You step outside in your brand new sunglasses. You got them for free with a bunch of other promotional giveaways at your last half marathon. Oh yeah, these look good, you think to yourself.

Making your way to the sidewalk, you press play on the first song in your Lady Gaga running mix. Picking up speed, you notice an intense glare reflecting off the pavement, your eyes tearing up slightly due to the burn. Wanting to escape the glare and hoping for a more scenic route, you venture to the park near your house. However, your dark lenses do nothing to enhance the scenery and dull the view instead. You return home defeated, wondering if there is a better way.

Oakley Polarized Lenses

Oakley Polarized Lenses

Oakley has a solution: HDPolarized lenses.

You may have heard the word “polarized” tossed around before, but you’re not really sure what it means. Without getting too much into the science, polarized light is light that bounces off surfaces, reflecting light and creating glare. Polarized lenses filter out polarized light.

In addition to pavement, water and snow also cause glare when the sun reflects off them. Not only is glare annoying, the UV light from the glare can harm your eyes. Oakley polarized lenses block 99% of glare.

Oakley polarized lenses are the clearest lenses on the market. While other brands use glue to attach polarized filters, Oakley uses infusion molding to make their lenses. As a result, their one-layer lenses prevent distortion, blur and shifting of objects when you look through them.

You can choose from a wide range of lens options based on the outdoor condition. For example, if you are going to be out on the water, Bronze Polarized or Deep Blue Polarized lenses are really good at filtering out the glare from the water. If you go for a run, OO Red Iridium Polarized or Black Iridium Polarized lenses can block the glare reflected off asphalt.

Not only is Oakley at the top of its game when it comes to polarized sunglasses, they have so many different styles, whether you are looking for a sporty pair of sunglasses for extreme performance, an active pair with some performance features or a lifestyle pair for daily use. Check out our list of top 10 Oakley polarized sunglasses!

  1. Half Jacket Sunglasses As one of the most popular Oakley frames out there, Oakley redefines sport sunglasses with these frames, using the newest of technology from Oakley. Also see the Half Jacket Replacement Lens and the Half Jacket Prescription Sunglasses.
  2. Holbrook Sunglasses One of the most fashionable sunglasses in the Oakley collection because it was inspired by vintage frames. Also see the Holbrook Prescription Sunglasses.
  3. X Squared Sunglasses Flexible temples allow for a precise and comfortable fit in this frame for men who aren’t extreme sport players but still have an active lifestyle. Also see the X Squared Prescription Sunglasses.
  4. Drizzle Sunglasses Stylish, square-shaped frames that offer the durability and comfort of a good Oakley frame for active women.
  5. Jawbone Sunglasses For an even sportier look with jagged lenses, these men’s sunglasses, like most of Oakley’s sporty frames, are made of O Matter, Oakley’s innovative lightweight and durable material. Also see the Jawbone Replacement Lens and the Jawbone Prescription Sunglasses.
  6. Caveat Sunglasses A cool pair of women’s aviator sunglasses that provide sun protection and style for the casual look.
  7. Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ - OO Red Iridium Polarized

    Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ – OO Red Iridium Polarized

    Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses For an edgy and sporty lens design, these frames use Unobtainium, an Oakley material that increases grip with sweat, on the temple tips and nose pads, as do most of Oakley’s sport frames. Also see the Flak Jacket XLJ Replacement Lens and the Flak Jacket XLJ Prescription Sunglasses.

  8. Disguise Sunglasses A feminine pair of durable sunglasses with a variety of tones on the inside of the frames for the stylish woman who want frames that reflect her lifestyle.
  9. Hijinx Sunglasses A sleek men’s pair that gives athletes sunglasses to wear during their casual day. Also see the Hijinx Replacement Lens and the Hijinx Prescription Sunglasses.
  10. Radar Path Sunglasses With a shield lens that’s good for all types of sports, these frames come with two sizes of nose pads, as do most of Oakley’s sporty frames, so you can customize for the best fit. Also see the Radar Path Replacement Lens.

Kerri Walsh talks about Polarization from OAKLEY on Vimeo.

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