time of year. Final gifts need to be wrapped and last minute errands need to be run. So since you’re so busy these days, we thought we’d keep you in the loop on all things FSA for the next few weeks.

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It’s getting down to the holiday wire. But if you’re still stuck on what to gift the special man in your life, we’ve selected five top-selling sunglasses for him.

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Five Styles We Love For Her

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Meet Designer Ashley Cooper

Name: Ashley Cooper

Instagram: @AshleyCooperDesign

What do you love shopping at

I love the amazing selection of designer frames that are available. It makes it easy for me to to shop for a variety of frames, styles, and designers all in one place. I always find exactly what I am looking for on


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What fashion trends are you loving right now?

I love layering and oversized coats. Throw on a massive scarf and in my mind you’ve got a perfect outfit.

Why are sunglasses such an important accessory?

Sunglasses add so much to an outfit from the color of the frames, to the shape. It’s the perfect accessory, you can never have too many. In my opinion, in good pair of sunglasses have a way of giving you an added confidence too and complete an entire look.Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 4.16.04 PM

Check out some of Ashley’s work!

What outside the world of fashion inspires you?

Currently, I am so inspired by nature and exploring. I love how not only getting outside inspires you by the beauty of nature and what you are seeing, but also invigorates your soul and refuels your creativity.

When and where you the most happiest?

I am happiest when my husband and dear friends are with me around a table, gathered and sharing a meal, laughing until we cry and talking the night away, all while our kiddos run and play around us. That makes me happy!
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