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Spotlight on Adidas Sunglasses

Summer is prime time for sunglasses. This is the first in a series of informational articles spotlighting major brand designer sunglasses.

Athletic is a synonym for the fundamentals of sports. In the world of sunglasses, athletic stands for typically Adidas sunglasses – top technology and peak performance. Highly functional, perfectly equipped, extremely comfortable with modern design, the sports sunglasses of the athletic collection will enthuse professionals and amateurs alike. The athletic models incorporate a number of standard features that hold their own even under the most intense sporting conditions.

First the fun, then the enjoyment. Adidas sunglasses represent the hottest sunglass trends around. Enriched with a dose of typical Adidas innovation, perfection and functionality, the sunglasses demonstrate the design capability of the world renowned Adidas sports label. These sunglasses set their sights to the top of the trendsetters’ accessory charts.


Only authentic with the Power-Link! Adidas has developed the new power-link film hinge: A hinge system based on a thin but imensely strong and flexible plastic connection between the side and the striking “3-stripe” joint to the filter-lens.

Celebrity Sunglasses & Eyewear Sightings

Stars Snatch Up Free Sunglasses

An Associated Press article that has made the rounds of various publications lately mentions that celebrities including Anne Heche and Lindsay Lohan were among the notables taking advantage of the freebies at Lucky Magazine’s free gift suite for TV stars in New York for ABC’s preview week of the next television season.

Heche reportedly snatched up some Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses while Lohan feasted on Ray Ban sunglasses, grabbing seven pairs, one for each day of the week.

Sunglasses 101 - Outdoor, Tennis & Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses 101 – Outdoor, Tennis & Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses manufacturers have developed eyewear to meet the demanding needs of tennis, golf and every outdoor activity. The styles and features are as widely varied as the activities. is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision on sports sunglasses based on your needs.


Surfing, sailing, waterskiing, jetskiing, kayaking, and fishing all Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are great for water sportshave two things in common, water and sun. This combination can be dangerous for your eyes. Premium sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harsh sun and water. Sunglasses designed for water sports should protect your eyes from the glare off the water. Water sport sunglasses should also offer protection from wind driven debris and the occasional arrant fishhook. Sunglasses designed for use around water will need to shed water to prevent spotting.

For water sports, a top choice would be Costa Del Mar sunglasses.


Golf requires visual acuity whether you are lining up a putt, finding your ball in the rough, or filling out your scorecard. You can’t afford to have any distortion in color or clarity. Golf sunglasses need to be comfortable and lightweight for those 36 hole days. The design must allow for the maximum field of view without interfering with your swing.

For golf, a top choice would be Nike sunglasses.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Declared Retro Comeback of the Summer

Ray Ban sunglasses are retro chic this summerDaily News Record (DNR) Magazine, which provides news, features and market reports on men’s wear retailing, design trends, apparel and textiles, has awarded Ray Ban their sixth “Editor’s Choice” award as the “Retro Comeback of the Summer.”

As mentioned in our post Ray Ban Wayfarer – The Legend Renewed, the classic Ray Ban sunglasses, now owned by Luxottica, has been updated for today’s generation. The iconic styling introduced in 1952 still crosses fashion barriers, appealing to the eternally hip as well as the blue suit set.

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Nicole Richie Spotted in Ray Ban 2140 Sunglasses

Ray Ban 2140 SunglassesNicole Richie was spotted sporting Ray Ban RB2140 sunglasses in a photo taken with her rocker boyfriend Joel Madden recently. The original tip came from

You can read more about stars and their eyewear at Celebrity Eye Wear Sightings.

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Celebrity Sunglasses & Eyewear Sightings

Oceans 13 Stars Sport Sunglasses from Luxottica

Ray Ban 3291 sunglasses - Brad Pitt of Oceans 13 was spotted wearing these babies!The Luxottica Group has announced that Oceans 13 stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and Al Pacino will be sporting Ray Ban and Persol sunglasses during the May 26 premiere of the Oceans 13 film at the Cannes Film Festival in France. To generate more media coverage, Luxottica Group will be seeding the cast and celebrities with Ray Ban and Persol shades for placement leverage and media coverage.

Brad Pitt was pictured in the announcement in a pair of Ray Ban 3291 sunglasses.

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Ray Ban Wayfarer – The Legend Renewed

A legend has been reborn. Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are available in an authentic reproduction of the iconic original.

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses - Forever CoolWith summer rapidly approaching, why dig out those tired old drug store sunglasses when you can own Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, an icon of style among some of the world’s most legendary stars – Audrey Hepburn, Tom Cruise, Bob Dylan, Madonna and more recently Mischa Barton and Mollie Sims among others.

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The Eye Zone Officially Goes Live

The Eye Zone blog is officially open for businessWe’re officially announcing to the world today that The Eye Zone blog is live. Yes, technically we’ve been up and running while we add features, content and tweak the eyewear blog, but today we step out of beta and into fully operational status.

Read the official press release Frames Direct Announces The Eye Zone Blog in our Press & Articles section.

Calisthenics for the Eyes to Maintain Vision

Calisthenics for the Eyes to Maintain Vision

eyeglasses framesDr. Mao has an interesting article titled Use Simple Techniques to Maintain, Improve Vision that includes some very practical tips on nutrition and vision. For instance, did you know that Chrysanthemum flower can reduce pressure buildup in the eye or that Wolfberry, also known popularly as goji berry, is used to strengthen eyesight?

The really interesting part of the article, though, are the exercises, sort of calisthenics for the eyes! Check these out:’s Austin Expansion

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