Young wizards. Philosophers. Artists, actors, writers, musicians, inventors – the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Dominic Dunne, Ghandi, Ozzy Osbourne, Philip Johnson and John Lennon have all been drawn to a signature eyewear look – Round glasses. And although it might be the last time around for Harry Potter (we will believe that when we read it), who first entered the scene with his round frame in 1997 one thing is certain: This is just another round for an eyeglass design that’s a perennial favorite with wearers of all ages (Note: see our follow-up Perfectly Round Eyeglasses Frames).

Round eyeglasses - John Lennon J.L. 214, Berkshire Chase Burley, Calvin Klein cK5108

  • Gold and silver have always been a popular choice for rounds along with the traditional tortoise.
  • Crystal and black are other favorite hues and newer rounds are sporting a palette of contemporary colors ranging from red and green to navy blue and burgundy.
  • Premium materials such as horn and titanium bring a high-tech look to a classic design.
  • Cable temples and saddle bridges add vintage appeal.
  • And watch for those rounds that aren’t perfectly round but a touch off center.
  • Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine

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